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September 29, 2005


Here are its favorite songs. We can't believe some of the artists who did not make the the list.


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Ok, the fact that Britney was even on there proves that there are way to many horny teenage boys who voted. Since it was, "Toxic" which has to be her most annoying song to date, it was probably one crazed teenage boy voting over and over..

I do like Hotel California a lot, though I think, "Bohemian Rahpsony" was the best Queen song.

Apparently they forgot to mention that 'world' meant the '25 people in the room that we're currently drunk with'. I mean, c'mon...where's the Pink Floyd??!?

Oh, if you click around on that link with the creepy environmental guy... they are having a remix contest, HAHA... we should have one, with the crazy creativity here we should get something good.

John Lennon is turning over in his grave. Being on the same list as Britney is a cosmic joke.

The mind boggles and reels, and then the mind remembers that it lives in a world where people pay money to hear Clay Aiken sing, and goes back to sleep.


Yeah, and John has to be complaining to the cosmic joke department of the universe, since he was already victim of the Yoko cosmic joke.

"How the hell could my number have already come up again?"


I can't believe you dupped me this time, Dave.
I should have see Barry Mannilow coming.
*Shakes fist*

Great... now I'll be singing "let's save our environment" all day.

Crash - I'd rather listen to Copacabana than Britney.

"Tell Laura I love her" didn't make the list?

Sigh. Got me with the Barrylink again.

Twitney being on that list is a crime. How did she get ahead of the Eagles?

I'm going to have to agree with McVette and tropichunt. It was a horny teenaged boy that was drunk.

Oh, and mudstuffin? That whole season of American Idol, (which happens to be the only season of it I've ever watched), I was cheering for the "skinny white guy" (I could never remember his name). I wanted him to win.

*runs from the posters with flamethrowers*

But I've never paid for his music!

After stumbling down the stairs suffering from severe coffee deficiency,and grabbing a cup, I check out the blog only to find out that a Dipney song is on this list. And its not even one of her better ones (as if there is such a thing).

I'm going back to bed. Wake me up when the Apocalypse is over.

We all came to Barry Manilow, not to praise him.


Personally, my favorite Queen song is Bicycle Race

So many to choose from .......

VictoriaE77: Well, that was a brave confession. See how much better we feel when we share?

(Backs away slowly, trying not to make eye contact)

I like the Eagles, but not Hotel California. As for Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody or Killer Queen would be preferred. Something by the Beatles. Anyway, the list is all screwed up!

Oh, great! Another 10-best list, and I don't even know what 4 of 'em sound like, and would not have voted for 4 of the remainder.

They didn't even pick the best of the Beatles.

*heads back toward the geezer bus stop*

My suggestion: hire a hacker to rewrite the list. Replace Twitney with Pink Floyd and Michael Jackson with The Rolling Stones. How can there be a "world's favorite song" list without the Stones? Sheesh!

I knew that there would be problems with the list when I saw the way they spelled Favourite.

not 'We are the Champions" but still Queen...

Buddy, got a cell phone,votin' in a phone poll
Playin' with the buttons,get a job some day!
You got no taste!
You big disgrace
Voting for Twitney all over the place!

We will, we will mock you!

Buddy, think you're so cool, see Shakira and you just drool.
Think the Beatles and U2 lived with Bach one day!
You got no taste!
You big disgrace
Asking your opinion is a musical waste!

We will, we will mock you!

Buddy, when you're old, man, embarrass all the grandkids.
Stand in line to see a Britney clone band play!
You got no taste!
You big disgrace
Take your music files and then push 'Erase'!

We will, we will mock you!

Oh, Ernie, those darn English, thinking they know the, um, English language...

Well, some of those songs are good but only when they're sung by that Korean lady on a thread awhile back. THEN they are both comedy and culture all rolled into one.

It seems to me that Sony Ericsson gave their cell users a pre-determined list, and had people vote on those 10 bizarre choices (Sultans of fricking SWING?) only. If these songs were truly write-in, we really ARE in "dire straits" and should immediately run to safe haven in, oh, Sweden. Or Luxembourg. Yeah! I doubt the folks in Luxembourg had anything to do with this.

Bohemian Rhapsody.

Recording labels...
Black helicopters...

*Dies of "fatigue"*

And where is "Tainted Love"?? I love that song. Even if it dates me. I break into dance mode as soon as I hear it usually embarrassing whoever is around me. I love it.


*Great* link - and nice to have it pause at the screen that lets you know it's worksafe before you go in. One warning if you're at work though - make sure you either have headphones or a good reason to have Queen blasting from your computer.

KCSteve - glad you enjoyed it.

Is there a BAD reason to have Queen blasting from your computer? I don't think so.

*Throws down gloves*
Funny Name! Yeah You! Of all the songs listed, you have an issue with Sultans of Swing? Probably the best song on the list, in terms of what's happening musically. Mark Knopfler is a fantastic guitarist!
*picks up gloves and stalks away in a small huff*

Comfortably Numb.

or possibly

Learning to Fly

*wishes Wing would try those two*

I'm with jamester. Go Sultans!

Love Knopfler.

Even more egregious than Twitney, how did Shakira get on the list??? I didn't realize that the only way to get on a best song list was to be a scantily clad woman or currently dead.

This is absolute crap -- where's "Billy, Don't Be a Hero"????

And the environmental guy made me -- seriously -- a bit spooked and nauseous. Somewhere in my childhood I must've been frightened by a sweater-sportin, toupee-wearin' guy who gesticulates on beaches and sings like William Shatner on a morphine drip.

No "MacArthur Park." I'm amazed. ; )

I like Queen and I like that song, but I'd have picked another..."Bohemian Rhapsody" or "Somebody To Love," I think.

1. Where's "She's Just My Style" by Gary Lewis and the Playboys? *snork*

2. Sample lyrics: "Maybe it's the clothes she wears/Or the way she combs her hair/Oh that makes me want to tell her that I care" Deep stuff.

3. Leon Russell co-wrote it??

4. For a guy with a thin voice that needed plenty of echo (yet somehow he won Cash Box Magazine's 1965 Male Vocalist of the Year - beating out Frank Sinatra), Gar sure had a lot of hits.

Wing! That was her name. Yes, having Wing sing Bohemian Rhapsody would be just the topper. Either another sign of the imminent apocalypse or an SNL comedy skit. Could go either way.

Jillywilly - "William Shatner on a morphine drip"



"boomp boomp...Tainted Love... Why don't you...Tainted Loooove.... I love you though you hurt me so...."

Now I'm dancing in my erogonomic, lumbar support chair....

OoooooKaaaaaay, I hate to launch the first nuke, but Frank Zappa's "Dirty Love" would beat several of these.

The only two songs on that list that I think I've heard are Imagine and Hotel California, but I wouldn't count either of them on my favorites list. However, my music tastes would be a giant exception to the rule of any survey.

Queen were so ahead of thier time...
How did they know way back then just how much more important a large posterior would be to aspiring musicians than actual musical talent?

"Fat bottom girls,
you make the rockin' world go round" indeed.

Maxwell's Silver Hammer.

Click "Watch this movie!" on the right, a few inches down from the top.

"Oh, Ernie, those darn English, thinking they know the, um, English language..."I'm sure that they know the English language. I'm not as sure that they know, um, music.

I'm so sorry

OK, I'll buy sultans of swing as one of the top ten (at least it wasn't heavy fuel) - but no AC/DC?

randon, that's the second time this morning I've spewed coffee on my keyboard!

Don't take the brown acid.

Random: didn't see it coming, choked on my toast thankyouverymuch

Getting to be a habit, but,


Where's "Whip it"??????

Without reading any previous comments all I can say is The World is in even sicker shape than I previously thought.

Who voted? Was the average age 9? While I'm happy to admit that I've never heard (indeed, never heard OF) #2 or #5 it reminds me of previous music polls.
They're fun to read and make fun of but NO ONE would take them seriously.

Bravo, insomniac!

(*looks around for lighter to flick, remembers he quit smoking in 1973, holds up cell phone instead*)

Well, the absence of "Honey" proves that Dave didn't vote in this poll.

And shame on those of you who got caught in the BarryNet again. Don't you know better yet? When music is involved always check first.

Personally, I'd like to see Wing and Yoko do a duet, if they're not the same person. Maybe "Billy, Don't Be a Hero" or "Achy Breaky Heart."


What about 'My Sharona'.
North, that is my chair dance song. My daughter hates it since I make her totally embaressed when ever it comes on the radio.

I guess the real problem is that someone could think they could assemble such a list.

[taking notes on mockery tactics from the masters here]

Hey, Jamester & C'bol:


As Louie Armstrong and It's A Wonderful World isn't on there, then it's a safe bet the WHOLE world didn't vote.

Re: The picture I see on the side of the list. Not that she was starting with much, but Sinead O'Connor sure isn't aging well, is she?

HEY!! Did I see a post by Crash?!!?!?

Welcome back, girl.

Charlotte, My Sharona is a wonderful song!! Primarily because it is adult inspired revenge on the younger generation. Whenever an offspring annoys me, My Sharona in a public environment (preferably a mall or educational establishment) is effective punishment.

thank you, Jeff, by all means hold up your cellphone, just don't vote with it!

Where are the Stones?
Where is Led Zeppelin?
Where is the dog who sings "Jingle Bells"?

If Environmental Guy got together with Wing, they could form a duo called "Butterfly Wing", but it would be utterly horrible . ..

Macarena, anyone? Wing sings and Environmental Guy belly dances........

annie: you mean, "Excedrin, anyone?"

randon: How could you????

Nuthin by the Rolling Stones or AC/DC? It's hardly the best rock song ever contest. Sounds more like the "best song from the list we were thinking of at the time competition."


Excellent nomination!

I think Dave is in cahoots with Barry Manilow. He sure makes sure his (BM's) website gets a lot of hits. For once though, I didn't fall for it.

Where is the one with the chickens doing "In the Mood" ... ?

I mean, really! If I thot there was an iota of credibility in this, I'd be worried ... but the absence of Cher, Willie Nelson, John McCormack and David Seville's Chipmunks clearly prove that this is nothing more than a sham and a mockery intended to do nothing but generate internet hits ...

This is what happens when you poll a bunch of 14 year olds.

no neil diamond? who did they ask??? dave - you need to do a book on great songs. or send a copy of Bad Songs to the people who did this survey. oh duh

Wow that link to the bad song/video is hilarious and really, really weird. I kept watching, it is so bad, but funny but really, really strange. What a fantastically bad song!

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