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September 25, 2005


Give it up for: The Squirrel-Proof Crocuses


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Yaabut how are the Squirrel-Proof Crocuses against Crocuse-Proof Squirells?


WOW! Dave has a garden site! In addition to all his other talents - is there nothing this man can't do, and do well!!

Dave, will you Tiptoe Through The Tulips With Me?

Are there squirrel-proof hedgeapples?

Oh, wait. Squirrels liking hedgapples are a good thing.

Never mind.

I've always just planted either daffodil or allium bulbs beneath the crocuses. That way I'm not only squirrel-proofing, I'm getting two different kinds of flowers in the space of one.

sly~ Hedge-apples are supposed to repel spiders. One year my mom picked up a ton of them in the woods (with my help) and left them laying all over the house. We did have fewer spiders in the house that year, but when they started to go bad and needed to be thrown away we couldn't find them all, and later on we found great big rotten globs in a few places in the basement and laundry room. I don't know which is the lesser of the two evils.

Sally~ Cool! I'll make a mental note to try that when I have garden space of my own.

I've never had squirrels eat the crocus bulbs, but I gave up planting tulips years ago. Tulip bulbs are far too expensive for squirrel food.

Bumble, what's a "hedge-apple"?

hedge apples


Guin, I can't believe there is actually a web site for this, but here you go. They're also called < href="http://hedgeapple.com/">Osage Oranges.

Shoot. Let's try this again.

Well, crocus eating squirrels are fine, but I still like the name Constipated Virgins. I don't know-maybe it's because I'm Catholic.

People will BUY hedge apples? Maybe they will buy sweet gum balls, too.

*leaves to plan her hedge apple-funded retirement*

sly~ I couldn't believe it either.

Freaking Spammers

You know the spammers showed up when they found out there are suckers would spend money on hedge apples.

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