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October 21, 2005


If students aren't allowed to do this, what's the point of being a student?


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clearly, he wasn't using his head.

Wow..That take some balls...He coulda just said he was Walter..

Punishment is much too stiff.

They should have just spanked him..

Jeez, I'm a d*ck every day and I don't get in trouble for it at work...

(Damn...I need David Copperfield to come in and help me with those *s...)

And, atleast, he stood up tall and strong for what he believed in. Atleast until the disciplined him, which is when he shrank and deflated...

"He wasn't even on his own school grounds."

Doesn't matter. If it happens in the school district, he's subject to their rules.

This sounds like something my ADHD son would do. "You can always tell a Luke, but you can't tell him much." He just finished 5 days of lock-down ISS for setting off a stink bomb in gym.

I don't see the problem if he didn't slide into that school's entrance. I think he's getting shafted.

Notice the other headlines down below: "Brain Harvesting Lawsuits Filed Against County"

*Brain Harvesting*??? Perhaps Luke had already been a victim...

after a brief refractory period, he'll be as good as new...

won't ya stroke this lover we can hide beneath the covers
hope my daddy don't see me this way
i say "you ain't seen nothin' till you check beneath the stuffin'
then you're sure to be a-changin' your ways"
I want to show the cheerleaders I'm a real big peter
oh, wait 'til they see me like this
'cause I'm sick of just lovin' on my sister and my cousin
even though they surely know how to kiss
like this!

see me swingin' with the boys in the school
see my feet flyin' up in the air
singin' "fiddle my diddle"
won't ya let me in the middle and we'll swing
like we didn't care
So I took a big chance at a high-school dance
With an outfit that was just a bit strange
But I guess they weren't foolin' when the school board finished rulin'
And they kicked me out for three damned days!

They said I couldn't dress this way!
Dress this way! Dress this way!
Dress this way! Dress this way!
Dress this way! Dress this way!
Just gimme a kiss!
Like this!

Zis form of fickzation is yust vat I have been varning you all about.

Christobol- ROFL

bravo!, christobol.

(Holds up cell phone) Bravo, C-Bol!

C-bol, dude--

Where you at?


C-Bol: A pleasant ear-worm for today. Thanks. Rock on!

The sexual harassment charge is way over the top. Reasonable discipline or suspension would be over after the three days have passed, but a sexual harassment charge on his record could dog him for the rest of his life. Ten years from now, he could be disqualified from receiving a teaching certificate, or from being sworn as a law enforcement officer. This zero tolerance crap is just that: crap.

Yeah C-bol!

I don't know . . . definitely the suspension was in order. As for the legitimacy of the sexual harrassment charge, it partly depends on what the school's established policy is, how clearly it's spelled out. Granted, it probably doesn't specifically forbid dressing up in a giant p*nis costume, but you can't spell out everything.

I understand his parents' ire at the sexual harrassment charge, and yet . . . credit for a first offense? You break the rules, you get punished. If Mommy & Daddy bail you out of trouble when you do something wrong, the lesson you'll take away is that you can do wrong & get away with it.

On a lighter note, did anyone watch the video? They kept showing a photograph of the kid in costume, but they had to blur it. Not sure what the point was of using the pic at all.

Why don't we get Dave to dress Walter in the costume?

MOTW: Q: How many ADHD kids does it take to change a light bulb?

A: Let's go ride bikes!

OK, so you can pass out vagina-shaped lollipops, but you can't dress up in a giant penis costume? One's offensive and worthy of a sexual harassment charge and the other isn't?

*gets off soap box in disgust*

KCSteve - thanks for that laugh, I really needed it. C-bol, excellent (as usual)!

Our High School's cross-town footbal rival had some very industriuous and creative young men. They made a snow sculpture, about eight feet tall, of a human hand, middle digit extended, right in front of our school's main entrance. (This was shortly after we had done the fairly pedestrian burn-our-school's-initials-in-their-front-lawn-with-gasoline trick.) I hated that school with all the loyalty and spirit that a Cheech and Chong wannabee could muster, but that hand made me laugh till I lost spittle.

*wipes tear of laughter from eye*
thanks, Mr. Completely. mud' - that's funny.

The video was highly disapointing. There wasn't any boom schwacka music


I think those are the exact same lyrics Paul Anka used for his cover of that song on his latest album.

Is this a regional thing? I say "boom schwacka," as does Mad "engaged to weasel" Scientist, but I've noticed other postings referring to "boom schwacket" music. Which is correct please?

Meandering thoughts ...

I got yer "sexual harassment" right here!!!

I was sorta wonderin' if the kid's name was gonna be "Jack" ... (nope, missed again ...)

When are TV people gonna realize that Mac has better video tools than P(iece of) C(rap) stuff from msn? (I couldn't view it ... comments indicate that I din't miss anything ...)

Are you going to the Homecoming dance, or are you just happy to see me?

... and ... (drum roll)

... then, there's the whole penis thing ...

Hey, I think the little D**khead deserved it - he should learn that the penis belongs hidden from public view, period....No dirty thoughts intended, BTW...

Boo - I think you're right.

BTW - that Anka album is very entertaining.

Ernie G, I somehow don't think law enforcement is going to be his choice of future careers.

Guin -

No, he'll prolly grow up to be a ... Lawyer ...

Sallyacious -

There are variations -- colloquialisms, if you will -- it is also presented as:





et cetera, ad infinitum ...

The addition of the "t" in your original example/question prolly indicates a usage case variation, when the pluperfect subjunctive male chauvinist mood requires the upper prelabial stop, for emphasis ...


Thank you so much. Even for the coffee now spattered all over my screen.

Maybe he just wanted to get into pro wrestling.

Sally -

Just trineta help ...

Mortimer Plumtree?!?!?!?!???

Aaahhhh, c'mon ... not even in pro "wrestling" would I think anyone would expect me to believe that ...

Inflatable Penis WBAGNFARB, among other things.

First Amendment rights don't cover this?

Whom did he harass? Offend, yes. Harass?

I'm offended more by those pants that are worn halfway off their asses. But that's not Harrassment, either.



Hi, Eleanor!!!

Just goofin' off. And you?

Same-o, same-o!!!

I'm listening to my Shrek CD, right now it's playing "You're an all-star", by Smash Mouth!

And practicing my newly discovered talent which is playing drums - on my desk!!

I'm listening to Alice's Restaurant.

My neighbor bought a guitar and learned 2 chords. So, I heard A A A A C C C C A A A A C C C C A A A A C C C C A A A A C C C C FOR 3 HOURS!! Then, I decided to drown him out.

Is he diligant or insane?

He's both! But Alice's Restaurant is way better!

I'm *zipping* out now to watch the CNN news - toodles!

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