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October 20, 2005


The toilet-snake epidemic is worsening.


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first, finally.

geezer alert: Freddy the Freeloader?

Well. That certainly could affect my toilet training.

So, first we have a female snake named Keith, and now we have a female snake named Freddy. What's up with that? And how do they know her name is Freddy, anyway? Did she tell them?

"He said she's not a bad snake."

Uh. . . just what constitutes a good snake???

(Freddy is a 'she'?)

I am sure it was of little consolation to the homeowners to discover that it was not a bad snake. Those are the worst.

I thought it was normal to snake a clogged drain?

Great. One more thing to worry about. A slithering snake poised beneath your behind...ready to strike.

See? This is what I'm saying. Nowhere is safe.

See also Pork Roast with bullet inside!

Polish spam! Di, come translate! What's "sodka"?

Sodka: Soda, such as baking soda.
Dupeczki: Booty's
Suka: Female Dog

I'm guessing that there was something lost due to the alphabet differences - prolly should have been SLODKIE = sweet.

I hate spam. I hate spam even more when its Polish.

*beats spam with a fryin pan*

Oh. That's disappointing.

"Hey, baby; wanna see my sodka?"

"Is it on your dupcia?"

"Gawd no! You're disgusting!"

... said the pies to the suka.

No fair, Di! You know the only Polish word I know is "dupcia"--and now "sodka" and "suka"! "Pies"??

(PS To those who are not Di: "dupcia" means "derrière".)

MOTW has a Red Skelton in her closet!

The snake was "at death's door".

First piece of good snake news in a week.

C-bol: *snork*

Elanor: Lucky for Death that the snake wasn't in his toilet. Also, "Death's Toilet" wbagnfarb.

THIS JUST IN: Di says "pies" means "male dog".
Ha ha! That's way funnier than what I thought it was going to mean: "foot"!

Foot = noga

I don't know of any noga that speaks... then again, I don't know of any dogs that have conversations like that either so there you go.

*ding* *ding* *ding* *ding* *ding*
Aunt Nancy wins the prize - GERITOL!

"The Toilet Snakes" WBAGNFARB!

With all these snakes in toilets, perhaps the old Revolutionary War flag with the rattlesnake on it should have its motto changed from "Don't Tread On Me" to "Don't P*** On Me"?

And, of course: "Toilet snakes. Why did it have to be toilet snakes?"

Don't tread OR p*** on me, lest I poke your eyes out with my daggerlike beak, Ivory Bill Woodpecker

Wow... was there an intermission for a Polish lesson in there, or was I having a recto-cranial inversion there for a minute?

Musta missed a Poland reference somewhere, I'm hoping.

(p.s. Recto-cranial inversion = having one's head up one's ass. I wonder how you say that in Polish.)

There was some Polish spam, but Judi or Nava deleted it. OR, we're crazy.

I think snakes hide in toilets when hurricanes approach, hence the rash (har!) of toilet snake incidents lately.

Mr. Completely - You don't say that in Polish. You use a descriptive picture.

Well, I guess that Freddy's life was in the crapper ... so to speak ...

(I could offer a couple of phrases in Finnish, but someone out there would prolly understand them ... so I won't ...)

G Dev - We saw you spam on the other page. Your comment looks on topic, but only if you a) have noide what this blog is about and b) didn't bother to read ANY of the comments.

Such is the behavior of a crapweasel.

*noide = no idea

Failing to "preview" for mistakes is not the behavoir of a crapweasel. Rather, it is the behavior of an asshat.

bj -

Tnx4 clearing that up ... here I thot "noide" was one of them clever, slangy internetlanguage terms I hafta learn ...

G DEV: I invite you, as I invite all spammers, to go hump the nearest available cactus at your earliest convenience. You suck dead oosiks.

From the Group W bench, IBW


Let's us take G Dev and them others over to the OTHER end of the Group W bench, where the Father Rapers are still ... well, you get the idea, I'm sure ...

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