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October 17, 2005



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first? oh, and that's very different. i thought she'd gotten rid of kevin. that would knock off a lotta weight....

Swelling Toxic Warbler - giggle, giggle!

Oh please, that's not so large. I've had a bigger stomach than that after a large meal of Cheetos and beer.

OK, TMI. But when you've got nothing else to do all day because you have staff, trainers, nannies, and a babysitter for Kev, of course you can dump the weight.

I just love all the snarky comments about her bras. Methinks the author needs a hobby?

he's just concerned about her mammary health (when Britney sings to her breasts, does she lip-synch?)

Nice slide show. I got terminally bored 4 shots in, but...

Study question. Why are her pants a foot too long for her legs? Actually extending past her shoes? Can Britney not afford actual size pants? Are the mysteries of hemming too great? Or is that supposed to be stylish, increasing the popular pathetic waif crack whore look?

But boobs aside, don't be surprised if you're seeing that washboard tum of hers again very soon.

Wow. That's some droopage - you gotta move 'em aside to see her six-pack.

"The Toxic Warblers" WBAGNFARB, particularly a punk doo-wop group, if such a thing exists.

I know she's white trash and all but has noone ever told her that you don't show off a nursing bra? There is nothing sexy about a nursing bra. It screams milk leak.

punk doo-wop

Now there's a concept - the mind reels at the possibilities!

Good one, IBW!

Isn't this woman's 15 minutes of fame up yet?

Her fifteen minutes are up, but the problem is she keeps buying more.

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