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October 31, 2005


Time to produce.

(Thanks to Amanda Wolfe)


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sorry, I thought it said RE-produce. I'll catch my breath in a minute.

Only 185 so far. Got caught on RATS.

Pretty proud to guess BANSHEE w/o without a mistake, though!

680 or something like that.

I love the running snotty commentary from the skeleton.

10,865 and you can't prove I didn't.

Okay, I didn't. (I'm so naughty.)

"Even a blind pig finds a truffle once in a while." *Snork*

Games like this certainly do not enhance my productivity at work.

I'd love to see what you did over 10,000 times, Mr. Completely (Wilt-Chamberlain-wanna-be), but it seems you've overwhelmed the site...it's down.

That same site has a rather twisted little game involving santa, some deer run amuck, a few pain in the behind elves and a blowgun.

All I get is an empty gray screen that says we hope you enjoy our hangman game, try our others, etc. Explorer claims to be done loading it, but it's not there. Grr...

250 and miraculously still employed. *goes to improve on the former, jeopardizing the status of the latter*

715 for me (billing the client the whole way).

5, WooHoo. Ummmm, are we going for high scores or low scores?


Same thing happened to me but i went back in a second time and it worked.

Bumble, disable your popup blocker...

Produce? He said produce? I thought he said, "Time to REproduce!" I'm getting a tad old, but I was willing to try.

Got up to 1375 after trick or treating with the boy and a nice glass of wine to relax after....sugar and wine....what a combo

250. That danged music is really sort of distracting . . . the snotty comments are cute, but would be better if they were mixed up a bit, not in the same order every time. For some reason, the sound got messed up after a while, too.

clicky name for swell PE

The reindeer game is RIGHTEOUS. (In the best Bill & Ted sense of the word.)


You're using IE?????


Only way to go, George

460 .. I got caught because they repeated a word within 3 turns or so. GROWL. Seriously.

George~ I've used Firefox before (on someone else's computer). It had a tendency to freeze up a lot as I recall. Internet explorer normally works fine for me; we have DSL high speed, which at my house is shared between 3 networked computers with wireless cards, signal boosters, etc., and my signal strength has been really crappy the past month or so. Not sure why. Normally it's great.

Anyway, it worked the third time I tried it. Won't post my score though; wasn't that great. :-)

I sent my mom, who knows very little about computers or about Dave (other than snatches read to her by my sister and me), to the blog last night and told her to click this link and play the game. After guessing letters and listening to the sassy skeleton for a few minutes she asked, "Is that Dave Barry's voice?"

"250 and miraculously still employed"


775 and on mute the whole time.... Maybe I should try it with the sound on...

Today is the Day of the Dead, here, so I've got a day off. How do I spend it? 1435!!! Cuz, if you keep at it, you see the same words and can memorize them. There's 2 hours I could have wasted looking up pictures of Antonio Banderas.

Yes, Sondra, but when/if you meet Antonio, you'll impress him with your incredibly macabre vocabulary....either that or freak the patootie out of him....and yes, 'freak the patootie' wbagnfarb.

IE? Yuck.

Firefox. Okay.

But Firefox is only Mozilla-Lite. I use Mozilla almost exclusively. Yeah, yeah, there are a few sites that only want IE so I keep it running just in case.

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