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September 30, 2005


Yet another alarming medical report from China.


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Yeesh...talk about having a HOT dog first thing in the morning...

Weiner roast! HA! Got there before everybody else!

Note to self - do NOT go to China for medical care.

I don't even want to think how he shut the microwave door.

Suppose his popcorn came out ok?

I guess they mistakenly read the insutrctions on a package of Ball Park franks ("plump when you cook 'em")!

Did they poke holes in it first so it wouldn't explode?

What I want to know is [from sidebar] -- WTF is 'circumcision revision' ???
Does foreskin grow back? If it does, is it called fiveskin?

Damn! Kibby beat me to the door.

*imagining the buttons on that microwave*

Frozen vegetables. Popcorn. Penis.

i've always told my boys to never cook weiners in the microwave. i wonder if a bbq pit would produce better results. or perhaps boiling. on the bright side, at least he didn't need an organ donor.

my mother would tell him that, "it's not burned. it's just a little brown."

*snif snif*

Anyone smell barbequed pork?

I think we will all agree: Microwave heliotherapy requires further research and development.

Perhaps the yakuza could turn their microwaves on...Typhoon Longwang !


I don't know which disturbs me more, the damage to the body part, or the overuse of "quotes" by the reporter.

Silly question. (Sits crosslegged)

Imagine you want to microwave some popcorn in China, and you open up the oven door and find...well...never mind...

Dave, for future reference: we guys of the male persuasion never want to see "penis" and "burned" in the same article, let alone sentence.

That said, Foreskin Resection WBAGNFA Chinese RB. So would Kang's Penis.

This hurts even to read:
Urologists found that Kang's penis had been so severely "cooked" that the burned parts had to be excised reducing the size of the penis.

I offer these song lyrics unaltered:

Tell Automatic Slim , tell Razor Totin' Jim
Tell Butcher Knife Totin' Annie, tell Fast Talking Fanny
A we gonna pitch a ball, a down to that union hall
We gonna romp and tromp till midnight
We gonna fuss and fight till daylight
We gonna pitch a wang dang doodle all night long
All night long, All night long, All night long

I suppose this song would be hit in Chinese medical circles.

And this has nothing to do with p*nis microwaving, although it is related to the Asian culture - watching CNN last nite and they interviewed a former weatherman turned nutbar who claims that Katrina and Rita were caused by the Japanese mafia. So, global warming could never be the cause but the Japanese mafia controlling the weather patterns of the earth is a more plausible explanation?????

I think we can all agree that China is having a difficult time moving into the 21st century.

They should be given an A for effort and an F for execution (get it, HAHAHA!)

Those wacky Americans use microwave, make johnson BIG like Longwang!!!
Uh, excuse me, but thats a JohnsonVILLE Brat..Its a sausage..
Oh..Now I pee, hurts bad..

WTF!?! He was injured in a hospital, and they advised him to seek medical care at other hospitals!!!!

Now, that takes Balls!

After one hour, Kang noticed that his penis had been burned black and was painful.

After an hour?? Didn't he notice any pain in the intervening minutes leading up to it turning black? And who microwaves anything for an hour? *shudder*

It says right on the package "Due to varying oven temperatures, Mr. Winky might just burn the hell off."

I'm not even of the male persuasion, and I winced when I read that article! Besides, everyone knows that if you're going to barbecue something, you should do it on a spit. And please, please wear a condom.

the "operation" had been performed according to the instructions set out on the "heliotherapy" manual

Never get penis surgery from a guy reading the manual.

Y'know, I forsee this as a future terrorist interrogation technique that Jack Bauer will use instead of shooting people in the thigh...

John, I agree. He was probably using one of those manuals that was originally written in Japanese and then translated into every other language on earth.

Ah, here are similar instructions.

Sorry if I goofed up this link...

Sorry, kill off the "=" in the link. Rats.

For once a man reads a manual and look what happens.....

Ok......here we go again....


Through negotiations hosted by the bureau, the hospital has paid part of Kang's medical costs.

Only part of his medical costs? What would they have to remove to be willing to pay the whole amount?


'All your penis are belong to us.'

How proud I am to live in Pittsburgh this morning. I will never microwave anything in a GetGo again!

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