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September 25, 2005


"Belfast -- A Great Place to Go"


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Moove along now, nothin' ta see here . . .

anti-social behaviour in washrooms?

When they start serving tea and crumpets, we'll know they've gone too far.

Anti-social (female) washroom behaviors:

5. Participating in a cat fight.
4. Cutting in the long lines at intermissions.
3. Refusing to give the person in the next stall TP if they are out.
2. Bringing your male child into the ladies room and allowing him to wander around and peek under stall doors while you go about your business. (This goes for store dressing rooms, too.)
1. Not flushing the freaking toilet! How hard is it to clean up after yourselves people? Really!

If I see a child watching me enter and then he:

A) peers under the bathroom stall door, I smack his face with my purse.
B) opens the dressing room door, I slam it shut, usually pushing the child to the floor.
or C) opens a dressing room curtain, I grab the curtain and push it closed, slamming the childs head against the wall with it.

When moms don't like this, I say, "oh, was your child's face in there?" They don't have an answer.

Well, one woman did. She said he was curious. I asked if she'd strip. She looked shocked. I said I was curious. She left the store.

Public Toilet Excellence
Now that's a goal worth striving for!

Sondra honey, did you take your meds today?? :)

You go Sondra!

Uh-oh, I AM Go-ing there in Nov...

maybe I ought to make sure I GO before I leave the house......

If the conference required no traveling to another continent, would it be an in-continent conference?

*blink* *blink*

Wow, Sondra.

They're kids. Maybe say something to the parents, but ... wow.


Dear, that's the way I Always behave. If their mother's won't teach them not to invade my privacy, I will. ;)

Thanks, Bumble!

slyeyes, LOL!

And to celebrate, Belfast is installing one of these: www.urilift.com.

slyeyes, my 'LOL' was re your first post.

re your second post, at what age do you think a child should learn to respect the privacy of others?

smack his face with my purse

pushing the child to the floor.

slamming the childs head against the wall with it.


"A speaker from Indonesia will describe how a toilet relief programme was introduced in the wake of the tsunami disaster"

It had never occurred to me that toilets were also victims of the tsunami. I was pretty much focused on the people and animals.

I bet this conference will never sell out, for one simple reason: A flush always beats a full house.....

...a child watching me enter and then...

I don't defend my privacy against those who accidently walk in on me, just those who deliberately invade. It IS against the law.

Also, if someone could point me in the direction of how to do italics, bold and links in my posts, I'd be forever grateful.

It IS against the law.

So are most of the things you suggest doing, Sondra....
just sayin' ....

so is battery

And, there is a cut off age. If they look like they are six or older... One 'child' was as tall as me.

oh, well, yeah, if they are 6 and over, by all means, pummel away.

Ed. Note: My above post was said with dripping sarcasm


How many laws are there regarding invasion of privacy?
Sexual harassment?
any kind of harassment?

And the age at which one can be prosecuted for violating them?

just askin'...

slyeyes, LOL

pummel? no, once is enough. And not one has ever cried. Guess I'm not pummeling hard enough.

Belfast Tourist Board Map - Orange for Protestant controlled areas, Green for Catholic controlled areas, Brown for areas with inferior public toilets.

and, re 'say something to the parents'

These are not unsupervised children. Their moms are right there, watching them open doors and curtains. They are never surprised that their child did this. They may be unhappy with my reaction, but they see nothing wrong with what their child did.

a robbery was reported at the police station, and the toilet was stolen. police reported that they had nothing to go on.

Sally... for bold & italics.. go here. Hope that helps.. and doesn't get lost in the confusion.

Sondra, I'm with Sly. You can make your feelings known, embarass the child and point out their behaviour to their parents without ever having to "pummel" them.

BTW.. assault with or without a weapon is also a crime.. regardless of circumstances.

Sondra -

over 14.....

to be fair, "pummel" was my word.

Whoa. Soon to be released: How to Open a Can of Worms, by Bumble. I assumed Sondra was exaggerating a bit. I'd like to smack the peeping brats sometimes, but I never would. It's their parent's fault if they don't know any better or aren't being supervised, especially at a young age. Yes, a child would be curious and want to peep, but the parents should know that and prevent it or else not bring the kid into ladies rooms/dressing rooms with them. That was all I meant.

Can't we all just booger along?

Lt. Woman - Thank you


well, then that would be why one mom let the police take her "child" back to juvie hall. After she almost got arrested for beating the hell out of him.

Actually, she wasn't the only mom who disapproved of her child's actions.

One lady said, "I'd like to speak to you when you come out of there."

"Sure thing."

As I walked out, she looked at my hand to see what I had been trying on - bras.

She turned bright red, mumbled "I'm so sorry" and ran out of the store. Her son was about 10.

Sally.. you're welcome.. and this link is a hyperlink tutorial. You'll have to find a male around here somewhere who can pin an HTML badge on you after that. I don't think you'll have a problem.

*makes note to keep her children away from Sondra*

That's just the wrong way to deal with it, hon. You can embarras both the kids and the parent with some well-chosen words. Your choice to use violence before anything else says alot about you.

Good Lord people, I come here to lighten my day, can we drop it?

One thing not said, is that this reaction was when I was young and hot. Now that I'm old and patient (and a lot less hot) nobody is looking. :(

("Sunday, Bloody Sunday")

I can't believe the loos today
I can't close my eyes and flush it all away!
Needing to heed Nature's call
I have to look for a hole, or p*ss up against a wall!

Sunday, crappy sunday
Sunday, crappy sunday

Amber filled bottles around my feet
Filth is strewn across the dead-end street
Slit trenches dug can't do their part
And sewers, toilets, septic systems torn apart!

Sunday, crappy sunday
Sunday, crappy sunday

From E.Coli we're not immune
Toilet restrictions make typhoid a reality
Today the conventioneers raise their cry
"You need our privvies or tomorrow you'll die."

Sunday, crappy sunday
Sunday, crappy sunday

louis gehrig,

If you read 'Posted by' first, and disregard everything slyeyes and I have said to one another, there's a lot of really funny stuff on this thread.

just sayin'

Taking the Bold and Italic exam.

Yay! Thanks for posting that link, Lt. Woman. I've been wanting to learn that too.

*snork* Insom..

I tried mutilating .. ummm.. I mean homaging a song once. It was very hard work, so I applaud you.

Someone take the hyperlink tutorial. It's actually pretty easy once you know the basic tags. It just makes your posts dangerous. They start choking and turn blue.

and then purple


La La La!

I can't hear you!

La La La!

My approach to peeping children in dressing rooms: SHRIEK! That scares the crap out of 'em, and gets EVERYONE'S attention. Then I just say, "OH DEAR, THAT BOY STARTLED ME WHEN I WAS NAKED." Amazing how fast the mother of the little twerp hauls 'em out of there!


Excellent Idea!

I'll have to remember that, should anyone ever peep at me again. (a very dim possibility)

Wowser, Sondra ... you bad!

I like that in a person ... sometimes, at least ... I've been using a urinal and suddenly noticed a (quite) young girl {who was brought in by her male parent figure -- and to be fair, prolly 'cuz he din't wanna leave her out in the hall for the kid-snatchers to glom onto) who stepped right up beside me, next to the wall, and looked into the urinal (and vicinity) to see what was going on ...

I was more than a little pi$$ed off ... (not to take unfair advantage of the opportunity for punning, or anything such as that) ... at the lack of supervision by aforementioned escort ... he was in one of the stalls, doing whatever ...

AAMOF ... this happened again TODAY, on my way home from Canada ... I was in Waldo's and went to visit St. John the Divine, and a young male parent figure took his little girl (3+???) in the door ahead of me ... and his little boy (somewhat older) was also in there ... This dad hadda help her 'cuz she hadda go potty ... and he din't have many other options, mom apparently not being along on the shopping venture ... and, as cited above, we've got child-grabbers, even here in Nodak ... I could tell dad was a little bothered by needing to do it this way, 'cuz when they exited, he quickly led her outside ... my guess being so that he would not offend the other males in the rest room ...

whatever ...

And now, a quote from the "Stating the Obvious" file:

We are not being smart about germs and about sanitation. Germs can multiply and mutate so fast and yet the standard of most of these ‘away from home’ toilets is pretty poor.

Well, no kidding! And people look at me strange because I carry wet-wipes in my purse. Sheesh!

Actually, people look at me strange for alot of reasons... :-P

The one time I was peeped at was in a dressing room at Pennys. Fortunately I hadn't undressed yet. The kid was in the same stall as his mother, and he got down on his hands and knees to peek under the barrier into my stall. I was so startled I think all I did was say "Hey!" and make a shooing motion at him with my hand. He didn't even flinch. Another time I was on a Christmas shopping trip with my Sunday school class, and I stopped at the restroom with my teacher. An older kid (probably 8 or 9) was peering through the crack between the stall door and the wall at her. She was quite appalled. Any of you ever seen 3 Men and a Little Lady? There was a brief clip where Peter had to take Mary into the restroom at a ballpark with him. It showed him tying a hankie over her eyes. These parents should be as concerned with what their kids may see as they are with offending people. Man.


In the future, we'll probably find Sondra's picture in the dictionary, next to the phrase "psycho hose beast". Reasonable reaction, Sondra--NOT!

Sondra's psychopathic overreactions have become tiresome. She may not touch my monkey. NOW IS THE TIME ON SPROCKETS WHEN WE DANCE! *cue accelerated version of Kraftwerk's "Electric Cafe"*


From the swamps of Arkansas, Ivory Bill Woodpecker

"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent."--Isaac Asimov

During the day the urinal fits in a 1.3 metre deep hole beneath the pavement. But at night it rises hydraulically to become a visible unit capable of being used by up to four men at a time.

I can't believe I am the first to comment on the potential problem of "friendly fire" with such a setup.

Brad, I had the simular thought regarding the 1.3 meter (4 foot) hole. I don't know about you folks, but I'm a little taller than 4 foot. So, to hide an entire urinal 4 foot down doesn't seem like it's very tall when fully erected.

And how does one use it while submersed? With people looking down at you?

I have a 3 yr. old daughter and would have no problem taking her into the men's room. Most childern that age are totally niave to what's different going on around them there. Although they may be a little (girls) curious how we can stand and "do" that. But curiousity, to a certain age, is natural and healthy.

That being said I have a niece that's watched her brother do the standing thing and does it herself. A urinal (the white rinho) would work perfectly fine for her.

It's not what happens to us that defines us. It's how we deal with it.

I can't imagine a situation in which any mother would thank a stranger for hitting her child.

Sondra, I have to wonder about the lessons your mother has taught you.


I'm not sure if that's 100 percent on the mark, r.e. the point(s) under discussion ... but your attempt to rationalize is taken, at least to some degree ...

Anent the prior comments, the younger child is indeed curious, and there is nothing inherently wrong with that ... the "learning curve" may vary by upbringing, ethnic background or even geographical idiosyncracy ...

My point (if I had one) is/was that it offends me that some parents/guardians would impose their standards upon me -- for the benefit/harm/influence of their own children ... they're NOT minding the store -- OR the children ...

My mother once knew a lady who's little girl accidentally saw her dad's you-know-what and asked her mommy why daddy had a tail.

*zips in*

Y'all are still talking about this????

It's a new day, new posts, move on.....:)

*zips out to new day*

U.O.: What does "prolly" mean? Sounds like "brolly" and that doesn't make sense either....?
Everybody else=maybe please lighten up on Sondra? I know how she feels, I worked at a department store for tooooooooo many years and saw parents I would gladly have shot and children I would like to have ground into mulch. SAYING and DOING is two vastly different things. I'm sure Sondra was taking some poetic licence with her comments and I know I feel better when I voice my rages instead of acting on them. You were just sayin', right?

I Hear Dread:

"prolly" is usually shorthand for "probably." I hope Sondra was exaggerating, too.

Kibby et al: if you have to take a child of the opposite sex with you into the bathroom take the kid in the stall with you.


of course it was poetic license! Sondra has a droll sense of humor and is given to exaggeration
in what some of us find to be a funny way.

i canNot believe the level of flaming y'all stooped to!


Sheesh ... can't ya just feel the love

since when do we rip out the throats of one of our own?!

Hooray for Sondra! Sondra, even without assuming some poetic license (which personally I am assuming), is just defending herself. Good for her -- and I'm amazed that anyone would suggest there's anything wrong with that. The parents in question should be grateful that's all she's doing.

The way I figure it, it's all to the better if the kid peeping at women in a dressing room walks away a little scared about the encounter. If the kid knows it was wrong and is salvageable, this will reinforce that (obviously not done by the parents). If the kid really has been taught by their sociopathic parents that it's okay, then the encounter might convince them it's not worth the trouble, or at least slow them down. I know it's tempting to say "oh they're just kids, so it's okay" but it isn't okay. The fundamental difference between a peeping tom and a rapist is one of degree and nerve. Unchecked, god knows what some of these kids will be doing when they're 15 or 20, especially given that their parents are teaching them that consent doesn't matter, and anything the little creeps want to do is just fine.

Her reaction seems pretty mild to me under the circumstances. If some here think it's okay to have strangers staring at them when they're partially naked, feel free to walk around in whatever undressed condition you like. But don't try to impose that on other women.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled booger and oosik comments.

York: En anglais, s'il vous plait?

*steps up on soapbox*


forgive me please, fellow kiddos, for "going there" but i feel this needs be said. now seems as good a time as any.

the "clique" mentality is wearing thin. it is constipating to the DAVE blog. most of you folks used to be very funny. please keep the petty, low and mean crap to yourselves.

and most certainly - puhleez keep any personal dislikes confined to e-mails, or the little blogs where you folks enjoy each others company.

the rest of us enjoy the company and camaraderie of ALL the Dave bloggers.

the OPINIONS of ANY few with snotty, judgemental attitudes, are neither welcome nor supported by the majority.

may i remind everyone that the mutual encouragement and RESPECT of one another is what makes the DB bloggers unique.

i like to think we set a rather high "bar".

let's play nice again please. it was much more fun that way. i come here for the chuckles. NOT to be appalled at rude, malicious behavior.

now, if you'll excuse me ... i'm gonna go actually visit a bar. i need a good laugh. or hug. which ever comes first. (hee, i said comes)

*wanders off draggin' soapbox stuck to her shoe*

Hey, Cyn!

You've got a soapbox stuck to your shoe!

(TNX, BLT, fer helpin with the clarification for I Hear Dread ... I've been gone fer workaday stuff, and just got back ... and you're exactly right with the explanation of the colloquialism I often use in such circumsances ...)

(See, I can use four-dollar words, mostly -- when it's for fun -- I don't ... just sayin' ...)

Jeff M.= Yep. Also, don't assume the store security is there to babysit your kids. The store security is there to babysit the STORE. YOU are supposed to watch your kids. The toy department is not interchangeable with an amusement park.

Hey Uncle Omar!

Good to see ya around! ... um ... i could prolly use some help gettin' this soapbox off muh shoe;)

*eeew ... what is that i've stepped in?*

Wow! Look what happened while I was gone.

No, I wasn't exaggerating. To repeat my post of 2:59pm yesterday:

And not one has ever cried.

That's true!

Guess I'm not pummeling hard enough.

THAT was a Joke.

Also, if someone could point me in the direction of how to do italics, bold and links in my posts, I'd be forever grateful. plastic canvas bag plastic
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