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September 27, 2005


This blog responds: Oh yeah?

(Thanks to Claire "Catwoman" Martin)


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All I can think right now.....

Just how damned big is his litter box?!?!

did this shut off the italics?

I hope he's fixed.

I don't we need to worry about him breeding. Unless he finds out about the catwoman of new york city.

think.. I don't think we need to worry.

Apparently I wasn't (thinking) before I hit post.

Wolfie, I don't think we need worry about him breeding, period.

Did he lose a BB gun fight or is this what happens with dolphin darts?

"I ,Dennis Avner" = "driven insane"

I think I'm more of a dog person.

I've seen this guy on Discovery Channel or TLC. They did a show on extreme stuff, like the piercings and tattoos. There aren't too many places that can or will do the things to the human body that he wants done. Oh yeah, and he wears a tail.

Here's how he looked before all the surgeries (the guy in the middle), but apparently all that peer pressure got the best of him

i wonder, if he died, would michael jackson try to buy his body?


It's too early for Halloween, Dave.


Attention Seattle area residents! A Californian has escaped and is at large in the vicinity of Puget Sound.

That is all.

*snork* @ tck ...I'd been wondering what had happened to Andrew Lloyd Webber.


Not really. If you've ever been to Fremont you'll know why I'm not scared.

i thought seattle was far more sane. must be the coffee.

TCK thanx for the inspiration

("Memories" from what else? )

Catman -has got surgeons on speed-dial!
Tattoo guys will line up for
A chance to mark up his skin
In a bad light, he looks like the son of Siegfried&Roy
It's no wonder, he's alone!

Memory - of dressing up like a kitty!
Now his whole life is, a year-long Halloween
Can he remember, a time before he ate Fancy Feast?
Please, let that memory live again.

Touch him? It makes me queasy to think that
There are those to whom mutilation is fun
Plus, I don't want to think what size furballs he'll leave.
Says the Catman, "Let us spray."

"When you're down... and troubled......
You've got a friend"

who says pro-wrestling doesn't influence kids?

The sad thing is he told the tattoo artist he wanted to be BATMAN but unfortunetly he chose the wrong artist.

I hope he never becomes a Stray Catman, because I don't think he will fit under cars, unless one rolls over him, I think.

The cat has got my tongue - no comment!!

We wouldn't allow him in California, pogo - he doesn't look like the yogurt-eating, 10Krunning, surfer type to me -

unless of course he volunteered to try and catch the alligator in L.A.! He could probably scare it to death!!!!

He lives with his mom, doesn't he?

I know a few men who could improve their looks to look like this guy.....not that I would want any of them. hehe


Russell, the Ken Doll guy is even more terrifying than the Catman!!

I mean, man, what are these people THINKING???!!?

....Oh, wait.

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na, CATMAN!

Will he succeed in transforming himself into a tiger, or will he just remain a convincing jackass?

Will he steal Dave's oosik to attach to himself?

Will Judi neuter him if he's silly enough to try it?

Will Senator Frist conduct diabolical avant-garde experiments on him, previously performed only on insects and other small, meaningless creatures?

To which band did I insert an oblique reference in the last question?

Tune in tomorrow, same Dave-time, same Dave-channel!

Hot-wiring the Batmobile, Ivory Bill Woodpecker

Those little round metal studs aren't just extra piercings, either - those are 'sockets' for his 'whiskers' when he feels like installing them. I've seen him before too, he's kinda out there, but very quiet and introverted.

TCK - Re: 'CATS' photo -- I'll bet ya that the guy in front on the far right is Jeff Conaway, who was on 'Taxi.'

Did anyone else dig the cat-eye contacts he's wearing? (Or is it just my faulty perspective ...?)

(Which poem is obscurely referred to in the last question? Who cares?)

UO, no that would require me looking closer than I did.

Oh, yeah, and


So now explain...

Russell, the first thing I thought when I saw the living Ken (according to whom?), I thought of that SNL character Mango. The sideburns sealed it for me.




Wasn't he Fess Parker's faithful Indian sidekick?

When I think of all the great things Seattle has given So Cal over the years... Starbucks, Amazon.com, Microsoft, Nirvana, Gary Payton... I'm glad we could finally give something back.

Are there any photos of this Russell? I'm curious now. I tried to look it up but I just kept on getting barbie doll stuff. I'm assuming he's a human and not a barbie doll named Russell...

MzVette...go to Russell's comment and click on the link.

Variations on "Stray Cat Strut" by the Stray Cats

He slinks down the alley
Lookin' for a fight
Hey this Dennis Avner
really isn't right!

Singin' the blues
While the lady cats cry
"Why Dennis Avner,
you're a really dumb guy."

I wish I could be as
carefree and wild.
I bet his parents are sad
to have such a whacked child...

"Dennis the Tiger" just doesn't have the same ring to it...

Daniel Striped Tiger on steroids!

(A reference to the character from Mr. Roger's)

I saw this guy when I was in Seattle a few weeks ago. He has *ahem* man-boobies as well.



i love stalking cat!

hes so beautiful...

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