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September 25, 2005


The auction for the autographed guitar to benefit Hurricane Katrina ends in 14 hours.


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Hi, St. Judi ...

Well, I wish I could help, but we've done our helping from home, thru our local charities, which will relay our funds to appropriate spots ...

Hope all is going well whilst I were gone to Canada ... I've only just returned home, and will be not able to blog (or read) much until tomorrow, and I've got a daughter getting married on Saturday, so the week will be sorta busy ... glad the weather hasn't been quite as bad as some meteorologicisticians might have predicted ...

talk @ulater, y'all

U.O~ Have fun at your daughter's wedding. I'll be at my sister's wedding Sunday wearing a scary strapless bridesmaid outfit and singing James Taylor's "Only One."

wish I could help more - I used my credit card to donate a hundred bucks to the red cross, cause I don't have anything to give, but I needed to give anyway. when I grow up and get elected weather-Goddess, my first act will be to outlaw ALL natural disasters. my second act will be to .... oh look, something shiny.........

Yeah, Bumble, tnx ... and good wishes to you, also ... I get to take the wedding pix ... yippy-dog-hoo-$^%@@^#$ing-ray ...

No, I don't mind ... it's fun, and if one's kids can be happy and have a good one to share a life with, that's about as good as one might hope for ...

as to singing (especially with a strapless gown!) ... that's not for moi ownself ... my singing comes under the classification of penance ...

Bless me Father, for I have sinned ... blah, blah, blah ...

For your penance, say three Our Fathers and three Hail Marys and listen to Uncle Omar sing the entire score from Music Man, Guys and Dolls and Wildcat ...

... um, Father, could I maybe do a hundred Novenas, instead? ...

Well, you get the idea ...

I'm sure you'll do fine ... have a good time ...

Oops, fergot to shut off the italics ... OK now?



Can someone turn them off for me? I'll try again, but dunno ... it hasn't worked twice, now ... Now?



G'nite ...

No Dave! Please don't auction me off next! You can tape me to anything you want, even to your leg if you like. Just don't sell me on ebay to raise funds for Katrina. I know I would get more than a guitar, but still, how about some love man?

Wish I could afford that thing. But the bidding has gotten to high for my wallet.

Dave could always put google ads on your website instead of auctioning...I'm sure you'll take the auction witha smile.

U.O~ I'm sure you're not that bad. It's been my observation that most people who think they can't sing (or claim they can't sing) are usually better than they think, and people who think they're awesome singers overrate themselves. :-) Anyway, have fun.

Wow -- $2,026! Way to go, Dave/Remainders!

from EBAY:
*This is a special auction designed to raise funds to benefit the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The entire proceeds of the winning bid will be donated to the American Red Cross Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund.

My son's college apartment has a pleasant pepperoni motif
In a battle of wits with kitchen appliances, I'm toast
Blood, sweat and beers

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