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October 13, 2005


It's time to stand up for hurricane relief.

(Thanks to Jessica R. and the perky NewsNet5 All-Gal Health Team)


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I'm up!

I also like to think I'm compassionate.

I'm definitely older ...

So ... just what is it that I'm up for? (Not indictment, one may only hope ...)

(Dang link won't load, so I couldn't read the item first ...)

OK, now it loads (!) ...

OK, I'm still up ...

Isn't that just like Congress?

Leaving the poor guys hanging, again ...

so instead of 'rocking you like a hurricane',older guys can only 'rock you like a tropical storm' or 'roll over and go to sleep like a tropical depression'.

Well, actually, since they don't pay for birth control pills, all this does is level the playing field (so to speak).

Hmmm. I'm kind of of two minds on this one. Sort of like a certain rattlesnake.

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