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September 28, 2005


This blog has to laugh.

(Thanks Eric Ewanco)


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OK, that's just disturbing on so many levels - also another really, really, really good reason to not pick up hitchhikers

To quote "Alvin" from this web page,
"My God.
That was awful."

That is all.

Does the bad lip-synching remind anyone else of Garth in the movie Wayne's World when he's trying to pretend he knows the words to Bohemian Rhapsody?

I couldn't watch the whole thing. My uncontrollable giggles were making the cats nervous.

This makes my kid's "Song That Never Ends" a welcome relief. It will probably make the Top Ten in the environmental music category, if there is one.

Geee.... and when I picked up a hitchiker, I just got stabbed. Counting my blessings, it could have been so much worse.

So... much... pain...

I'm ashamed of you all. Didn't any of you take the extra time and effort to really grok the lyrics?

OK, me either...

Holy hell.
That makes me want to go outside and nuke something or litter 6-pack holders around the beach. UNCUT!

Oh well, another strike against human society.


Can I go bleach my eyeballs too?

Sorry - I stayed with it as long as I could - about 11 seconds...

*puts on U2 CD to clear her head*

That reminded me quite strongly of LSD's audition song in The Producers movie (the old one, not the one based on the musical based on the old one). Come to think of it, LSD was talking about flowers...

That was truly painful. That has got to be the worst lip-syncing job I've ever seen, bar none.

I really lost it at "free... like a good vibe" SNORK!

You have to admire the sneakiness of those hippies though. Note the argyle sweater; they're going camoflague now.

That makes me wanna, uh, uh, uh, uh...
That makes me wanna, ah, ah, ah, ah...
That makes me wanna scuuureeeeeeeeaaaaaammmmm...

(Actually, that makes me wanna dump used oil down a storm drain and barbeque a California Condor.)

Did that melody actually have a melody?

Well....THAT sucked!

U2 clears your head?

I've seen this guy before - he and the Numa Numa nerd are pioneers of some entirely new sort of entertainment.

Take the time to watch the whole video. He never actually sings about cakes left out in the rain but the video actually gets, er, better towards the end!

Did I kill the Blog again?

It's really nauseating when you can see the man-boobs through the sweater...

louis - re U2: not really ,(although I like them a lot) but it was the first group that popped into my mind and I had to go to the bathroom so I couldn't really sit here and think up the best group for my post...

Looks like Peter Tork from the Monkees after a bad weekend at Burning Man dressed to interview for an accounting posistion after just coming out of the closet..

I'm pretty sure the RBR could cover this, thus establishing a new charitable strategy: Give us money or we keep playing this song. Stephen King should "sing" lead on this one, I think. Dave will be too busy with the utterly balls-free califunky lead guitar noodling. Daniel, you cracked me up with your halting punctuation of pain. And it's so accurate. Life...force...ebbing...

OMG! I thought my computer had malfunctioned and I was destined to view this man waving his belly & singing at me for all eternity. Yikes!

Not TMI at all. Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" works for me. Don't ask me why, I've never done anything stronger than brandy in my life.

CDs are not good for the environment.

Apparently not just because they're plastic...


*goes to look for something much stronger than brandy*

"Let's change our creed
and add non-pollution to our creed"

This man is a genius. Rhyming "creed" with "creed"; that's right up there with "not even the chair."

louis, I would suggest a Molotov Cocktail, but only if you can personally give it to the guy in the video.

Nice to see Oliver Stone embarking on a new career....

**pours acid in ears**

Here are most of the lyrics. Actually that's "let's modify our greed..." This had to be a one-man video production, 'cause I can't believe that two people could actually look at it and think: yeah, that's pretty cool.

*zips in with chip on shoulder*

Hey Marcus, you got something against "not even the chair"? Want to rumble?

*zips out in case Marcus is bigger than me*

That really inspired me to "modify my greed..." By cranking it up a notch or two. My Do-list for today:
1. Fire up the SUV and drive to the beach.
2. Try and run over a dolphin.
2. Spotted owl for lunch. Mmmm...spotted owl

Sean, thanks for causing me to spew coffee all over my keyboard!

I actually met Peter Tork, very briefly. I think you're right about Dancing Butterflies being my favorite Monkee.

I didn't have the intestinal fortitude to watch the whole thing.

Marcus: He says "greed", not creed, the first time.

I just like how he says "Let's- Let's modify our greed!" Does the verse actually call for stuttering? Because he lip-syncs the stuttering...

The guy needs to be shot and dismembered immediately and his remains weighed down and dumped in the deepest part of the ocean....hence keeping pollution at a minimum.

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