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September 30, 2005


Sometimes, it just makes you say: "Huh?"


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Proof that there is now a spokesmodel for virtually everything. She's good, isn't she? For a split second, I actually believed I was seeing an umbilical cord blood product.


Um...I wonder what the competition was like for that...did they also have Ms. Fetus, Ms. Embrionic Sac, Ms. Placenta????

BTW, note the umbilical cord tatooed on her ankle. They're very thorough!

I think they just mistranslated the caption. It should read, "Xu Xidi's a little tea pot, short and stout."

Hsu Chi is a major fox....Schwing

Makes me wonder why a one-child policy nation wants umbilical cord advertising.

I'm going down to Wall Mart and snap up every umbilical cord blood product I can buy. Never know when you might need one.

I want constant bulletins on Xi Xidi's pregnancy including bulletins on what names she might think of for the child.

And after I win the lottery, I'll pay $1.5 mil (7 Gajillion yen) for the birth video.

You mock what you do not understand!

With enough umbilical cord blood, you can, under the right circumstances, produce a spider in resin, possibly with a side of pureed squid genitals.

Just when I was wondering if this blog gives equal opportunity to female body parts......now realize
blogging of male parts much more fun!

IMO, the ankle tattoo is what makes the picture totally believable.

Sure annie, we have spent entire days discussing ramparts.

Lou, *snork*

Guys, that's a dragon tattoo on her ankle, not a cord of any kind . . .

My husband's question, on the other hand, is, "What exactly is an umbilical cord product?" Considering we're in the middle of a pregnancy right now, I have to say that's a pretty relevant question.

She's from Taiwan (which China hallucinates belongs to them) and she's half of the Olsen twins of Taiwan... she and her sister, Barbie (and just as artificial), together with their superstylish clique of beauties, control more than half the product placement market.

Huh? huh! =)

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