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October 20, 2005


The Naughty Cheeto

(Thanks to Jillywilly)


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That looks like the first drawing that was on South Park's season premiere last night...Two Days Before The Day After Tomorrow...

Say hello to my little friend.

Finally, a friend for Walter (other than Judi)

P.S. Chester's gonna be Pissed

what can i say?? i'm over whelmed. the person who posted that on ebay needs a new hobby.

but it's still Cheeto-sized, right?

I guess the only thing that would make this ebay item funnier is if the brand was Lays.

Lou: Cheetos is actually a Frito Lay Product.

"But it's so small."
- LabSpecimen's wife

Shredder: It kinda looks like a.....
Boss: Johnson! Get off that internet and get back to work!

That's actually from one of the elves who works for the Cheeto division of Frito Lay- he got too close to the machine- you didn't hear about that?

What name are you bidding with Judi?

bet you can't eat just one!

Something I've always wondered: are Cheetos considered Kosher, because that item appears to be circumcised.

be careful when you eat that...it'll make a cheesy mess--on your fingers, your napkin...

The wife just informed me that if her bid wins, I may as well not bother coming home. I'll have been replaced.

I couldn't think of a better combination for my two favorite things....

Now, class, can we all say:

Lab - too funny!!!

I kinda like sound of the spoonerised version, "Cheenis Peet-oh" as a nfarb. Seems to *ahem* roll off the tongue well.

Wow. A cheetoh that looks exactly like Donald Trump.

Or his id, anyway.

um - cheetos are dairy, in the kosher realm... no, i wont make the next level of joke...

Cheenis Peeto... Johnson... you people make me snork. Although it could very well be severe allergies.

Nobody's bid yet... what are you guys, yella? (Or, in the case of those of us from Iowa, pink?)

So can we replace "turkey sandwich" with "eating Cheetos"?

Good band name, too. Wonder if Walter is related?

No bids yet? What's wrong with you bloglits?

No bids? WTF?

I don't eat Cheetos, no matter what shape they are ...

... well ...

... um ... nevermind ...

Why don't we buy it and send it to G Dev (who may be spamming, if you ask me).

No question ... it's spam, of sorts ... I've just been ignoring it ... if someone wants to attract my attention, they'll hafta be a lot more ... oh, look, something shiny!

"We found him recently at the bottom of our junk drawer."

Aptly named.

Pumaman, I find things shaped like that in my drawers all the time.

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