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September 28, 2005


They're emasculating Glooscap of the Mi'kmaq.

(Thanks to William Cook)


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Geez, you could become 400% more fertile just driving by...

I hate when my Glooscap is emasculated.

If you ever see Penn Tower in Philadelphia, the statue of William Penn on top seems to be similarly... proportioned if viewed from street level at the correct angle. Flat out obscene.

In that article about "unwanted protrusions", the writer talks about putting a STAFF on the statue, and the creator of the statue's name is Mr. WOOD.

I can imagine the writer of this article sitting over her keyboard and giggling:

Type, type, type, STAFF. Type, type, type, WOOD. Type, type, type, hehehehehe

They could use this in a commercial with "Smilin' Bob".

Yup, if they gave him an oosk, the whole penis thing would be cleared up.

I think it would be more fun to put a water park at his feet and drill a hole in his....uh....arm for the water to cascade down.......no? oh. Never mind.

Oosik, I meant oosik!!

I'm going to proof-reading hell, where I will be forced to read my own errors over and over an dover.

...get it bent up a little bit more...

yeah, that'll help

I wonder if anyone asked Mrs. Glooscap about this?

sorry, fixed the spelling.

I very much enjoy the new statue, yes indeedy, (looks up from prepared speech...What the?? HEY!! YOU KNOW WHAT THAT LOOKS LIKE???

titter titter

. . . will make a staff to put in the statue's hand. . .

I don't think they've completely thought this through.

Hoser art, ehh ? why not put a Molson in his hand so he has a reason to be so happy, eh ? Looks like the song " Canadian Sunset " would be more like "Canadian Sunrise" by Guy Libido..You hoser..

Actually, IIRC, the myths say he's ten times the size of man....So he looks a bit small to me.

Actually, IIRC, the myths say he's ten times the size of man....So he looks a bit small to me.

Hey! Why is there a hurricane wind swath protruding from that man?

OMGWTFBBQ!! Yall are starting my day off just great...My head now hurts from trying to hold in the snorks that I don't want the boss to hear...

Do you think that maybe they'll give him a staff like this? Seeing as how eagles are endangered and all....

Where will they find a MOHEL who can trim a fiberglass woody from a 12-meter Glooscap?

"Atlantex Creative Works in Chezzetcook"???

Is that where they bake cheesitz? Dave, STAY AWAY FROM CHEZZETCOOK!!!

Which spelling, St. Judi ... Aaron, or Tori ???

here's a link to a picture of William Penn looking unQuakerly


(it's actually a rolled up map, I think, or a map case that he's holding under his arm)

This is the view one gets when travelling along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway from the art museum and Franklin Institute toward city hall. I've been know to stop dead in the street and point it out to my children; yes, bad mom, but I just couldn't help myself, it's hard not to exclaim. . .

It's supposed to be the largest statue on any building anywhere and for a long time marked the tallest point in Philadelphia. It would take a major initiative to make any changes. I don't think the official guide books mention it.

I would wonder if anyone asked Mrs Glooscap about this!

The statue of Robert the Bruce on the grounds of Stirling Castle in Scotland has the same problem involving the heft of a sword as it protrudes from a scabbard at his waist. It's quite the entertainment and well known and beloved. Never would anyone consider removing or changing anything! Here's to Robert "The Rude" Bruce

If you look at a lot of classical Greek statues of nude males, you'll notice immediately that most of them depict men who are not well-endowed. Such statues are not a threat to most men's egos and are therefore acceptable. But when a statue (or even its optical illusion) depicts such a large appendage, it has a tendency to make male passersby feel inadequate ... or makes their female partners think it. So, for the good of everyone's sex life, it's probably better to shorten it somewhat (or put it in a pocket, maybe).

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