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September 23, 2005


If this is worth $199 Canadian ($20.38 US), how much can we get for one with a marketable skill?


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I bid 1 hillion skillion billion pesos and a gallon of corn whiskey. (roughly $4.95)

and the first one's not even double jointed...

Well I for one (a person, not a walrus peter bone) am shocked to find how undervalued a walrus penis bone (WPB) is worth.
Dave, you should bring this to the attention of the masses.
By the way, could I interest you in a dehydrated hippo vagina?

Maybe there could be some global synergy with the Cornhole King?

...is that a walrus penis bone in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?

What I want to know is how much of that the Walrus gets because even if it is the full $199 (cdn) that aint no where near enough.

gee whiz, you wouldn't want to sell something like that outright when there's so much potential for pimping. make it work for you!!

oh, the walrusity....

"Lorena Bobbitt Does The Yukon"

Well we're big entertainers
we're called the remainders
and we're loved everywhere we go

We write about boogers and
we write about doots
and sell it to you regular Joes

We take all kinds of pills to
give us all kinds of thrills
but the thrill we've never known

is the thrill it'll getcha
when you scratch where it itches
with a great big walrus bone

(Walrus boooone)
gonna put him out on my veranda
gonna get him a job with Pat and Vanna
wanna see my smilin' face?
then come and party with the walrus bone!

*lights bic and holds aloft for Mudstffin*

Thanks, I'll keep renting.

I know I came in late, so maybe this is already covered, but...

How could a walrus... Have a... BONE... In its PENIS? Wouldn't that, like, make it so that... Err... Aah...

I would think that the walrus would have a hard time swimming!

Dave, I have been very good to you. My birthday is coming up, and I am hoping you'll buy me a nice present.

I see that the domain oosik.com is parked at GoDaddy. Could you get in touch with the owners and see if you could buy it just for me? It would also make a great place for your blog.


The Walrus Penis

P.S. I've got a little rash where you taped me to the bricks the other day. Could you put some cream on it? Thanks!

Who knew there was a market for used penile parts?

The way the Canadian dollar has been going (ie. actually worth something these days), it would be sensible for Dave to, um, hold on to his investment.

maybe my math is wrong but 199 canadian is not 20 bucks in u.s. currency. if anything these days it's more like 200 bucks.
walrus penis or not, there's some fishy math going on here.

Perhaps they don't realize that the US dollar has decreased in value significantly since January of 2001.

It's just not as good of a joke when the Canadian dollar is over 80 cents US, though.

For another excellent poetic treatment of the subject, see the link below.


NOt to criticize, but last Friday I was able to partake of the joys of exchange of USD for Canadian ... the bank rate (over there) was 85.5 cents ... just sayin' ... and yes, it's not (not it snot) that the C$ is so much higher, it is the fact that the USD is so much lower ...

One imagines the conversation on the beach.The walrus herd is lying around talking about Bob,at one time the big tusk on the beach.
"You know Bob's not been the same since he sold his penis."
"Yes, he's changed,and not for the better."
"He's started to wear Walrus perfume from Sacks."
"I don't care about that,but I do not like him wearing a tutu and dancing on the rocks.It's not good for the children."
"He's claiming it makes him more streamlined and able to swim faster when he makes his gettaway from the polar bears."
"Maybe,but he can't swim ina straight line anymore."

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