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October 18, 2005


Here's a cute Halloween productivity enhancer.

(Thanks to MOTW)


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Arrrrrrrrrrrgh! Blocked!

Hey, that was really helpful. Thanks, Judi!

Well, that was fun. I immediately sent it to my sister. Heh Heh.

Gee thanks,
Now I'll be cleaning pumpkin off my screen all day. But on the plus side, my Jessica Alba wallpaper got more interesting... She looks good wet.. and gooey...

I'm going back to the basement now to feed mother....

Nice! This one actually surprised me (did you guys get the one with the car driving down a country road? It did the same thing...)


Ha ha ha ha! Love it! :)

Great, now I have to go clean up! THANKS ALOT!


Remind me not to trick or treat at your house! I jumped a mile high!!! :-)

WTG! :)

I didn't really jump, but at first I was like, "crap, what did I do!?" haha, instant guilt

Me had a bad day. Not nice. But freaking hilarious. Must send it to my best friend.

Quote from my son - "That's disturbing. I love it!"

Yawn. Nearly scared me a bit there. Almost, maybe, kinda- nah!

Sweet jesus.

Dang! I should have noticed the liquidgeneration.com link and expected it!

ok, I didn't soil my shorts, but I still made my wife watch it. ...um hehe thanks dave berry blog!!!

Check out these halloween lights/webcam - I think we should have the Dave Barry pirates (ARG MATEY!) kill Frankenstein - http://www.komar.org/cgi-bin/halloween_webcam

Mz Vette: Me, too - I thought I caught a virus or something! "Dang! What the hell was that? Oh, a joke. Right. Got it."

Eeeeek! It was WAY too early in the morning for that!!

You have a bit of a sadistic streak, don't you, Judi?

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