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October 14, 2005


Your tax dollar (approximately) at work.

(Thanks to LabSpecimen)


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She owed $1.16?? I could come up with more than that from the change on the floor of my car

It seems to me, that the police in Loveland are a bit on the chicken side of the road. What about sending her to collections for the 1.16? I guess they wouldn't be able to charge her a bunch of fees if they did that.

I can identify with the stamps line. I closed a bank account but started receiving statements saying I still owed $0.17. For two years this hilarity ensued. They only stopped when I sent in the corners of the envelopes with the postage totaling more than $7.00

My husband has a similar tale of woe. He owns a lawn care business, but he moonlights by cleaning an office. One office. He makes $40 a month, on which he owes $2.53 in sales tax to the great state of Nebraska. He didn't realize that office cleaning was taxable until our taxpreparer told us in March, at which time he paid for January and February. But because he paid January's tax late, he was fined $25, or roughly 10 times the amount of the tax. I sent many snarky letters to the Revenue Department, which did no good at all, but it made me feel better. At least they didn't come after him with guns drawn.

"At what cost do you stop enforcing the law?"

apparently, less than $1.16...

As a former Ohioan, I just want to say that the Cincinnati area is another planet. Or, at least, part of Kentucky.

What gets me is that there were agents (plural) being paid to apprehend this woman. Why didn't one of them follow MOTW's example, fish the change out of the space behind his back seat, and then go track down someone who's worthwhile chasing? Or say they got her, she paid the fine, and then head to BK for lunch on the remainder of the Backseat Piggybank Funds.

Watch it, AlanBoss. Kentucky is a fine state.

Later, unfortunately, she was caught feeding a squirrel in the city park, so they had to execute her.

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