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October 19, 2005


"The next time you bite into a tasty order of fried calamari, consider this: scientists are interested in the calamari squid not for dinner, but for all it is teaching them about nerve cells and the neurological conditions that result when nerve cells malfunction."

Sure! We will definitely consider that!


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Sure, leave it to the scientists to take all the fun out of eating squid.

First? Yay me.

1. That's my new excuse. I have the neurological condition/malfunction of a squid.

2. Squids are nature's malfunctions.

3. I think most restaurants that claim to serve calamari are really serving fried rubber bands.

Those wacky fun-loving scientists!

Mental picture: A classroom filled with slide-rule toting scientists, a squid ambles in wearing those "Far Side" horn rimmed glasses, the squid says "Today we will be studying nerve cell amlfunction, synaptic miss-firing and receptor decay...Dave!!! Stop shooting spit balls at Judi!!!... Ok, open your your books to page 325..."

the "next" time i eat calamari will be the "first" time i eat clamari.

i'm from Iowa we eat warmblooded animals there.

but i am grateful to squid for their contibutions to science.

PETA probably won't be amused.

Very interesting article, yet I found the last sentence a bit disturbing:
"I can't adequately say how much power you have when you have genomic information."
Can you say "God"?

"The next time you bite into a piping hot slice of pizza, consider this: you are killing several pepperoni trees, a mozzerella plant and a small herd of toppings monsters. How can you live with yourself?"

lol, very funny Fed :)

Here in England we don't eat calamari because it is technically 'yuk'.
We only eat this http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/database/ragoutofsweetbreads_13610.shtml.

My nutty sushi-eating sister got me to try calamari once. It tasted like a cross between a booger and a rubber band. With breading. Not that I'd know what that tastes like...

I'll keep that in mind, as it makes the CRUNCH all that more satisfying as I ruin the hopes and dreams of some scientist somewhere, who now has one less calamari to study...

MOOHAHA! My evil plans for world domincation are coming together! YOU CAN'T STOP ME NOW!!!

I like calamari. Didn't know what it was when I first tried it, but have developed a taste for it. Takes some nerve to eat it unfried however. But then again, you get all those squidal nerve cells and stuff to perk you up...

Calamari; yum

Toppings monster; *snork* Good one, Fed, you crazy little canard.

If you cover the calamari in tartar sauce, it makes it harder for the tentacles to wiggle.

MOTW - good point.

"Giant Axon" WBAGNFARB

I wonder if I can run out, order some calamari and put it on an expense report as research? And maybe I can order some lobster bisque, bacon wrapped scallops and crab legs as a control group? Then I can order a steak as a placebo. I love science.

I had a squid, erm calamari, appetizer in Singapore, and I must hand it to them. They don't even attempt to make it "tender". They deep fried the whole thing till it was was crunchy. Actually it turned out rather nice, nutty, and very good with beer. Much better than the breaded "tender" way. The only thing was that since they were whole, there were tentacles going every where and you could see where the eyes were etc. Again, beer helps the process.

tropichunt.com guy™: Pinky, are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Pinky: Yeah, but pythons look pretty in Icelandic skies?

tropichunt.com guy™: MOOHAHA! My evil plans for world domincation are coming together! YOU CAN'T STOP ME NOW!!!

Of cours, I'm constantly considering scientific facts whenever I eat. Here are a few of my recently considered thoughts:

"Mmmmm. This is good."


"This tastes exactly like licking a shag carpet!"

I suppose I can throw in that Calamari thing, too.

"Squid. Why did it have to be squid?"

The next time I "bite into a tasty order of fried calamari" will be roughly 5 minutes after pigs take wing and soar over the frozen expanses of Hell.

Schadeboy said: "This tastes exactly like licking a shag carpet!" Schadeboy, was your wife somehow involved in that?

A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste, Ivory Bill Woodpecker

I've eaten calimari only in Italy. Yum!!! Would never trust Americans to know how to cook it.

P.S. I'm American, and don't trust myself to cook it!

I rather like fried calamari. However, I once tried steamed calamari with different results. It was okay until I noticed that I could feel the suction cups against my tongue. Not good.

In my highschool biology class we had calamari...
after we finished dissecting the squids.

It actually wasn't too bad.

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