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October 28, 2005


We leave you with this final Headline of the Week So Far.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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"Farmers regard the creatures as pests while biologists regard them as an interesting addition to the German landscape."
Funny, most biologists I know aren't that much in favor of invasive foreign animals tearing up the local ecosystem. Even if it does generate awesome headlines.

"The opposable thumbs of raccoons allow them to make mischief, including unlocking doors and getting into rubbish bins"

so that's who keeps unlocking my liquor cabinet.

What Germany needs is a few good redneck coon hunters and some good ol' Bluetick hounds. And both will like the beer.

We have terrorist squirrels, they have nazi racoons... America got there first, once again.
Talk about trend setters...

Nazi Squirrels WBAGNFARB and Nazi Squirrels Invade The Wineland would be a good name for the bands European tour.

Drunk and disorderly Nazi Racoons. What next?


I read somewhere that to keep the beer cold you can stuff a racoon into a gas powered generator fuel tank if there is no gas available. I of course don't recommend doing this Dave.


Enough already!

Speaking of heading home, my wife and I and our two dogs fled to Orlando on Monday. Smartest thing we ever did. Found one of the remaining generators up there after a few tries. Took about more 20 stops to find gas cans, however. At least we were comfortable at the hotel and did the Cirque Du Soleil thing on Tuesday night.

It was incredible to see the hours-long waits for gas on the Turnpike. (Wisely, we gassed up in Kissimmee and at the first Highway Plaza.) Worst still was surveying the damage in the neighborhood the final steps of the way.

Good news: The house is fine. Neighbor's tree fell in my yard - of course - and took out the fence. Oh, well. Phone lines came up earlier today, hence my ability to post this. Gotta love the generator. Like Dave, don't know why I didn't buy one a LONG time ago.

That's it for now. Just needed to vent. If I drank, I'd have some of that Rhine wine mentioned here!

I heard there was Nazi cats in our neighborhood, but our local Chinese restaurants took care of them. Kinda taste like chicken.

Two Chinese Boys: I love your video! Please come back here and let us know when you do another one!

I. Know. Nothing.

Goog L; good luck!!

I don't want to shock anyone, but electric lights and warm water don't mix...

Goog L - I fled to Orlando once....he was wonderful.

Not to toot the horn that he had installed into the side of his head for the specific purpose of having easier access to it for National Security-related crises such as this, but King Wingbipeekaboo has been warning people of the threat of nazi raccoons damaging the global wine industry since literally the day he was born. But he is a good sport about this kind of thing, so he is not bitter; in fact, he is very glad. Have some of this wine!

"Baron Sittich von Berlerpsch And The Wash-Bears" WBAGNFARB! Also, I extend the standard spammer invitation to G Dev, that is, he is invited to hump the nearest available cactus at his earliest convenience.

And---what about Naomi?

Annie: Which Orlando?

This one?


This one?


this one?



I'll take a double helping of that third Orlando please.

And once again I have managed to spell someone's name wrong. I hereby pledge that I will not post after 9pm local time.

I'm so sorry, Eleanor.

Sally -

don't let it bother you ... (unless Eleanor is upset, of course) ... most newspaper people don't worry about spelling names or other words wrong, why should you? (My mother's middle name was Elinor ... as you spelt it ... she hated it, so never used it, except officialy ...)


Thank you for the reassurance. I just feel as though I'm being incredibly rude if I don't spell someone's name properly. It's as if I haven't bothered to make the effort, and a person's name is a big part of their identity, even if they demonstrate this by refusing to identify themselves by that name.

(This is why I shouldn't post after 9pm local time. Because my brain goes to mush.)

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