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September 01, 2005


It's a good thing this guy didn't meet this snake. Meanwhile, Ashley is missing.


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Just to be safe, I'm taking the whole Yang family off the official BJ list.

The man... was accidentally bitten by a fierce grey snake on his lips...

This naturally leads to speculation as to what brought Mr. Yang's lips into proximity with the snake in the first place. No matter how you picture it, it ain't pretty.

Doess Assshley have a ssisster ssnake named Mary Kate?

Also: "Akessnay. Ywhay idday itay avehay ootay ebay akessnay?"

Omfray ethay ampssway ofay Arkansasay, Ivoryay Illbay Oodpeckerway

I pictured it pretty.

On the bright side they didn't say anything about him eating it!

Here's where Lang and I differ. If it was me, and the snake pissed me off, I'd just call it some very bad names, and then run like hell. Screaming.

"accidentally bitten by a fierce grey snake"
How do they know the snake didn't do it on purpose?

"accidentally bitten by a fierce grey snake"
How do they know the snake didn't do it on purpose?

Sooo... to sum the article up, Yang was doing something extremely inappropriate with the snake's second head and the snake bit him in return so in a fit of passion he killed it and has taken up with Ashley instead.

Did I type "Lang"? I meant "Yang".

"The right head appears to be the dominant one."
I nominate the two headed snake as the official mascot of the US government.

I can't believe I'm the first to say this... but "Two-Headed Snake" WBAGNFARB.

tyler *snork*

If a snake bit me I think I would stab it with a shovel or stomp on it not bite it. But I have to wonder when he bit it did it taste like chicken?

ER Doc: What happened to you?

Yang(through swollen lips):A two-headed thnake thaid,"I haven't had a bite in days". Tho I bit it!

Erotik suche

Erotik Katalog

So arriving here after searching for my ex boyfriend's picture under the two-headed snake thing, I was wholly confused by the extra B in the WBAGN(B)FARD. Is there anti-venom(b) for this?

Hey, look!
A test!

< a href="http://blogs.herald.com/dave_barrys_blog/2005/09/snakes_making_n.html#comments" >let's see if this works< /a >

Is it getting old yet?

Like this, Grouchy?

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