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September 30, 2005


(Thanks to Justin Barber)


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that's baaaaaaaaaaaaad.

Well, that explains why there are so few humans. Are 134 of those 150 humans men by any chance? Ewe.... (hahah!!!)

Hey - you drink for two days straight and then try to tell a woman from a sheep...it's not that easy, let me tell you....

tell us, higgy!


Where men are men and sheep are nervous!

I like the HUGE numbers they're throwing around! 75% of 75 and 25% up to 25.

Not to mention seeing ... the museum with relics of the 1,000 Argentine soldiers who occupied Port Howard during the war.

Or playing at ...a golf course with a minefield as a hazard. - Now there's one place I'm giving up looking for the ball!

I can do a really good impression of a sheep bah-ing. But I forget why that's relevant to this discussion.

And this quote:

"But this is indeed the Port Howard airport, gateway to West Falkland, an island with hundreds of thousands of sheep and 150 humans, where general stores open for a few hours a week and people make their own spare parts"

Their own spare parts? What sort of Frankensteinian setup is this? And does it have anything to do with their new microwaves?

"They must be here for the sheep." -Hellboy

"Want some more mutton?"
"Sure! But first, the Roo Roo!"

I'm not surprised "Smoko" has something to do with tea. I'd be doing a lot of smoko myself if I lived there.

So is Stevie Nicks there?

people make their own spare parts.

Maybe this is where the penis transplants come from.

"The Falklands. Come for the parties, stay for the sheep."

. . .undulating grass field maintained by munching sheep and littered by goose droppings . . .Falkland, an island with hundreds of thousands of sheep and 150 humans. . .

Where did the goose droppings come from?

It's hard to believe that Great Britain and Argentina actually fought over this place.

shearly you must be kidding.....

slyeyes, this is just a guess, but I'd say goose asses?

C-bol: Sorry, but goose shit comes from goose asses.

Likewise, goose poop is from goose butts, goose dooty is from goose booty, and goose droppings come from the goose caboose.

that's helpful info, mudstuffin. care to come over by my pond and help me identify which we have?

so am i the only person who doesn't know exactly what an "abattoir" is? or am i just the only person who cares? or who read that part of the article?

I can't believe no one noticed, ""Just what the doctor ordered," one visitor from the capital wrote in the guest book of a Port Howard inn." I'm going to be wary of my doctor if I'm prescribed this...


I read the whole article too. An abbatoir is a place for slaughtering animals in quantity. Lots of blood & fecal matter.

Does anyone remember that there was anactual war fought over this island, not too long ago?

Of course, I meant "an actual."

BLT: I always sorta assumed the place where you slaughtered animals in quantity was called a "slaughterhouse". Thought maybe an abbatoir was special for some reason.

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