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September 28, 2005


Now they're using mice.

(Thanks to Anne August)


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We can only hope they will get better with additional practice. Even after the practice roach they did poorly at best...

how do you think they feed the snakes? Duh!

That wasn't a mouse. It was a trans-dimensional being monitoring a program to determine the meaning of the answer to the question of life, the universe, and everything.

Just imagine if an emotional support squid got loose.... okay, don't imagine it. Not after the last thread.

yay! judi blogged me! *does happy mouse dance*

Is it just me, or did the 2 or 3 articles/comments above this one just disappear?

**I swear I only had 2 martinis for lunch!

Of course the mouse was in coach - you don't think they'd allow it in first class, do you?
Unless of course they knew...(42)

Hey! Where did the fake article about the plastic deers go?

What was ironic is that many of those on board were on their way to Disneyland.

*looks around*

Here? It looks dusty...

Marie: I was being sarcastic. Parents don't have a favorite.

Non-mushy Valentine's Day update: no presents or surprises yet from Giant Frog. I actually asked him earlier if he was planning anything and he said no, perfectly seriously.
So yeah, we got into a little argument. I had to write an e-mail, per his request, on the things I'd like him to do today.
That totally kills Valentine's Day, doesn't it? I had such high hopes. *sigh*
So, where's the Valentine's Day Haters corner and is there room for me in it?
Wolfie, can you spare one of the nekkid guys in a thong in those links of yours on your blog?
Posted by: Marie in Kourou | 01:37 PM on February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day update update: Not good. More later.
Posted by: Marie in Kourou | 05:46 PM on February 14, 2006

Addendum to the update update: Although, to be fair, we're eating lasagna tonight, so it's not a total loss.
I predict lasagna and "ER" for us tonight. We're up to the second episode of our DVD of the fourth season.
*takes a break to droooooooooool at Noah Wyle*
Posted by: Marie in Kourou | 05:48 PM on February 14, 2006

Why'd you have to remind her?

Wow, nice blast from the past.

I loved all 5 of my childern the most!

I was a mistake!

I'm just glad to see that my mind isn't failing me... I was beginning to think I'd imagined that whole situation.

Anyone seen the tarzan ropes? I was hoping to take a swing on one....

*spat french fries*

leets rocks!

*goes back to livin dangerously (read: eating lunch while reading MOAT) *

*hugs Leetie*

Are you serious? B was an "Ooops", his mom was just 16 when she got pregnant. His parents got married 5 months before he was born, and they've been happily married ever since. They had one more child, B's sister Kristina. After spending the holidays with them, its easy to see that both kids are loved equally, favorites are not played in that household.
However, now that she has her son and is living at home with them, I can tell you one thing...

Children are not loved anywhere near as much as grandchildren!

'tis true. I was born 10 years after my closest sister. I have a brother older than her, and my oldest sister is 20 years older than me. My mom was pregnant with me (oops) when my sister got married. They all said that I was spoiled. I was basically an only child by the time I was born.

For some reason the quote about Twelve Sharp went kablooey, which took all the

And he only got mad at me once in my whole life, unlike my mother who was pretty much pissed at me my whole life!

Well, my dad has pretty much either been mad or dissapointed in me for as long as I can remember. *censored bitter remarks* So 'nuf said about that.

Back to my brother. Going to Africa. Supporting AIDS research. Isn't that the COOLEST???

Speaking of AIDS research- congrats in advance to Mad and Mike!!!

For some reason remarks about Evanovich books are getting cut off. Odd.

Same situation as Leets here. My parents were 17 and they were married 3 months before my birthday. I have brother, 3 years younger, planned. I also have a sister, 14 years younger. Planned, you ask? Not so much.

However, she is a kick ass soccer player and will probably be the first to go to college on a sports scholarship and also has a shot at making the U.S. women's Olympic team. Currently, at 15, she is an alternate for our region's Olympic team. I suppose that makes her an alternate alternate for the National team.

I'm descended from a long line of fullbacks, and she is by far the one with the most talent at her age. Though, I'm still no slouch on a soccer pitch.

MOTW, I think we're just fascinated with their relationship. Living in a faraway land, forgetting each other's birthdays, no fresh produce... it's amazing they've come this far! ;)

I *heart* the MOAT.

Di... children are not SPOILED nearly as much as grandchildren. Trust me on that one!

I really can't believe that my parents PLANNED on having a second baby (me) 13 months and 13 days after their first. I just don't think they were trying hard not to.

Firstborn of two (my Africa-going brother is two years younger); planned. While we're on the subject...

Leetie, anything is possible with Nutella!

*zips in and looks around*

Yes, the moat maid needs to dust, otherwise this looks OK.

Reposting from old MOAT because I feel so strongly about this, in case everyone didn't see it:

How could a father's love EVER be considered patronizing? Or annoying? Or anything negative. I always had unconditional love from my daddy and he's been gone a long time, and I still miss him every day.
I think it's the best thing a little girl can ever have.

My daddy taught me how to dance, how to drink and not get sick, how to protect myself from predatory men (keep your legs crossed!), and never to welch on a bet! And he only got mad at me once in my whole life, unlike my mother who was pretty much pissed at me my whole life!

RIP Daddy.

Posted by: Eleanor | 12:56 PM on July 25, 2006

Di, I've already pretty much done what you suggested. After a cool shower, i put on a spaghetti strap short nighty and shorts and turned on a/c and I'm sitting under a ceiling fan! "They" are worried about blackouts due to overuse of electricity, so I have the thermostat set at 78F but it's better than nothing!

*zips out to pack up stuff and bring over*

{{{Everyone here even (especially?) when I'm feeling cranky and don't like anyone}}}

I wanna go!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh well. One more day...just one more day...and of course the rest of today, but it's half over so it doesn't count.

Insom...I was just hearing the other day about someone in the band here who went to band camp, right after starting an antibiotic that caused sun sensitivity. This was several years ago...he got totally burnt.

I don't remember ever getting burnt, well, maybe a tiny bit, but nothing painful. I also never used sunscreen.

(Ok, stupid. I know that. All our outside practice at camp was also early morning or late in the day...times I don't burn. Any burning I do is if I'm out in the middle of the day. Sunscreen doesn't help me then. Morning or late afternoon though, I don't burn.)

Sly...every time I look at your blog, even refreshing, I don't see anything newer than July 20...

GAH! Susan! I need to send you directions!

{{ El }}

This is true Leetie...

I meant to send you a message asking about that.

You should have a msg from me now, Susan.

I've been enjoying listening to a birdhouse full of rambunctious baby wrens on my front porch. They're so cute! There is always one of them sticking his little head out of the hole.

They're smaller and paler than our usual Carolina Wren visitors. Might be a House Wren or something. They took up residence right after a family of chickadees moved out.

Hooray for a busy birdhouse!

accident.. something you didnt want and would rather not have have happened
surprise.. something you didn't know you wanted till you got it.
I think most people fall more into the later catagory than the former.

*slinks back to her shadows*

today's topic: fathers who are over-protective of their daughters

annoying, irritating and patronizing? or one of the benefits of having a father who cares?

my opinion: probably annoying and irritating to a teenage daughter, but also something she knows she can always count on

my daughter (almost 17 now) is constantly annoyed and irritated by my questions about where she is going, and who's gonna be there, and when's she coming home? I get the canned responses: out. my freinds. i don't know. I demand more information, leading to a greater level of irritation and annoyance...

all that being said, i know for a fact that my daughter would rather have me interested in what she's doing and where she's going then simply not care, or not be around at all

she also knows that if anyone ever hurts her (i.e. a guy), daddy will take them apart, in an extremely painful fashion

so, adding up the pros and cons, it seems to me that having a father that cares trumps having one that doesn't - i think my daughter would agree with me (or at least she will in a coupla years, when she's no longer a teenager, and can actually bring herself to have an actual conversation with me)


They sometimes don't understand until they're a parent themselves.

Gee I can't WAIT until my p-nut turns on me! GOOD TIMES!

My daughter is going to be 18 in October. She is preparing for her freshman year at college (5 bleeding hours away). She has been in rare form lately, but we still communucate fairly well. I know, and have explained to her, that part of "leaving the nest" involves quashing a lot of feelings in order to make that first giant step.

TCK, you might like to have a copy of this handy.

*drags in KibEl office* - kibby, I can tell you're pretending to read but are really napping - wake up!

Oops! Forgot something!

*brings air conditioner in and waits for strong man (!) to install it*

New MOAT? Cool...

*screaming back to werk*

*censored bitter remarks*

*Fishes for subject change*

Hey, has anybody seen

OK, apparently it doesn't like HTML.

Has anyone seen this article?

Key quote: "Dan Schmidt, a spokesman for the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department, said authorities believe the man had mental health problems."

Gee, ya think?

Yes, I have no actual work to do today until 5. I ran out of my backlog of Stuff To Type fairly early this morning.

Attempt to link:
this article

WooT!! blogchik just "changed my subject!"

thank you blogchik, it's been entirely too long. ;)

About 10 years ago, I, yes, I, used to be a meat cutter myself. I wouldn't recommend it.

I noticed that none of the witnesses in that story offerred to give that poor guy a hand.

and it was quite obvious he was in need of one.

Yes, Mr. Fisher, I noticed that too (and good pun!).

on medication for mental problems??

hmmmm - i'd say it ain't workin

No doubt TC, I was just thinking that same thing. Double that mans dose doc!

Speaking of cooking lasagna in crockpots -- and speaking of eggs ....

(ok, so maybe we weren't, I just want to work this in)

At lunch, someone told about making omelettes in a bag. You get a big pot of water up to a rolling boil. You use gallon size freezer ziplok baggies. You put in two eggs, and whatever ingredients you want, smoosh them all together, get out all of the air, and seal it up.

Then you put it in the water for 13 minutes. 13 is the number of minutes that you boil it. No more. No less. The number for boiling is 13.

Take the bag out, open it and allegedly, you have a perfect omelette without using butter, oil, etc.

/cooking show.

Just sent this to MB, but with the way I almost never get posted, I thought I'd share it, keeping in line with sly's cooking show.

You can make an omelette in a pan in much less time.

And you'll eat much less plasticizers.

*ducks and runs*

Funny, thats just what Emer!l was making a few minutes ago... omelettes. Not boiled ones though. In a pan. Several.

I'm werkin hard at home, can you tell?

The gal who told us about this served omelettes for brunch the day after her daughter's wedding. It turned out being entertainment as well as everyone mixed their own omelettes, marked them with their name and time the bag went into the pot (more toxins?) and put them into the pot and watched the pot, well, boil.

I was wondering about the toxins myself, but do admit it would be fun to watch.


I'm boiling some eggs right now, but I'm not watching them. I've turned the heat off and put the lid on the pot.

Gonna make some egg salad for lunch tomorrow. YUM!

Kind of like my brother's 8th birthday party when the kids made their own pizzas (in foil pie pans) and watched them bake in the oven. Very exciting for the kids to make their own dinner, no domino's at our house! (only homemade or Mountain Mike's)

Leetie, be watchful of them eggs, you don't want runny egg whites or worse yet, yellers! Ick!

personally i prefer mountain mindy's pie.....or mandy's...or

mama always said, you shouldn't put all your eggs in one ziplock bag.

*goes back to werk before being klobbered*

*puts semi-hard-boiled egg into mouth, leaving one end poking out*

See if you can guess what I am now...

I love egg salad.

That's all.

Hmmm, Sly. Omelettes in a Bag WBAGNF somthing.

Trillian - Crockpot lasagna is really simple, although I wouldn't necessarily use someone else's recipe again, because it was nice, but not quite what I expected. Just use your regular recipe, whatever it happens to be, and add about half again as much tomato sauce to the meat mix, to compensate for the fact that it's cooking for a long time. The recipe is ...
Brown your meat, onions and garlic. Add tomato sauce, tomato paste, and any seasonings you want.
Make your cheese sauce (although they used a cheese paste, which was a little different from my regular sauce*). Spoon a layer of meat into the base of the crock pot, cover with a double layer of uncooked lasagna noodles, broken to fit the pot. Spoon over cheese. Then continue to layer, finishing with a layer of cheese. Cook on low for 6 to 8 hours.
* Their cheese sauce was 12 oz cottage cheese, 16 oz grated mozzarella, and 1/2 cup grated parmesan. Mix together to form a paste.

Sly - U PS men have to wear seatbelts? In NZ, you can get an exemption against wearing a seatbelt if you have to be in and out of your vehicle all the time. Police wouldn't stop a courier for not wearing a seatbelt. I don't know about the left turn/right turn incentive..

Di... now I want PB on a spoon. I can't believe it's been a YEAR already! Happy anniversary!

I think (in years past, not so much today, thanks to digital technology), the reason for the decrease in baby pictures the further you get down the sibling line is that more than one child was in the photo, therefore it couldn't just go in one baby's book, and the photos went into the family album instead. For the three of her natural children, this is how it went for my mother..
1. Me, Almost full to bursting album, with photos slotted in the back that were too big to fit on a page with others.
2. K.. 14 months later - album about half-full. Family albums just getting started.
3. D.. 2.75 years after K. To give her her due, Mum did try. There are about 5 photos in D's album, but heaps of him in the family album with his sisters.
Previous to the current generation, it was too expensive to print multiple photos of anything unless you were particularly photo-obsessed, but with digital cameras, it's a lot simpler. Maybe albums will change now. But probably not, because Mama's are still busy.

{{{Brian}}} Best of luck with whatever they're doing to you. Be well and recover quickly!

I quite like the terrible twos, myself, Laynie. If you set up some firm boundaries with the non-negotiable stuff on the outer edges (hurting other people is not okay. If Mommy or Daddy says to do this, then you do it.), then sit back and watch their personalities develop, it can be a lot of fun. I've sat on the floor next to a two year old and said "You think that's a tantrum? I can throw a better tantrum than that. You need a bit more kicking and a lot more screaming" and yet they still let me look after children!

My mother was a "late in life" baby. Her siblings were 23 (and married with a 2 year old), 20 (married two years) and 19 (in the army) when she was born. Her parents fostered another little girl around about the same age as her so that she wouldn't grow up an only child, and all her nephews and nieces grew up like cousins with her. Several years ago, she was telling someone about her family and they said "You're a DIY grandchild too? So am I!" Mum thought it was the funniest thing she'd heard in ages.

Blogchik.. the Buick didn't even make an appearance in Twelve Sharp. I can't believe I didn't even notice that until you pointed it out...

ROTFL again!


A Zit? Get it?


I know! I know!

*jumps up and down*

Pick me! Pick me!


Higgy! You didn't raise your hand!


MOTW - They're selling expensive ice now? And not only ice, unfrozen ice? Also, 4 cubes with a bottle of scotch isn't a whole bunch, unless it's an airline sized bottle. Nice trendy music, though.

Leetie... chicken butt?

Easy to ask for forgiveness than permission....

Forgive me?

Never Higgy! It's already been forgotten. *smooches to you and Owen*

Dern it. Now I want egg salad too. Just no pimples. Or zits. Or ingrown hairs. Or pustules (sp?). Gross.

Maybe I'll just have some cold cereal instead.

Nice use of the word "pick" there, DDi. Extra points!

Kaf, that's close, and almost as gross as the correct answer. ;)

Kaf- no Buick?
Are you sure it's a Stephanie Plum novel?
Next you'll tell me Lula wasn't wearing spandex!

On the egg salad subject:
Best egg salad I ever had, ever, was shortly before exams last semester. I'd just visited a women's monastery where they raise chickens, goats, and sheep. (They sell eggs, cheese, and wool.) They gave me some VERY FRESH eggs- green, brown, and white (the white one would be the duck egg!) to take home. It made the best egg salad sandwich of my life. SO. MUCH. FLAVOR.

Blogchik - white leather. Sally was wearing a matching thong and that was all. If you can imagine.

Leetie.. what's more gross than you pretending to be a chicken butt?

Mr MOTW was raised on a farm and had yard eggs. For the first few years of our marriage, I always hunted down someone who sold yard eggs. Nowadays, I buy these at C0stco.

Kaf, popping a zit on it?

The Buick never made an appearance? The Buick is a character!

White leather? But no spandex? Lula?

I can imagine Sally in a matching thong (I'm reminded of certain folks I saw, ahem, airing themselves at the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade).

Did Stephanie at least still eat donuts?

*note to self: start book this evening*

MOTW- are the Costco eggs yard-egg-worthy?

Yay for the new MOAT!

Thanks, El. Haven't heinzed (just got home) but thanks to whoever found it).

Blogchik, rest easy. There's still spandex. And doughnuts.

Note: it is 90 degrees. It is perfect. Now pray for no storms or cool fronts. Tonight is my son's birthday party. We've rented the public pool, and are expecting 50 guests, more or less. And since I have no back up plans, the weather had better stay perfect.

Kaf, I am relieved! :)

*good weather birthday party vibes for neo*

My daddy taught me how to dance, how to drink and not get sick, how to protect myself from predatory men (keep your legs crossed!), and never to welch on a bet!

El, that is really wonderful. And some very useful skills to know!

Lab & MiK: there is NO DOUBT in my mind that parents have favorites; I know mine do. In fact, Jackie once asked my mother straight out why she favors my sister Lisa! And she didn't even bother to deny it. Her answer: "because she gives us more."

For that read: because she became a lawyer and didn't disappoint us or waste her brains and talent, etc.

Of course, eventually she couldn't take the pressure of the expectations and disappeared for 5 years, with just the occasional phone call to let us know she was alive.

And yes, parental expectations and demands can be a bitch, so those of you who aren't the fire born don't have it all bad.

I was a mistake!

Leetie, I think at least 3 of the 4 of us were mistakes...or at least "accidents". Whoops, make that 4 accidents - my parents got married, she got pregnant right away and had a miscarriage, got pregnant right after that (with me), then pregnant a third time with Ken, both a year and two weeks later.

I guess they never did finish that class on Proper Use of the Diaphragm. I know, TMI, but welcome to my world.

MOTW, I think we're just fascinated with their relationship. Living in a faraway land, forgetting each other's birthdays, no fresh produce... it's amazing they've come this far! ;)


Blogchik - they are very good. The yolks have a consistently deep color. They may cost more than regular eggs, but so do yard eggs. We go through about 2 or 2-1/2 dozen a week, so it would be a big hassle to try to find someone to supply that many yard eggs, not to mention the extra errand.

Thanks MOTW, they carry them here at the local MallFart so I will try them.

Where I come from, we say "cackle berries", not yard eggs. I've never had them.

I've seen the egglands, but couldn't bring myself to spend the extra money. I guess I will now.

Also, don't keep your eggs in the door of the fridge. Swinging them in and out all the time will cause them to warm and cool over and over, losing their freshness. Store them on a shelf - the farther back, the better.

When I worked in a clerical job at the Courthouse, before becoming a CDA, a woman who also worked there had an egg farm, or would you call it a chicken farm that had eggs as a byproduct? Chicken or egg? Whatever.

Anyhoo, she'd bring in fresh eggs for her friends and sell them to us and yes, they were fresh and delish. She also taught me about "candeling", which is something you have to do to eggs. (see google). She did it on her boobs.
/end fresh egg story

For that read: because she became a lawyer and didn't disappoint us or waste her brains and talent, etc.

There's a similar dynamic with my brother: he's doing something that makes sense to my dad. But he was playing favorites much earlier. One key example (of many) was how, when I was a 17-year-old senior in high school, I had a 10 pm curfew (and woe betide me if I was 5 minutes late- I got raked over the coals). My brother, then a sophomore, would routinely waltz in after midnight (I'm not sure if he even HAD a curfew) after boozing it up with his buddies, and my dad would just laugh it off. No wonder I had no social life in high school.

Of course after my brother got in trouble later on (suspended for several months for a fight, had to transfer high schools; got arrested and nearly went to jail), my dad started saying "Maybe we should have gone tougher on him." Of course he never says he should have gone easier on me.

Oh well, he's a Middle Eastern man, he still has the idea that you need to lock up your girls and let your boys play.

Walfart is about $2.45/doz and C0stco is $2.65 for 1-1/2 doz. I will sometimes get them at Kr0ger because they will double a $.35 coupon and that's cheaper (pun intended) than Walfart.
*cheep* *cheep*

Y'all already know how my dysfunctional mother has the "Daughter In Favor" and the "Daughter Not In Favor" between my sister and me.

*is glad my daddy and I are reconciled*

I had a dancing lesson last night. I am finally getting the hang of the tango. It's a very precise dance- if you don't move your feet just right and hold your body position just right, it won't work. Other dances are much more forgiving.

I've been trying to get exercise in every day. I did pretty good last week- although I didn't do anything on Saturday and Sunday. I need to rectify that.

I want to get exercise to be such an engrained habit that I won't drop the ball when I return to NY. Which reminds me, I'm still not sure exactly when school resumes. I'd thought I knew, but am no longer sure.

I got a friend of mine to send me my mail (both post offices are accusing each other of screwing the thing up, I don't know what to do, I'll have to deal with it on Saturday), and besides finding my bills, I found out I got an A- on my church history final. For that teacher, that's a really good grade: on the midterm, A- was the highest grade he gave. So I feel good about at least one class.

OK, I'll stop hogging the MOAT now! :)

El, she candled her boobs?

Speaking of chickens...

We're cat-sitting for my Mom again. This afternoon we had a thunderstorm, so out of the goodness of my heart (and the stupidity of my head) I let Moose Mutt in the house. Aya (the cat) was in the basement, so I let Moose Mutt go down there, too. Moose Mutt found some of Aya's cat food and slurped it up, which P.O.'d the cat, and the cat (15 pounds) attacked my dog (105 pounds). The cat managed to trap the dog in a corner of my office before I could intervene, and now the dog is a cowering idiot and won't walk past the cat. As Foghorn Leghorn once said, "A chicken has black fur all over him. Black fur, that is."

That's my dog, all over.

out. my freinds. i don't know.

Oh so true.

BigD: brilliant! I especially liked this: Instead of just standing there, why don't you do something useful, like changing the oil in my car?

Wow, Blogchik, incredible. Well, the good news is that he only cut his own hand off.

*puts semi-hard-boiled egg into mouth, leaving one end poking out*

See if you can guess what I am now...

Now do that with a big ball o'mayo, Leetie. And excuse me while I go barf.

Just watched Animal House the other night. Still a classic. But some of the guys have really aged - D-Day and Boon to name two.

Blogchik: of course, Lula wore spandex, as well as the aforementioned thong. Also shorts that looked like a thong as they were a tad small for her size.

And yes to donuts - lots of them.

And Grandma at the funeral home.

*snork* and {{ Aunt Nancy }}
*loved the Foghorn Leghorn reference*



i've been doing alot of waiting for BOOBS?!?! lately too Leets.

join the crowd

and toss me some egg salad would ya?

ok, i'll share my beer ?

I should add that there is fresh produce here. It's just not the kind I like best, i.e. peaches, berries, apples, pears, etc. The only fruit you can get fresh here are the tropical ones.

Sometimes you can get them free, too. Everyone lobs rocks at mango trees when the fruit is in season, and you only have to go to the beach to get coconuts, which are just lying around waiting to be picked.

It's not that bad. But I still miss blueberries, strawberries, peaches, and so on.

Back to playing Civilization IV...


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