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October 14, 2005


You need one of  these babies.

Key Celebrity Endorsement: Howie Mandel

Don't miss the Styles page.

(Thanks to Linda Herald)


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Why, it'll go perfectly with my doggie bag!

Is it just me, or do the "executive" models on the Styles page look like corpses to you too?

I was dissapointed to see that there was no mind-control-beam-deflecting foil version. But I can see where the executive pinstripe model would come in real handy in business meetings. Slipping one of those babies on in the middle of somebody's budget presentation would send a clear "shut the hell up and go away" message.

I wish I was wearing one of these when I saw that Boar Collection video....

i will repeat what i said on the other thread.


Dave, will you be sporting one of these babies on your next trip to the Miami International Airport and Construction Zone? They should design a model that just has the sound blocking to foil those loud cell phone screamers.

I'll bet Trump's got one of these.

Key Quote: As an added bonus, the Dreamhelmet sleep mask can be used two different ways as a muff or hand warmer, or you can tuck the eye mask and chin strap inside the cover and make a simple pillow to sit on cold surfaces or for back support while driving.

Okay, wait. Aside from the page being really annoying by highlighting EVERY instance of the word 'Dreamhelmet' (I GET IT ALREADY!!! IT'S YOUR PRODUCT!!! CUT IT OUT!!!!! I'M HAVING NIGHTMARES!!!), they obviously can't count:

Here's TWO extra benefits:
1) Muff warmer
1.3) Hand warmer
1.7) A simple pillow to sit on cold surfaces
2) For back support while driving

Oh, wait, I see their point. There's only two extra benefits.


I would prefer sleep deprivation. Maybe it's just me.

Warning: This comment veers completely off-topic:

Speaking of annoying comics (Howie Mandel), who is more annoying, Robin Williams, or Jim Carrey? Any other Nominees?

Oh, my vote is for Mr. Williams.

Don't forget Gilbert Godfreid.

Or Bobcat Goldthwait.

Obviously, Dreamhelmet WBAGNFARB.

...or Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, Pauly Shore...this is getting too hard.

Oh, and don't forget Carrot Top.

Yeah, sorry.

Gallagher, Carrottop, Pee-Wee Herman.


Mud - Exactly (except that I really like Gallagher).

I actually like a couple of the guys on the list, and will stop prattling on about it soon, but I wanted to underscore that Robin Williams REALLY bugs me. His act is like getting leg-humped by a dog that won't quit, even after you keep him in the nads.

KICK him in the nads.

De Cordova is a rip off artist. Here is the original Dream Helmet.

Yeah, I know. It's not that great considering that only about 3% of the population will know what that is an image of. C'est la guerre.

" OoooOohhoo Dreeeeammm Helmet,
I believe you can help me
Through the niiiiiiGHHHT.
OoooOoohoo Dreeeeammm Helmet,
Wearing you gets me in
Lots of fiiiiIIGHTS.."

They look like chick versions of Darth Vader.

I'm so old, I remember when Howie Mandel used to be funny.

Sure, Howie Mandel is a highly prized celebrity endorser, but there are more famous endorsers of the product.

*puts Leopard Dream Helmet on Hanukkah wish list*

It really looks like some sort of torture device to me. Either that or something that a more considerate mob enforcer would put on a victim rather than duct tape.

this looks like a perfect gift for my mother-in-law.

spinner: reminds me of a tea cozy

...could also be an S & M toy....which I only know about from watching NYPD Blue - really!

Eleanor - you might also have seen something similar on CSI or Law & Order SVU....

I think there should be a warning so that business travellers don't wear this while actually driving. I used to work for a company that produced, among other things, those sun-shades that you put in the car window. We had to print in big letters on the inside:"Warning, remove this product before driving car!"

How come on the styles page it says that the Blue Heaven style isn't shown...right next to a picture of it?

They are completelyu missing the boat here. This thing should be marketed to mothers -- The Mom Helmet.

Why is it that the first thought to pop into my head when I saw this was of Sir Alec saying, "Use the Force, Luke?"

I mean, besides that fact that I'm a geek.

I don't know if I would really want to wear something on a plane that inhibited my sense of sight and hearing. I mean, how would you know when to put your seat and tray tables in their upright and locked positions?

The last time I saw that kind of helmet, it was behind a black sleeve in a convenient store.

I'm convinced that the photo is cropped very close because Cheryl has on a black leather bustier, mule-tack wrist covers, a black garter belt, and is holding a bullwhip in one hand and a cat-o-nine-tails (NOT to be confused with a cat-with-two-tongues) in the other, and wearing six-inch black patent leather platform boots, the kind with teeth painted on them like Gene Simmons has.

I wrote a lot of the copy for Dreamhelmet website and loved the pans and puffs - will take them into consideration and make necessary changes. I can't resist a couple of comments:

The "muff" problem stems from the fact that, since Victorian times ( circa 1860-1900s), few people know the original meaning of the term out of context. The chin strap and eyemask can both be inserted under the outside cover, forming a muff (a tube into which you may insert both hands to keep them warm). The derivation of the vernacular meaning is obvious. We just didn't know what else to call it.

On the Styles page, the Cloud 9 is shown. The Blue Heaven is made from the same cloudlike irridescent crushed velvet material - only a light sky blue. We didn't want to bore you with almost the same thing again.

We know Dreamhelmet has certain catlike or batlike qualities. We prefer to emphasize the catlike (more cuddly).

Dreamhelmet is a great gift for moms - especially hard working moms who want to catch a few winks on the sofa while kids are away or napping.

Candy, you naughty person, how did you know what Cheryl was wearing?!

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