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October 17, 2005


Your loos are safe again.

(Thanks to Graeme St.Clair)


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You can bet I won't be coaxing any "snake" into my "bucket"!!!

am i....?


I coulda been first if I wasn't too busy gettin the heebie jeebies. I'm not even afraid of snakes in general,but this is just Not Right.

"Previous sightings of the animal were treated with scepticism..."

Didn't they ever read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

*reads El's first comment*


*sulks out*

Top Ten Things that are worse than a snake in your toilet:

10. Biting into something crunchy, then seeing half a cockroach on your fork, still wriggling.

9. Getting Catheterized.

8. "Riverdance" or whatever they call it these days.

7. You know that commercial where they're telling you about some drug that has side affects like: "Gas with oily discharge, frequent bowel movements, and the urgent necessity to have them"... being prescribed that drug.

6. Having to listen to my daughter's prefered radio stations.

5. Not having a toilet, I guess.

4. Finding a severed head in your microwave.

3. Stepping on a kitten.

2. Robin Williams stand-up act.

1. A Democrat in the Whitehouse.

A resident came face to face with the snake in the toliet?

Only one reason to stick your face in a toliet. I bet that guy is never going to drink again!

However a resident who came face-to-face with the snake - thought to be female...

Must be some funny-looking resident if they can't tell the gender.

What's worse than finding a ten foot long boa constrictor in your toilet? Finding a ten foot long boa constrictor in your toilet, and then discovering that its name is "Keith."

How the hell do you coax a snake into a bucket?

Here, snaky, snaky, snaky...

That's it! I told you all a couple of days ago! I'm NEVER sitting on a toilet again!!!!!

A spokesman for the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals (RSPCA) said it was not uncommon for snakes to be found in household sewage pipes.

Not uncommon? How often does it happen, then? A couple times a month? Do they have a household sewage snake division, then?

How is it remotely possible that these people ever take a dump? I'm not saying it's completely necessary to set out candles and set mood music, but one does not like to think that a large snake might pop up any second, right?

"A Democrat in the White House" is worse than a snake in the toilet, hmm? So I guess mudstuffin approves of getting our troops killed for a pack of lies while inflating the deficit beyond the size of the planet Jupiter, which is what this current, pitiful excuse for an Administration is doing?

But dont forget that most republicans have blamed the deficit on the previous administration. I wouldnt want to be the one that takes over once georgie is out of office.

uh-oh. politics... whoa. lets keep this from getting partisan......but i surely wouldnt have the ability to coax a snake into a bucket in my loo, because i would be too busy screaming and running into the street. keith? odd name for a snake. and confused, if it's a female.

skipping the politics, did anyone watch the video? this snake is being handled by a man, who is NOT wearing rubber gloves or anything. did they disinfect the snake? it's been in the sewer for gosh sakes!! that is soooooooooooooooo ewwwwwww.

gfunksizzle - How the hell do you coax a snake into a bucket?
Aw, heck, just use your imagination!
1) Put live bait in the bucket.
2) Tell Keith (the snake) that unless he goes in the bucket, you'll flush. ("How long can you tread water?")
3) Wear a turban and play a recorder.
4) If he's a Republican, offer him a tax cut.
5) If he's a Democrat, offer him a government program.
6) If he's Independent, offer him an autographed photo of Dave Barry and two tickets to Guide To Guys, the movie.

Mud, absolutely hilarious!!!! (Although #1 caused me to go momentarily blind.) 7 & 4 were my favorites.

My ex-husband's name is Keith.

He was a snake, too.

Wonder if they are one in the same. I mean, I heard his life was in the toilet after I dumped him, but I didn't think it was LITERAL.

Still... couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Hey, Keith? How do ya feel now? Huh?

Echo that "Ivory Bill", The getting our troops killed for a pack of lies, to keep the Price per barrel of Oil jacked up(to fill his own pockets)is is worth 2,000 Soldiers lives. But in the same Republican's view Viet Nam wasn't. Daddy got him the National Guard and he goes AWOL for over a Month, COKEHEAD,Drunk & a Cheerleader!!! Elected by his Brother's hanging chad fix err farce. And the Blind Religious Right, He is against Abortion from conception until birth, but he is all for it once they are over 18 and in the Service.

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