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October 22, 2005


Count your frogs.


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Hmmm. Residents are asked to take note of any that look ill. Not that I don't like frogs, but how close do you have to get to tell whether they're sick or not?

I like the 'floatie' story better.

"Ranavirus infection is ... characterised by ulcers or bleeding, with legs ... in some cases... falling off." Mmmmm. Frogs' legs...


Frogs legs would go well with the snails in the previous post.

I just want to know how to spot a fungal infection in a frog, who is (generally speaking) fungus coloured in the first place.

Having said that...

To quote that great philosopher, Kermit "The" Frog,
It Ain't Easy Being Green..

also (from the first Muppet Movie, while looking at a poster for Hopper's French Fried Frogs' Legs) "All I can see is millions of frogs hopping around on tiny little crutches...."

*zips in*

*sees "tiny little crutches"*

*starts crying tiny little tears*

*zips out to find tiny little hanky*

mmm... Ulcerated Frog Legs... so good they just fall right off the frog!


"Rana and the Red Legs" wbagnfarb

And how would one tell if a frog had occasional ulcers? Tiny frog sized jars of Tums?

Frogwatch Project WBAGNFARB for sure..

I once had a poster of Kermit dressed in a white suit, sitting on a bench, (a la Forrest Gump) and the caption said "Green is as green does."
Ok, I know that wasn't exactly the topic, but it popped into my head and made me laugh again. Just thought I'd share.

I once had a pet frog. It croaked.


If we took the bones out, it wouldn't crunchy, would it?!

As if that would help. Most people probably can't tell a frog from a toad, let alone tell which frogs are "common" or be able to ascertain if they're sickly.

PirateBoy~ I actually did have a pet frog that croaked this year. A 12 year old African Clawed Frog named Flip. Poor Flop is so lonely now. *wanders off to give Flop extra shrimp pellets*

Wildlife in Britain is in serious trouble - witness this EX-PARROT>

Q: How do you know when there are too many frogs?

A: When they're "knee deep"!

Thank you, and good night.

Q: How do you know when there are too many frogs?

A: When they're "knee deep"!

Thank you, and good night.

I guess I'll never understand why some people keep snails, frogs, snakes, tartantulas and other creepy crawlies as pets. OTOH, I suppose they don't understand why I keep a 100 pound dog as a pet.

*mutters to self*

I love my rottweiler...I love my rottweiler...I love my rottweiler...

The frog life is dying out in Briton. Now that's hilarious.

The only thing funnier would be Britons.

I had a pet rabbit once. When it went to the Great Clover Field in the Sky, my son went to school and told everybody, "Mom said the rabbit died."

Oh Aunt Nancy. Don't demean the poor frogs by putting them in the same category as tarantulas, snakes, etc. They're a... unique pet, I grant you, but at least they're cute and aren't dangerous in any way. I raised them from tadpoles. It's actually astonishing to me how friendly they were once they got accustomed to us; they come up to the top of the water and nip our fingers (gently) when we feed them, and Flop loves to be stroked. Who would have thought? They're smart, too. For frogs. You should read some of the escape stories on the website I linked to. They're hilarious.

Lairbo~ Good one. Both times. :-)

I know it is old news by now, but I've always wondered how the Australian Cane Toad became something for kids to lick, as a pseudo-recreational drug. Were Bill and Ted walking through the Outback one fine fall day when Bill told Ted "Duuuude! I bet ya five whole dollars that you're too much of a wuss to lick this fine toad that I'm holding before you." To which Ted would have replied "Bogus! Bring on the toad, you toady...." (Insert slurping sound here). Scene: 20 minutes later: "Duuuude! That frog is like way-cool! Listen to the colors of the trees! I'm up for another lick. Where's my froggy? What did you do with it? Dude, did you just Bogart my frog? And what's the deal with this fair princess standing behind us?"

(Who, unlike the Cane Toad, obviously knows when he's licked)

Maybe the Britons have more self control, but I can just imagine some of the smart aleck replies they might get on their forms:

This ones' temperature seems to be 140 degrees. Is he done?

Some of them were the wrong color, so I painted them green.

Should I count legs that fell off as seperate frogs?

6,207,423 in my backyard this morning. They seem to be multiplying.

PB - *snork*

Bumble - well, I suppose if folks can have fish in an aquarium, they can have frogs, too. Not my cup of tea, mind you, but whatever.

*I still love my rottweiler...I still love my rottweiler...I still love my rottweiler...I still love my rottweiler...*

Now let's get back to zat bone with a rain coat . . .

*zips in*

Frogs = warts

*zips out*

No, Eleanor, toads give you warts. Frogs don't.

This reminds me of one of the Pink Panther movies when Peter Sellers tells the beekeeper to count his bees. And Bumble, I get the strange idea that in a different post, you might have substituted "men" for "frogs" in your reply to A.N. :-)

I guess all the pets have an advocate now. We've got Kitt for the snakes, Aunt Nancy for the Rottweilers, multiple people for the cats and me for the frogs. :-) Whatever floats your boat.

PB~ Second southerngirl's *snork*

lou~ LOL! But I think you need to take this test and report to Dr. Sigmund Freud.

I didn't actually take the test above, but I would imagine it needs a warning, so here you go. YELLOW FOR CAUTION, parental guidance suggested, etc.

*images of the scary link I accidentally posted a couple of weeks ago dance in my head*

I wonder what size of chocolate confection would be required to hold an ex-parrot, even if you took the bones out first so it wouldn't be "crunchy"? Also, which variety of Australian table wine would go well with it? I won't even bring up cheese, since we can't get any from the cheese shop, since the Spanish Inquisition (betcha didn't expect that) took the owner away to the argument clinic. (I told you ONCE) I hear the food's pretty bad there; the cook really wants to be a lumberjack and he's too distracted to think up a real menu, so he serves lotsa spam, spam, spam, spam...

The Acting Deputy Minister of Silly Walks, Ivory Bill Woodpecker

P. S. "Frogs. Why did it have to be frogs?"

One Depardieu, two Depardieu...

Pets should have ONLY two legs (birds) or four legs (dog, cat, hamster, pony, bunny, guinea pig, frog.) Any more than four legs, and it's NOT a pet, it is something that belongs outside, under a rock, minding its own business.
Non-legged creatures (fish, snakes) should not be in the house unless secured in an aquarium.

Guin (re your first post): 'E's not dead, 'e's just pining for the fjords.

Poop Dogg: Just what I was thinking. Can we send this virus to Paris?

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