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September 21, 2005


No. 93

(Thanks to Chris Miller)


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Reason why dogs lick their nuts: Because they can.

Just in time for Hallowe'en!

Pictures of dogs in bee costumes? WTF? And people say I have too much time on my hands!!

This is not very reassuring when my parents just adopted a dog today.

See, and I never even recognized the need for an online repository of dogs in bee costumes. Sometimes I am so out of touch with the needs of my fellow humans.

Someone's Dog --

Shouldn't that answer read as beecause they can ... ?

None done up like Belushi's Killer Bee, either. At least not yet. I wonder how long the animal shelter is open?

Here are reasons number 94 and 95.

Eeeek. 96.

Dogs in Bee costumes is cute and all, but I think the revenge of the cats will be worse.

Stuff + cats= scratched owner

Jeff I think this man has way way way too much time on his hands or else a really strange fetish.

Oh and thanks to my weasel for sending me the stuff on my cat link a few weeks ago.

Mad~ The cats look a lot more ticked off about it than the dogs do.

I used to help my former piano teacher out by sitting with her elderly mother when she couldn't be there; she couldn't be left alone. My piano teacher had about 7 dogs I think. Anyway, one time she instructed me that the little yippy white one, Sissy, could go outside on the porch if she started whining at the door, but that I'd have to put her pink dog sweater on because it was too cold for her to be without it. So, when she wanted to go out, I put the sweater on and let her out. About an hour later when my teacher came home, Sissy was still sitting stock still on the front porch. When my teacher walked in the door, she was about to keel over from laughing so hard. I asked her what was so funny. Never having dressed a dog before, I had put the sweater on backwards. The end that was supposed to go over her doggie tush was over her head like a hood. Apparently she didn't like it that way. To this day she runs whenever she sees me coming.

FYI, I just clicked on my link for number 96, and it was NOT the picture I originally linked to. I don't know where that picture came from, but the one I linked to was a dog Halloween costume that make the dog look like it had three heads. I don't know what that other picture is about. I don't really want to know. How could that happen?

Bumble: #95 for some reason reminds me of Japan. I think it reminds me of one of those crazy, useless Japanese inventions that American publishing companies are always putting out books about...

I really don't know what to say about the concept of dogs in bee costumes, except that just last week, I put a hat on my cat (yes, then I DID go put a hat on my snake. Thank you for asking.) Also, the pitbull on the front page of beedogs looks pretty darned happy to be wearing that bee costume.


Second row, second from the right is what I linked to; don't know how it got changed. Weird and disturbing.

Now the link is showing the dog again! WTH? Did I link to a rotating picture or something? I don't get it. I need a nap.

Maud knows exactly what I'd dress my dog in. ;)

That #96 was pretty disturbing!!

I hope the bee dogs sting the owners of that site, and that the owners are allergic to bee dog stings.

is it a bee dog or a dog bee? does it matter?

also, Bumble, I clicked on #96 too, and I don't know what you meant to link to, but I'm pretty sure I'll be havin nitemares for about a week - thanks for the gruesome memories...

also, regarding the prevailing theory that dogs lick their nuts cuz they can - I don't buy it - I wouldn't lick my nuts even if I could - there must be another reason

Brad, TCK & everyone else~ I'm sorry if you saw the scary lady picture. For some reason it seems to be alternating with the scary dog picture that I meant to post. I don't know how or why; I never even saw that picture until the second time I clicked on my link, and it isn't shown on the web page that google turned up with the dog picture. I'm utterly at a loss to explain it. Sorry. It's awful, I know. I'll be having nightmares too, if it's any consolation.

Of course, that lady COULD be a reason for dogs to rise up and kill their owners. If I were her dog, I'd be afraid of being sat on. Again, to all of you who are scarred for life by the link that somehow appeared where mine used to be, SOOOO sorry. I'll quit posting profuse apologies and hysterics and go to bed now. Goodnight.

Silver lining-Remember the link to the fat guy I posted for you when you were still sick from having your teeth out?

Consider yourself revenged. ;-)

Mad- the page with the guy with too much time on his hands has a link to "dickstockwell" HARRRRRR

Interesting. #96 was a camel toe picture, then after I linked to it from the site you get to from the google search link, it became the Cerberus (three headed dog). What might be going on is that web site might be using the camel toe picture for when people link to their pics without visiting the site as a form of bandwidth theft prevention.

That would make sense, except sometimes when I clicked on the link, it showed the correct picture. I don't know. Anyway, I'm gonna do penance now; I hope these link to what I'm actually trying to link to. For the guys and the gals.

Interesting side note: Dave has a secret identity. A google image search for his name yields several of his book covers and a picture of Orlando Bloom. *cue eerie music*

Well, you could have linked to the picture of Orlando Bloom....

Why do all the dogs look happy, and most of the cats in that link either look resigned or very annoyed?

Reason #97 goes (with appropriate hydrant-shaped trophy) to my parents who have two male poodles. Now, I HATE small yappy lapdogs with a passion.. these two included, and they don't like me either, but still..
So far as I can tell, they're both straight.. yet when they go to the groomers (groomer's?) for a trim, they come home with ribbons in their ear hair. And the ribbons are usually some foofy shade of pink, purple, red or peach. Nothing even remotely manly. It's enough to make me feel sorry for the poor little sods.


Wonder if he/she thinks he/she can fly now?

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a pitbull!?"

I knit some very cute sweaters for my dogs last winter. Pookie wore two of them all winter.

Although I did take them off and wash them once in a while.

Kibby et al, I still owe a bunch of you guys penguin thongs. One of these days......

I bought a bee outfit for my Boa, but when I tried to put it on him he got all snarky and ate some orphans.

So I gave up.

Only thing lacking on the WWW: "The premier online repository for pictures of squirrels in bee costumes." Biggest impediment: The squirrels are most uncooperative.

There really IS something for everyone on the internet!

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