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October 29, 2005



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Is "hurtful laughter" an acceptable reason for annulment?

She must not be taking her vitamins. Someone call Tom!!!

According to insiders, Spears was particularly annoyed when she was busy changing their infant son's diapers, while Federline reportedly spent two hours getting his hair braided.

Uh, if I'm reading this correctly, it took Brit two hours to change her son's diaper?

How many downers did she take first?

Forget the Britney story -- the real news here is that someone has finally had the brilliant idea of linking online advertisements to words in a news story, like "wife," "marriage" and "hair," to sell mail order brides, wedding invitations and baldness cures (not necessarily in that order). When will the New York Times catch on to this? I know I'm counting the minutes until the day I can click on the word "indictment" and find a link to cheap defense attorneys.

Why not? He can't be much worse than she is.

a plague o both their houses. and who gives a ratsbutt.

well, this is just gonna ruin "Diwali" for everybody.

um, 'scuse my ignorance but what the hell is "Diwali?"

i mean besides being Dibeaver's older brother.

if you are wondering "what the hell is rick h talking about?"

well, get in line, the line that started about 1959. prior to kindergarten my Mom and Grandma thought everything i said was piceless. i am pretty sure my Dad disagreed... but, i digress.

click on the "home" link on the top of the Ms. Brits story and "read all about it" (not exactly but i couldn't resist) Dilawi is apparently a big deal in India.

what ever Diwali is, that is.

AS IF!!!

Yeah, I'm sure Britney changes diapers - pshaw!!!! (Unless maybe it was changing one clean one for another for a photo shoot.)

Good to know they've both finally recognized the incredible amount of responsibility that comes not only with bringing another person into to the world, but with promising to care for someone else more than yourself. I'm glad to see they're behaving like adults and taking care of each other's feelings--

Sorry, my mistake. Wrong universe.

Methinks mister fireplaces is in the "selling something" business....
just sayin'.....

Hey... Jeff stole my line! Ah, well, great minds and all that.

I'm going with it took two hours because she had to read the instructions on the diaper box.

maybe he's too busy bringin' home the vittles...

"It's suspected a squirrel jumped on the power line, was electrocuted, then fell to the ground. His charred body starting the grassfire. The squirrel that started this fire may have other worries.

Russell said, "I'm a country boy, so I'm thinking dinner time."

clicky my name for link

Chianca...I'm with you! Terrifically impressed; want to click on "disaster" "damaging revelation" "hopelessly clueless" "dangerously solipsistic"...oh wait. We already have a whole .gov domain.

I can't blame Britney all that much. Babies take a lot of work. The care, the feeding, the comforting when they cry, literally having to think for them. Plus she's got a newborn son that she also occasionally has to burp, probably whenever the nanny takes a break.

Well...this really has nothing to do with this column, but I think everyone should do this.

Go to google.com, type in "failure" and click on the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button.

Sorry if you're offended.

Tried it, Little One ...

Sorry, I don't get it ... but I'm not offended ... (couldn't find the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button among those 223,000,000 pages ...)

What comes up is George W. Bush. I'm not surprised.

Elsewhere, King Wingbipeekaboo recently clashed with his girlfriend and lost and is a single king again. So if you're a hot mama between the ages of 20.5 and 21.5 and have a giant old inheritance to your name, give me a call. I'm in the phone book.

It's just another proof of that old saying:

Celebrities are not like us. They're weird.

No offence intended, Dave.

That %*#$&! That hurtful laughter may have sounded a bit like this or maybe even this

One question, please: Why do they care so much about Britney Spears in India?

Just askin'

Hey King Wingi,
Betcha that a slightly used pop tartlet will soon be available, and evidently she's not too picky...

King Wingbipeekaboo etc.,

Anyone ever tell you you look like a cross between Tony Danza and Robert Downey Jr. (NTTAWWT)?

Oh, with a splash of homicidal maniac thrown in for seasoning.

Too bad Britney didn't have someone brutally honest to laugh "hurtful laughter" in her face when she had pop ambitions. She needed it.

He was only gone for two hours? My husband goes away every day for 8-10 hours leaving me with our four children, the youngest is 6 months. What would Brit do if her husband had to go to WORK!?

Ah well, some folks have no pride ... or self-respect ... or demanding sense of self ... (if those terms are not mutually redundant ...) -- they'd sell their body and/or soul for a mess of tartage ... to coin a phrase ...

Um, I'm just here to point out that yes, she has no talent, yes we all agree that she is dumb as a box of rocks, and, most of all, YES your kids have way too much money because they have made it possible for that annoying, no-talent, hill-billy-ho to be richer than all of us put together.
(grumble mumble hurumph & other crabby old hag noises)

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