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October 08, 2005


Here's a thought.

(Thanks to Justin Barber)


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thanks to Justin Barber?

Is this for real?

The writer does a pretty good job of dialect, if so ... but ... is it real?

Or, just a cover-up?

Hey, 'som' ... almost a simulpost ... I spent so much time reading, I was delayed a bit too long ... however, di mon say I bi for gibbon ...

... and yeah, I caught the "Barber" slant, too ... that's part of what makes me a tad suspicious ... is someone trying to pull someone's ... hair?

geezer alert: men used to wear hats to cover up their thinning hair, so if one could grow a hair-hat, you wouldn't need one, or something...

also, as any college kid knows, the bill goes in the back!

Hey.. maybe a new idea for the Donald! It would be a change, if nothing else!
(Sorry El!)

insom, "the bill goes in the back!" ...but then it would look like a (stranger-than-usual) mullet. NTTAWWT.

It'd be nice if they had provided a translation of his peculiar language.

Google translates languages such as Bork! Bork! Bork!, Elmer Fudd and Pig Latin so why not Rasta? Action Now!

wtf, mon.

Mi Frightened of Spelling

Mi a nami mi call miself
Fi mi just have no idea
So be mi fi dem be mi
Re be mi be follow so
Te be win mi case of beer
Which be bring mi back to Doe doe doe doe

Why am I suddenly so inspired to do the Safety Dance?

Leetie - we can dance if we want to. :-)

Well at least he's not wearing it backwards . . .

And if you don't have your own hair . . .

the next evolution will be when someone mousses up their sideburns and grows the first hair-sombrero!

I think Donald Trump has found an exciting new look...


I see a great Broadway adaptation a-bornin'

MKJ.. are you tring to tell us that you want to trick or treat dressed as the world's tallest Madeline?
Usually she was the littlest orphan.

Good one, Clem!

All you need to do to learn the Jamaican dialect is to bake in the sun for a week whilst men bring you a steady stream of umbrella drinks. After that, it's all irie, mon.

None of the guys, as I recall, had poofy seed-corn-hat hair, though. (To be fair, after enough umbrella drinks I could have probably overlooked someone with a live gibbon on his head).

MKJ - Pray tell, how did you stumble across that lovely photo? Kind of a cross between Madeline and Kathy Bates in Misery...

Jillywilly: I was wondering the same thing, because that woman is most definitely my mother-in-law (who is very Kathy-Bates-in-Misery-like.)

BTW, did anyone else hear Jar-Jar Binks' voice when reading this guy's quotes?

Jilly: just my regular ol' ebay search.

MKJ-I like how the ebay ad says "never worn" next to a picture of the scary lady wearing it!

I've heard of "hat-hair" before (and even suffered from it myself a time or two), but this is ridiculous!

Yeah, I heard JarJar too. Kinda freaky.

Nobody said "Happy Birthday to Rob"? Well, Happy belated Birthday to Rob, Who I think is 22? now.

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