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October 12, 2005


We'd rather talk football.

(Thanks to freelance fred)


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He wears a pink thong and he admitted this? He WEARS A PINK THONG?????

This is obviously not the traditional, correct, North American football that we are discussing.

I also have it on good authority that David Beckham, of the black nailpolish wears a leopard one.

Kinda figures - the guys are like, "yeah, you rock!" & the woman looks like she's going to recycle whatever she's eating in the picture.
and πρώτα!

Combine the FIRST item about the thong with the second about hordes of hungry misquitos and, well... it's just not a pretty image.

Wow. The pictured "streaker" may be even paler than I am. I thought that was impossible.

yes, he's so white he wouldn't need a 'glow in the dark spike'!

are they playing skins and skirts?

Oh that is just so so wrong. First copulating boars and now this. I'm going to have nightmares for MONTHS.

judi: Who's this 'we' you're referring to? I certainly don't want to discuss soccer! How boring!

Buzz off, tropichunt.com guy. THIS football is worth watching! *sigh*

Gooooaaaallll !!!!?

I wish Maud were here...but I don't think my dog would look good in pink.

As wrong as this is, NNTAWWT, at least his shirttail isn't tucked in.

Ok Judi,
I will see your futball and raise you american FOOTBALL both NFL and NCAA

It appears these people flock to Florida beaches when their soccer season is over.

Wow. That is cadaverous.

Scotland? Does this answer the question of what Scots wear under their kilts?

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