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October 23, 2005



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Another first?

But seriously, folks. Did anyone think that a marriage with a guy who would leave his pregnant-with-his-second-child wife would last?

I hope she has a ball-scrunching pre-nup. And a bar of soap for that dirty-looking scumbag.

*shock* *surprise*


Yawn. Shallow, stupid, morally bankrupt kids get hitched...and here is the result.

Does anyone really care about these people's problems?

(Apparently, they do, judging by the tabloid rack at the supermarket.)

But you never actually see anyone buy the tabloids. I think the store managers just burn them in the dead of night to make room for the new ones. Or else they just tear the pages apart and re-staple them with a new page on top to make it look like a new issue. They all have the same crap in them anyway.

I, for one, cannot believe all of the *yawn, what else is new* comments on this thread. My entire live and everything I hold dear is wrapped tightly around the success of Brit and Kev's romance. These two are modern-day Chuck and Di's. I am agast--appauled--at the cold and callous commentary that Kev is a swinging playdude who left one pretty thing in the lurch for another pretty thing, then left her in the lurch for a...Hey, look, something shiny!!

"they have been rowing non-stop..."

see, KFed is helping her get back into shape!

I get the sense that she's whining more about not being able to go out and play too than about his not being home to help.

Goog L - I seem to recall that she didn't get a pre-nup. She said she doesn't believe in them. I think she thought it took all the romance out of things. Silly little girl.

Britney: While you've been out playing all day, I've been here making sure the nanny takes care of the baby, and I'm exhausted. I don't think you know how hard this is for me.

Kevin: Why do you stop being so selfish and think about my personal assistant's needs for once?? I keep having to have him reschedule everything.

*Why don't you stop...

"They have been rowing non-stop"
What, does one not feather the oars?
(Okay, obscure, I know . . .)

Britney incompetent and unprepared for motherhood?
Kevin irresponsible, shallow, immature and hygenically(?) challenged? Come on!!! Give these young people a chance!!

Why, I remember it as if it were just yesterday when those two lovebirds got married in that lovely ceremony with all the attendants wearing "PIMP" on their white straitjacket wedding duds. . .

Honestly, you people are way too harsh!

MKJ- yes, a bit obscure. (At least for me.) I even tried googling, and nothin'. Explain please!

OK - everyone who's surprisd by this raise your hands.

*sees no hands*

Thought so.

That's a Lewis Carroll reference from Alice in Wonderland, I think.

Nooooooo!! Brit n' Feder-cletus have to stay together until after Halloween, or it will totally BLOW my Halloween costume. Mr. Jillywilly and I are taking our fashion guidance from gofugyourself.com

(cont'd from previous message due to a technical difficulty)

... and we already have messy blonde wig (in which I look positively hideous), little goatee thingy, tattoos, purse dog, possible stunt baby and several cans of Red Bull. Should be fun, ya'll.

OK - everyone who's surprisd by this raise your hands.

*sits on hands.. finishes typing post with toes*
You should see my chiropractor's bill .. the guy loves me.

The biggest surprise, IMHO, is that they made it this far. My comment is more of a side note...
Why do journalists use the poor unforunate spawn's full name every time? There's nothing wrong with the name.. I like it better than what they originally had planned (the whole London/Vegas thing was a bit TMI for me. What were they gonna call the next one? "Bathroom at the Rainbow Room"? Rainbow for short?)
Sean is a fine name, and stands perfectly well on its own, without the need to throw in a middle name to prop it up.

Oh.. and Jilly... we want photos.

Because things occur to me AFTER I hit post, I forgot to suggest that if they do split before Halloween, invite along a couple of friends dressed in business suits and introduce them as Barbie and Ken's .. ummm I mean Brit & Kev's divorce lawyers.

"Possible stunt baby"

Need more info, please. And yes, we want photos.

'Bathroom at the Rainbow Room'... snork!!
And, my friends, photos you shall have. (sorry, lapsing into Yoda for some reason)

Seriously? No pre-nup? There's got to be a dumb blonde joke in there somewhere.


Obscure, yes, but if you hadn't said it, I would have ...

besides which, mebbe all that rowing has made them too tarred ... (even more obscure pun) ...

Sunny - of course there's a dumb blonde joke in there. It's Britney!

Yep, the give-a-crap meter is reading zero on this one. Kinda like the world series w/o NY.
(For me personally, that is. I'm not trying to speak for America here.
How's the FFL team AN?

*Hopes it's not a bad subject*

Honestly, is the Fame Clock running slow? I would have thought her 15 minutes were up a LOOOONG time ago - and take that skank Paris Hilton with her.

*going off now to rant at the trees*


I am stunned that guys who dump the mothers of their children for some hot thing then go on to dump the hot thing as soon as she becomes the mother of more of their children. It's so unpredictable! Shocking, really. I mean, how could Britney have ever forseen this? Shar, I hope you are VERY MUCH enjoying the "I told you so" phase.

Louis - hope springs eternal...I need at least 40 points from my running backs tonight to beat my opponent, who (this week) just happens to be my husband.


Aunt Nancy~ My sister's fantasy football team once beat a league that was almost all guys; mostly guys she knew from college and including her fiance. It was a great day for her. Hope you experience the same. Good luck! :-)

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