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September 23, 2005


Devil Ants from Hell

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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But have they infested your office and started climbing all over your cheeze-it covered desk yet?

Until then, you're safe.

If "formica" is the Latin word for ant, and the surface that covers our kitchen counters is called "formica," therefore: no wonder there are ants in the kitchen!

If you place these ants in a crop of hemp you can at least get them to slow production.

Look on the bright side. It could have been Devil Ants from Iowa.

Wasn't there a movie in the 70s called 'Chuyathaqi' - The Evil Forest Spirit?

If not, there should have been.

I KNOW there was one called The Devil's Garden.

GNFA Amazonian Rain Forest RB: Kill the Competition

...so "allelopathy" is our current national environmental policy???

And here I thought that my wife's garden was the Garden From Hell.

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