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October 26, 2005


And definitely do not watch the video

("Thanks" to rita and Tom)

¹We are, of course, wondering how to adapt S. Florida cars to this system, since it's easier to find cows than gas, in most of our cities.


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I got a chuckle out of how the train gets 2.5 miles per bovine! ;-)

BTW, don't tell PETM (People for the Ethical Treatment of Monsters), but you can try to "kill" Frankenstein at my halloween webcam ... needless to say, that seems to be more fun for Internet surfers than turning the 7,000+ Halloween lights on and off.


and first?

yup, you're right DO NOT watch the video!!!
can we go back to the power being out and not having blog material now?

Oh well,..... maybe if I hadn't spent so long in disgusted horror watching the video.......

And I thought biogas came from beans...

You know, after reading the article first, I took your advice and did NOT watch the video. I will sleep well tonight.

I can get further than 2.5 miles by RIDING the cow! (And have a tasty glass of milk along the way)

So I'm sitting here, watching the video, and suddenly I smell the aroma of...canine biogas. That just made the experience all the more real, and nauseating.


If we could only get the same mileage by grinding up PETA members. We could power the country and rid the universe of these looney wackos.

Punkin - you'll have a hard time getting that tasty glass of milk from those steers.

Punkin - You'll have a tough time getting that tasty glass of milk from the steers in the video. (The still picture on the front is a picture of dairy cows, but one rarely butchers a dairy animal. They're worth a lot more.)

Punkin - I seem to be stuck in a time warped worm hole.

Slay the cows, are you listening,
In the trough, their guts glistening
A beautiful sight,
We're happy tonight.
This is how we make the biogas.

Gone away is the bluebird,
the strench did wack that little bluebird
He sang and he choked,
we laughed as he croaked,
This is how we make the biogas.

In the meadow we can smoke a cow chip,
Then pretend that we are really stoned

You'll say: "It's me, Dave"
I'll say: "Dave's not here!"
There is no better job
in all the town.

Later on, we'll conspire,
As the cows, they expire
To make flatulence
in our crapulence,
this is how we make the biogas.

Aw?! How can you kill a cow who nuzzles you? And the journalist who wrote this must've taken an honors course in Extremely Colorful Adjective Use.

All things considered, I think I'll join Punkin Poo in ridin' that holstein, thanks.

Heh heh - canine biogas. Have that here, too. Come to think of it, that train could probably go a few hundred miles just on the residual... um... resources trapped beneath our sheets.

I heard that gas doesn't really have an odor.

But then the CIA used NASA technology to insert an odor into gas so that we'd know who to point at when somebody farted.


"Hey, nice car, what kind of milage do you get?"

"Eh, this one gets 15 clicks to the bovine."

"Um, okay, what about that one?"

"That one? Oh, that one runs on goats."

"You know what? I think I'll walk."

"Wait! Wait! We have an SUV that runs on harp seals..."

It appears that approximately 200 gigawatts of power are required to make a train move at 2.5 cows/mile.

How very absurd.

You don't have to tell me twice. I did NOT watch the video, and from the comments I see that was the correct choice.
Yay for me!

You'll say: "It's me, Dave"
I'll say: "Dave's not here!"
There is no better job
in all the town.


Aunt Nancy - it was the broccoli. Sorry. I'll use Beano next time.

Here's another take on the cow-slaughter angle.

Speaking of EWWWWW, there are booger jokes and then there are booger jokes

Methane-Rich Biogas - GNFA Swedish RB?

Way to go, Rita & Tom.

Pity they haven't started making biogas outta possums yet.

I can't believe no one has noticed - now we have a good start on the technology for Soylent Green

There's a video? I'm glad I didn't read it all that closely.

congrats on the postage, rita and Tom!

Thanks, Leetie! Tom usually finds these things and sends them to me. Don't tell his boss......

1)Why is the runs-on-cow-guts train named Amanda? That's my first name, and I don't take kindly to this usage of it. And
2)Rather than kill the peaceful cows, can't we just solve the prison overpopulation issue by using dangerous criminals as fuel? Side benefits include a massive redux in the crime rate, plus more available steak.

We have some management here in my company that can emit more gas without being disembowled. We only need to hook a collector on their front end vs. the rear part (A la "Walter the Farting Dog")

Mud - one of your best yet! The little bluebird part really got me!

Wait a minute; Thanksgiving is coming up. The men in my family + food = gas. If someone can figure out how to make a car run on that gas, I'll give them most of the men in my family.

Thank God we can't smell the video!

Actually, as much as PETA may object, this seems rather like a move toward the American Indian philosophy, "waste nothing." So I kind of think that I like it!

On the other hand, as I watched the video, I kept thinking of the line, "Soylent Green is PEOPLE!!!!!"

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