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September 23, 2005


Those little bastards.

(Thanks to Chris)


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If she only had that new cornhole technology....

We have long held that there are squirrel terrorists, therefore this could be classified as their version of a car bomb.

Those squirrels are actually working with that Gecco. Notice that this was not covered by insurance? It is a conspiracy.

Thousands of nuts? That's a lot of nuts.

Can we look at it from the squirrel's side for a moment. Here they are, putting away food for the winter. They've worked really hard. They've collected a thousand nuts. Then, all of a sudden this...this...HUMAN comes along and throws all the nuts away.

I bet those squirrels didn't have Nut-Theft Insurance. Who's the terrorist now? Huh? Huh?

are we sure there's not some neighborhood boys behind this? and can't she just be a little bit grateful that it's not snakes?

The crucial question though is was there anything in her bonnet? No? How about her underpants? Not directly related to the squirrel terrorism, but we're curious.

it does seem like an elaborate squirrely prank

"I was freaking out because I didn't want anything wrong with it since it's brand new," said Tiffany Smith."

Yeah, like totally.

Look at the bright side: at least this way there's no room for a snake.

"Smith checked with her insurance company and it said this kind of damage is not covered." Does that really surprise any of us?

I have a one word solution for her problem: garage. And if that doesn't work, she can rent my squirrel deterrent system.

Yet another example of the insurance conspiracy out to get us all.

A.N. - Exactly what I was thinking!

Actually, squirrels being what they are (nasty little pests, but cute), a garage probably wouldn't be much help. It's practically impossible to secure a structure against a sufficiently motivated squirrel, as my grandparents from Buffalo were forced to acknowledge many years ago. They gnaw their way in, like mice, and I think they also have the rodentian ability to squish themselves through what would be an impossibly small space for creatures without their skeletal flexibility.

This is the story about my car and I can't believe how much attention it has recieved. In response to all of your comments...
~ I'm a big animal lover and I felt bad for destroying the squirrels home and taking away it's food.
~No there was no nieghborhood boy behind this it was obvious that it had been a squirrel that had made it's home.
~ there was over $1,000 worth of damage due to chewed wires, electrical harness, and insulation replacement.
~ We have 4 cars and a two car garage which makes it really hard to always be able to park in the garage but I did try with no luck they still got in. We are doing repairs on the garage at this very moment.
~ Animal Planet will also be covering this silly story in the end of november.
~we lined our driveway with boxes of moth balls and placed them under our cars along with alot of critter ritter spray and other animal repelent, and there has been a great decrease in the amount of walnuts found under my hood.

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