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September 28, 2005


According to this vital survey on what people do in the shower, "Men split their time daydreaming about sex (57%) and thinking about work (57%)." This tells us two things:
1. Men lie to survey-takers.
2. Survey-takers do not always have a solid understanding of mathematics.


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3. For 7% of men work is sex. Lucky buggers

or, it means at least 14% work in the sex industry..

silly pollsters, wanting time alone is only the half of why it takes women longer. they didn't ask what the women were doing to take up all that alone time. or how many owned shower massages.

Perhaps they surveyed more than 100% of men? Once you include cross g*ndered and transs*exuals, then maybe it was more like 120%. In which case, this math is still wrong.

I personally spend 50% of my shower time thinking about work and 50% thinking about sex, but 14% of the time, I'm thinking about having sex at work. I hope this clears things up.

I spend all my shower time thinking about working on having sex 57% of the time.

Personally, my favourite part was when they plugged their own product. Really smacks of objectivity.

What about poeple who take baths instead of showers?

This would be a useful survey if it told us what percentage of the time men are not thinking about sex. Short, but useful.

KOW -- Since I work in the PR industry (yeah, like YOU never made a horrible vocational choice), I can almost guarantee that some upper-management type at Olay probably looked at the first draft of the press release, realized it didn't mention even a single Olay product, and ordered that some sort of product plug be inserted into the copy. And then one of the PR minions probably rolled her eyes, did what she was told, found a product to throw in there, and kept her job for another day...

IMO, men would rather spend the most time in the bathroom sitting on the toilet reading either a sports or porno magazine, than having to stand up in the shower having fantasies!

My shower is in the bathtub and I used to like to just stand in the back of the tub and watch my (now ex) bf shower *sigh*

A similar survey in France came to the conclusion that since showering is done so infrequently that people at work think about showering 42% of the time and people having sex thought about showering 37% of the time,the rest of the time spent daydreaming about the personal hygine habits of Sasquatch and spanking Jerry Lewis..

I spend at least 15% of the time cursing at whoever used up all the (take your pick here) soap, body lotion, shampoo, conditioner without letting me know to buy more.

Then another 10% yelling at a family member to get me a towel since someone forgot theirs and so took mine which is probably on someone's floor in a balled up wet mess now.

Throw in another 12% in responding to interruptions from assorted family members who have (again, take your pick) forgotten to make a lunch, lost their homework, lost their keys, can't find clean underwear, the dog barfed and someone (not them) needs to clean it up....

Maybe that's why my % of thinking about s*x while in the shower is so low...

Actually, Sean, 24% of the French apparnetly daydream about having sex with Jerry Lewis, but you can't report news like that in America - people will quit reading and then they won't see your product placement...

Eleanor: TMI.

I'm with KOW: the thing that jumped out at me (other than Eleanor's BF) was Olay's subtle product plug.

"In addition, men's esteem is highly defined by their profession and how much sex they're having, so it makes sense they fantasize about both in the shower."

Another moron with a Ph.D. And what if they have a crappy job and aren't getting laid? Short showers?
What an idiot.

The thing that caught my attention was, "more men (63%) than women (52%) report having showered with another person".
Does that mean that 11% of men have taken showers with other men?

This is obviously a poorly-conducted survey, as Johnny Depp was not even a _choice_ for the which-actor-in-the-shower question.

I agree Troi... they had George Clooney... he should NOT even be on the list...

The women who want to shower with Tom Cruise figure they could set their beer on his head.

I concur with Fed: the extra 14% are those thinking about boinking a co-worker; although come to think of it, that figure seems a tad low.

Right after the post on quality bull semen!!

Coinkydink? I think not!

You mean men are NOT washing their bodies?
Is this why so many people get sick with the flu?
Guys are NOT paying attention to proper hygeine?

Do we need technology that tells these men to remember to actaully wash themselves? A drill sargent in the bathroom comes on out of a well built speaker on the shower wall and yells "GET THAT SOAP OFF! YOUR MIND IS WANDERING SOLDIER!"

AND I note...the reason women spend longer in the shower is, let's get real.....the stupid conditioner has to stay on for at least ten minutes (you might as well sit down)....men could care less if they condition their hair...unless of course MS Jolie released a statement saying men who conditioned their hair were very sexy. Then, we would see a whole nation of men showing up late for work.

This could ruin my whole day.

don - the women who shower with men, also shower with more men

Woody's remark from Cheers seems fitting:

Woody: In Indiana, we have a saying about women like that.

Sam: What is it?

Woody: "Let's date 'em!"

I want to shower with a man who is showering with another man.... I just need someone to scrub my back while the other is washing my hair.. that's all

Gee, my husband takes longer showers than I do.
I used to live in a house where we had to have water hauled in and put in a tank. I ran out of water one time around the Thanksgiving holiday. Couldn't get water for almost a week. Started taking REALLY quick showers after that.

MzVette - I like your thinking!!! :)

"Men's fantasy woman is one who looks hot and exudes sexuality," says Dr. Magids. "That's Angelina. Halle and Jennifer are beautiful, too,
but do not scream sex in how they dress and carry themselves."

Even though I'm no fan of Angelina in general (especially those lips!) I think the doctor has something there. That body is sure screaming to me (even though she's no Salma Hayek).

Somewhere N., my hubby also growls and curses when he showers. I always figured he was getting out his aggressions. Maybe he's actually imagining a tussle with Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft?

Sigh. I'm sooo vanilla.

I think these are the same polsters that handle Fox News polls.

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