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October 19, 2005


Walter is ready.


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Walter had best put his chin strap down or he's losing the hat... first?

1. Better batten down Walter. We don't want him to get hurt. :-)

2. Hope you have enough gas for Mr. Generator.

3. This is your last chance to escape to Chicago before Mr. Winter hits. Also, GO SOX!

As Judi was dressing Walter for the picture, was she humming "Play that funky oosik, write-boy"?

(Hey, it is only 6 am. Can any pun be funny this early?)

PirateBoy: No. But good try.

I read that as "Bracing for Walter. Wilma is ready."

(cue the boom-schwacket porno music)

Off topic but brief.

el, sorry that Rally Monkey's magic didn't work. I like the Rally Monkey. Wish the Sox had such a bizarre mascot! :-)

"Did anyone ever tell you you look like a penis with a little hat on?"

If it's a choice between hurricanes in Florida or whiteouts in Chicago, escape instead to England where the temperature never drops below what meteorologists call "a bit parky".
Also, warm beer, liver and bacon hotpot, steak and kidney pie and Brains Faggots. Heaven on earth.

I live a block away from the Gulf of Mexico in a lovely little town called Indian Rocks Beach, Florida and am a little worried about this one (Wilma). Unfortunately, I do not have an Oosik. Does Walter have any relatives that can come over and help with decorating the patio?

Jules~ I just spewed water all over the monitor. Thanks. That was great. :-)

Has Walter gassed up the generator yet as it is sunny outside and you know the transformer doesnt like that.

Better tape poor Walter to the wall. I hear Wilma is a category 5. I dunno what Fred did but she is gonna take it out on everyone else.

Maybe Walter thinks hurricanes are old hat.

Walter doesn't look ready to me; he's just lounging around next to the wall. Better tape him down.

Whose job is it to pickup Anderson Cooper Anderson at the airport?

Mmmmmm.... Anderson Cooper. My sympathies to Floridians and all, but on the plus side, this means I get to watch nonstop Anderson Cooper and Rob Marciano on CNN.

Which, now that I think about it, could be the reason for all the hurricanes - all those female prayers to watch more of Anderson and Rob. Perhaps for the sake of National Security they should put them on sports reporting instead of weather.

Somewhere I think CNN needs to get some new reporters

Dear Dave,

Please shake Walter in a threatening manner at this hurricane so it will go away.

Thanks in advance,


Can I PLLEEEEAAAASSSEEEE have it back now?
Signed, A Despondent Walrus

Anderson was in New Orleans last night and seemed a little wistful that it was mostly dry, so he' probably on his way to Florida right now!

WTG, Anderson! See you tonight! Woo, hoo!
*hopes the hurricane doesn't hurt anyone but just blows Anderson Cooper around a bit*

Eleanor - your post is a little unclear: *hopes the hurricane doesn't hurt anyone but just blows Anderson Cooper around a bit* - who's blowing Anderson Cooper? The hurricane or you?

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Dave, I can't believe there is a hurricane on the way and you are actually there! Don't you usually leave town? Your wife and kids out there holding plywood against the windows 'cause you forgot to recharge the screwgun, while you call your pilot and tell him "warm up the Jet, I've got books to sign in Yakima!"

Mr. Completely -
you read my innuendo clearly - 10 points for astuteness!

*nudge, nudge*

I'd tell you two to knock off the nudging, this is a family blog ... but I'm so LTTG that it's obviously way too late ...

Is Walter Jewish?

I've searched and searched the acronyms lists, but I can't find LTTG. What does that mean?

A.N. -

Late To The Gate ... means you're behind the pace of the commentary, and in this instance, I din't get there early enuf to throw water on them or otherwise preserve the decorum that this august and dignified gathering deserves ... HAR!

Yay! My favorite weatherman is back!

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