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September 28, 2005


Now they're using mice.

(Thanks to Anne August)


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How in the h3ll does someone break both ankles anyway? That is the question I reeeeally want to ask, but can't. *sighs*
G'mornin Moaties

*slinks off to heinz*

*waves at Mad and Mike* I'll go visit the wedding thread now to see if you guys left any comments.

*smacks forehead* Of course! Last night's movie on TV was either "Lethal Weapon" or its first sequel. That should have clicked, because Danny Glover had a lot of screen time.

I think I was too distracted by Mel's atrocious mullet to figure out what film it was.

Oh, footprints... I have some trauma from gym class in Argie due to the damn "footprinting". They herded all the girls into one room and made us take off our shoes, socks and pants in front of everyone present, put our feet in a recipient full of chalk, and step on a piece of black paper, bending our knees slightly. Then the teacher would scribble something on a piece of paper.

Needless to say, I asked to go to the bathroom just before my turn and locked myself into a stall until the teachers promised they wouldn't make me do it, which was not easy, fascist b!tches that they were.

*bitter snork* No wonder I left the country.

Wolfie - Very painfully.

Jeff, he didn't pick it up with his bare hands, did he? You know, contaminated evidence and all that...

Take off your pants for a foot print?

*doesn't recall his physical requiring that*

The footprinting incident happened at ages 8 to 10, by the way. I'm fuzzy on the year because all the time spent in Argie is a haze.

There was an interesting article in the newspaper today about how the Yankees & Mets are setting combined attendance records this season (over 7.5 million tickets combined) and how that is spilling over into money on jerseys and other team stuff, plus helping the local restaurants and bars.

At one bar across from Yankee Stadium: When the Bombers win, it's Jager Bombs — a potent mix of Red Bull and Jagermeister — all around at Stan's Sports Bar. When they lose, fans barely stop to cry in their beer.

Ouch! Wolfie - this one's for you!

MiK: why did they make you take off your pants? Or maybe I shouldn't ask.

And The Atrocious Mullets WBAGNFA 80s RB.

Maybe Leetie can get mullet wigs for her band.

Wolfie, as to how you can break both ankles, you'd be surprised. In June of 2000, Jackie was leaving a school she was visiting, fell down ONE STEP as she was exiting the building, and ended up with broken bones in BOTH FEET! I still don't know how she did it either.

No Marie, he held it up in a little plastic bag.

I don't think it was bloody enough to interest GF, but it was amusingly bad.

Maybe after a few Jager Bombs...

Kibby, as far as I can recall - remember, I was a terrified 9-year-old - it had something to do with measuring our weight, and the pants would throw the calculations out of whack.

But I could be wrong. It could be a fascist Argie hazing ritual. I don't know. All I know is that I was thoroughly horrified and missed American gym class, where the most skin we would show would be our tummies if we were upside-down on the monkey bars.

In Argie primary school, I spent a lot of time locked in a stall in the bathroom, reading, until the staff caught on and would drag me out every morning. Eventually I did behave and stay in the classroom, but it was a very unhappy couple of years for me. I was thrilled when I heard that my Dad was being transferred back to NY.

Kibby; sailing to Florida?!?! That's going to be quite an undertaking. Are you getting a bigger boat? Those ghost sails must have looked neat.

Regarding broken ankles; my younger sister recently broke her left foot; bad break. She's had two surgeries so far to insert pins and other hardware. One day she stumbled with her crutches and they thought she broke her other foot. She's been restricted to just lounging around on the couch; but school starts in two weeks and she's a teacher. This will be interesting.

MAD!!! Great to see you are back!!

Sly, when Jackie broke her feet it was June 10 and school doesn't end until the 28th. Needless to say she was done for the year. They could only put a cast on one foot. By August we were able to go to England, but she still had to use a cane.

Yep! Bigger boat on the horizon. 35 footer.

Yea, ghost sails going by. It was pretty dark cause we're cloud covered and only slight light pollution. You could make out the shore from the water, but the sails would come through the trees and into the open - silently moving by.

Should'a gotten out the crap cam (reg. thingie).

Figured they had the lights hitting the sails so the organizers could read the sail numbers as they passed by. One didn't have a number but a huge red X at the top. They all have boat registration numbers, but they're difficult to see at night. My main concern would be keeping your night vision with this large flood light in front of you.

35 footer.

Atlantic Ocean.


Lovely gray day, cool, long rolling thunder in the distance... perfect for staying curled up in bed. Instead I'm up and have been for quite some time. But I can't go get ready for work because I have to sit by the front window and wait for the trash men.

Wow, extremely cool, kibby. Unfortunately, I am a rotten sailor so would be no use crossing the Atlantic, but I'm very impressed by those who do.

For those who might be interested, this is Jackie's latest reading discovery.

She is also really into her books.

Where is everybody this morning?

Well, I'm here and you're here. Kibby and sly were here, and MiK and wolfie.

But I'm going out soon.

The sun is out and it's supposed to heat up until afternoon thunderstorms cool us down for the rest of the week.

Yay for cool.

/end Weather Channel update

Well, unfortunately Neo, I am back at work. Pretty sore about it (har!) too.

Since I'm not supposed to be driving on Percocet (probably a good idea), I drove the almost hour to work this morning med-free and painful. It all got better about 8:30 though after medication.

I was hoping to get time and energy to blog and get pics up and everything after the surgery, but I really think I'm only about 60% maybe 70% back right now and even the smallest things seem like a chore and take me twice the time to do them.

Let me assure you that CMB is getting bigger and smarter every day, and you wil not be disappointed when I finally get some pics and vid up.


I'm here. Just swamped.

*dives back into the shadows*

~heard echoing from the shadows~


It's been a dream of mine for quite some time. My 20 footer is my "pratice" boat. I "pratice" making mistakes on it - as in sailing mistakes, maintenance mistakes, living mistakes.

I just leveled and slightly extended the bed. Now I'll be able to sleep sounder - except those 4:30 toilet breaks. I've been constantly making minor improvements (rigging, hatches, solar lights, docking methods, rain protection, etc) to see what makes me happier. Easier things to work with make emergency situations less critical.

Figure when I make a mistake it'll be much easier to deal with than making the same out there.

Next I'll be doing more deck repairs and painting. I've also got a couple places where water 'sits' which leads to eventual soaking into the cabin. They've got to go. Bed and bench cushions replacing too. Velcro strips on the cushion bottoms keep them from sliding off.

Good idea or just slightly creepy?


... now kibby has to go home this Oct. to see GM2 born. Already have tickets to see F2.4 in Nov. too! (and Dec and Jan) :-)


Makes you realize how small they really are...

Oh, guess that ought to be GM1 (Grand-Male 1).

Already have a GF1.

... we'll just be numbering these to keep track.

I am for ANYthing that helps them sleep. Anything, no matter how goofy.

amen to that!

*zips in*

Looks kind of creepy to me wolfie, but I guess neo's right; if it helps them sleep...

Been up since 5:30, out of house at 6:30, back at 8, dozzzzzzzzzzzing off.

I wonder how I did this every day when I was working.

Jeff, I don't watch 4400 anymore. It got too annoying for me.

I did see the NEW MADRID program and now I'm worried for sly and others who lilve in that area.

I have 3 words for all of you:


Yeah. They *never* have quakes out there. Or mudslides. Or raging fires. *snork*

Lab jumps to it before kibby has a chance....


There generally aren't fires or mudslides in the SFBA. Quakes, occasionally, but the others, not so much
YAY! for going to SFBA tomorrow!!!
*does a happy "I get to leave Provo for a week and a half" dance*

Well, let's see. We have the Pacific Ocean and a
beautiful bay and if you don't live on a cliff or in the back country you don't have mudslides or fires, and (so far) our earthquakes are baby ones...:)

I looooveeeee this bar :-)

Been up since 5:30, out of house at 6:30, back at 8, dozzzzzzzzzzzing off.

What were you doing out at 6:30 El? Going for a morning jog around the 'hood?

I have 3 words for all of you:


Yeah, right. Wasn't there a quake in San Francisco LAST WEEK?

I was out in California where I hear they have it all
They got riots, fires, mud slides
They've got sushi in the mall
Water bars, brontosaurs, Chinese modern lust
Shake and bake life with the quake
The secret's in the crust.

with all the earthquakes people take precautions to keep the damage low. Everything gets bolted to the walls, and buildings have strict quake codes. It's probably safer to be in a quake in CA than anywhere else. And the little ones lessen the chance of a really big one, and they can be fun, so long as your bookcases are bolted to the wall.

Thank you Sarah.


And if your bookcases aren't bolted to the wall, you just play frogger with the falling books!

YAY for playing Frogger!

bolts? walls?
*restrains herself from commenting*

*giggles and hides under desk*

*speed heinzed thru Friday*

Cat Update -
Livvy cat has allergies to a host of environmental
things, most of which can't be controlled. So they gave her a large shot of steroid in the muscle (to last 4-6 weeks) and mixed up a custom serum so we can give her allergy shots. We'll see how all this plays out. For now, she is perplexed at the 3 x 4 patch that was shaved from her belly ...

Camp Update -
Mr MOTW declined to share the drive to pick up Miss B from camp, so I made another 330 mile (each way) trip on Saturday. OVYL accompanied me on the trek. The worst part was standing in a long line in the sun waiting to check her out. Well, no, it wasn't the line or being in the sun, particularly. It was the 6'2" large dad standing about 6-inches from my back, talking loudly on his cell phone for forty minutes. I'd inch forward a little to get away from his mouth, but he'd move up, too. OVYL actually got out of line to get away from him.



I just found my phone. My old phone, the one with all my numbers in it?

In a bag I've been obliviously toting back and forth from work. Not my purse- otherwise I would have found it.

I'm fairly mortified...

Uhoh, Geezer Alert! Blogchik, go sit in the back of the bus.

Anyway, you found it. That's the important thing.

She'd be on mine too, blogchik, along with Keanu Reeves (except for Bill and Ted)

I can't put Keanu on the list. He gets the Cutness Exemption.

NOTE: I am aware this is why guys watch Angelina. I can understand this. This is also not motivation for ME to watch Angelina.

But that would only encourage him. Some guys - contrary to all evidence - believe they are irresistable to women. This guy sounds like he thinks you're (not your) so desperate you'd fall for that line.

A former coworker from my gov't job, that I have kept in touch with, has always flirted with me. I used to regard it as harmless ego-massaging and figured I'd let him know if he made me uncomfortable. Well, lately (when my internet was out), he sent me some text messages that made me QUITE uncomfortable and I called him on it. Now he is being all huffy and pouty and-this is what really gets me- trying to guilt-trip me. His last email was basically a piece of amateur psychoanalysis-- apparently I'm still interested in him even though I've said I'm not?

This guy is getting on my last nerve. I am very annoyed. I let him manipulate me into going to a minor league baseball game with him- an hour's drive away, when I was tired and really did not feel like going if it was not a group outing- I let him wheedle me into going and I didn't have a good time.

I'm thinking of writing an email stating as clearly as English can make it "I want to be Just Friends but if you keep this up I don't want to be Any Kind of Friends At All." I don't want to date the guy! He's trying to guilt-trip me into dating him! What an a$$.

{{ Blogchik }} - takes some guts to admit a mistake.

I posted my recipe for Cornbread on the Recipe moat, if y'all're interested.

Arianespace will be sending two satellites into geostationary transfer orbit on its third mission of the year: the JCSAT-10 communications satellite for Japanese operator JSAT Corporation, and the Syracuse 3B communications satellite for the French Ministry of Defense.

Launch window:

GMT: Between 10:15pm and 11:52pm on August 11, 2006. PARIS: Between 00:15am and 01:52am on August 12, 2006.
WASHINGTON: Between 06:15pm and 07:52pm on August 11, 2006.
KOUROU: Between 07:15pm and 08:52pm on August 11, 2006.
TOKYO: Between 07:15am and 08:52am on August 12, 2006.

Follow the launch live on the internet HERE.
(Starting 20 minutes before lift-off).
Video streaming will be available in RealMedia and WindowsMedia formats.

reminds me of Mr Collins and the "Mom says that when girls say no they really mean yes" thing

reminds me of Mr Collins and the "Mom says that when girls say no they really mean yes" thing

Some guys really do believe that, Sarah. They can be the dangerous ones.

Whatever keeps the little ones sleeping is all right with me, even if it looks slightly alarming.

I did not read the conversation about earthquakes. No no no...

Wolfie, you're at a bar? Or at work?

Yes, Jeff- except I just bought a new phone! For full price! And my old one's been disconnected!

Boy is my face red.


maybe if you donate the old one you'll feel better?

*loves Blogchik one of Eleanors x@n@x*

There, there... it'll be ok. This is just a taste of whats to come, right Jeff?



It's because of our earthquake regulations that Timmy the Hunky Plumber came over with the *ahem* straps. CA law mandates that water heaters being strapped down.

YAY for CA laws!

Timmy the Hunk...straps... one can only ponder what is going through wolfie's mind at this moment.

Just thought I'd give you an update on PaperBackSwap.com. I've listed a lot of books - over 300 I'm sure (though some were duplicates of books that were chosen) and as of today I have mailed out 68 books! That means we get to choose that many books from the over 600,000 titles on their site.

So yes, for us it works!

And WTF is the problem with PypeTad? It not only gives you the stupid robot thingy but takes forever to go through.

Or is it just me?

My last post to Blogchik was for her admitting that she had found her lost phone, not for the Jerk with a capital "J" wiseguy.

Miss B has a guy that she's been friends with. Or on her side it's 'friends' - on his side, he's always hopeful for something more.

In the past, I've told her my misgivings about him after I'd talked with him a bit. Well, he up and told her that he was moving away to a different state and the only thing that'd keep him here was if she would agree to go out with him. Oh, puhLEEZ! I told her that was guilt manipulation and she'd better run away as quickly as she could.

Only partly heinzed. I see that CONGRATULATIONS are in order for DDi!!! Enjoy the engagement! Best Wishes!!

MOTW please send me an email when you have time.

More pictures can be found here:

I'll let you know as soon as my sister adds more photos.

Gorgeous and more gorgeous, Mad!

Bloghik.. that happened to me when I had my phone stolen a couple of years ago. However, I knew who'd stolen it - and two hours after I went to the phone shop, disconnected it and bought a new one, I had a call at work to say that that person had "found" it. The person who called me (different person) said "Oh, if only you'd put off disconnecting it and buying a new one, (person) would have found the old one!" I said "As long as it was connected and they were texting/making calls on my account, I would not have gotten it back."

I got an email for Friendship week this morning (does anyone know when FW is, because I get stuff most months for FW or Sisters Week or International Damn Smart Goodlooking Women's Day, and there seems to be no fixed date!) I didn't send it to 15 people in 15 minutes, so the person who loves me will not realise it before midnght tonight.. nothing amazing will happen between 1 and 4 pm today and I won't get a big surprise. Shame about that. Oh, and apparently if I loved my sister I'd send it back to at least her, if not anyone else.

Wolfie.. BOTH ankles?
My dad's old boss broke his leg in two places falling off the bottom rung of a ladder. Poor guy was the ofice joke for a long time..

Kibby - the sailboat sounds gorgeous..

Note unrelated to anything here.. my fingers are freezing!

*sigh* I guess the weekend is over now, hmmm?

Not short enough.


Peri!!! The oxygen link! Why did I look???? And the business idea, I'd have to say no.

Sly, I did see Prairie Home Companion. I don't really listen to the radio show, GK's voice just irritates me no end. But I did enjoy the movie.

I have never seen War of the Roses. Maybe one day.

MOTW...*smooch* I was just wondering where the recipe moat was. I want to put the salmon casserole recipe there, when I remember to look it up. I'm planning to make it this weekend.

A year or two ago I had bees (thousands) in my chimney and a "bee removal" guy came over and got rid of them. He told me he was planning to go away somewhere for the Memorial Day Weekend but if I'd go out with him, not only would he not go, but he'd do some more work around the house for free!
Yeah, right.

I said something vague just to get him out of the house, and the Friday of the 3 day weekend he called. Needless to say I didn't pick up the phone, and he left a *sigh* message, Well, if you're not around, I guess I'll go, but call me if you are, I'll hang out for a couple more hours!!!

Never heard from him again, thank goodness, and he put something they call a "top hat" on top of the chimney so bees can never get in again!!


The weekend comment I made above should be not LONG enough.

Of course that sounds pervy now.

And is it just me, or is this page taking forever to load? It shouldn't be time to move yet.

*zips in from Mrs. Dr. Weasel's web site*

Mad loves Mike!

Mike loves Mad!

That's just the greatest thing ever!

Mad and Mike, you guys look gorgeous! Mike looks so distinguished with short hair. Not that he didn't before, but back then it was a piratey sort of distinguished.

*eagerly awaiting Susan's salmon casserole recipe*

Jeff, I should go take a peek at the paperback swap site. I have none to exchange now, but I might in a few weeks if I don't like a book I ordered from Amazon.

Ugh... note from the Antipodes.. it's been raining for 2 days straight. I'm waterlogged. I'll see you tonight, if a large floating zoo doesn't stop by looking for recruits.

I wish I could send some of our sunshine over to you, Kaf.

Loves Kaf some sun and hot weather. Just send me some rain, we havent had any in over a week.

*loves the MOAT a cuppa coffee*

*assuming it's still alive*

This is a bit disconcerting. I agree with the second opinion - counseling first.

Wolfie got posted!

YAY wolfie!!

Gosh. I blogged an A_O_L thing today, too, and included a link to that recorded telephone conversation.



D'oh! Beat me to it.

ooo it... ooo it... ooo it

I think it's time to move. This is getting slow. Even for me with *zipping* powers.

Please raise your hand if you agree.

*looks around*

*sees 6 hands in the air*

OK then.

How about here?

Only one comment, no spam!

*waits to see what happens*

Actually, there were NO comments, but now there is one - MINE!

It's very fast!

*packs up her shadows and moves them*

Follow El!! (she's got such a cute behind to follow)

"Anyway, after one attack, all that is left is the victim's eyeball, which Young picks up and shows to the friends to see if they can identify it!"

Veronica gracefully made her way down to the beach in the cool heat of a fading summer's day. The warm sand slid smoothly beneath her feet, in pleasant contrast to the chill of approaching night. Her white sundress billowed gracefully in the wind as she brought her hand to her face, peering down the beach. A tall, tanned man in a Hawaiiain shirt caught her eye. He was striding proudly along the glistening sands of the beach, cast in the red glow of the sunset. Suddenly her heart started beating a step faster. He was walking straight toward her, his powerful, large feet digging into the beach for traction and spraying a small amount of sand into the air that would gently fall back to the beach in one smooth motion. His eyes were hidden in shadow by a dark brown cowboy hat, obviously well used but still in good condition. Like the man itself, she thought. He appeared to be middle aged, and only became better looking as he approached. Veronica became lost in thought, and before she realized it he was next to her. He tipped his hat up away from his face, revealing mahogany brown eyes and a full smile. Color began creeping into Veronica's face as they stood there, silhouetted by the sun, gazing into one another's eyes. He slowly proffered his hand to her, and cleared his throat.
"Excuse me, ma'am," he said in a low but steady voice, "Do you recognize this eyeball?"





pssst, some of us are here!

The Hot Tub is full, and the hammocks are hung!

The Official MOAT move Announcer wished to Announce Officially using His Announcer Voice which is used Solely to perform Official Announcements that the MOAT is hereby Officially Moved to this:

Official MOAT Link

Thank you for your Kind Attention.

I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge our very own Mad Scientist for her coaching on Capital Letter Overuse.

Hey Jeff, how many people were at the Dixie Chicks concert August 1 at Madison Square Garden?

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