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September 23, 2005


You make the call.

(Thanks to Russell Mc)


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Both. First.

First! Standing on two legs in attention. Rolling over. Good sargeant.

Clearly there's a market out there made up of people who don't know how to use Photoshop themselves.

Who among us wouldn't want our fantasy to become a reality? Bet this guy is skilled enough to paste his own mugshot on the butt of a Scottish Terrier.

There's no way I'd do this. I got in enough trouble with Maud over the "dog wearing a thong" business.

And the uniforms are on sale!!!

It's hard for me to resist a sale...
but in this case I think I will!

*hee, hee, I said sale*

for an extra $5 bucks your dog can receive the Purple Heartworm....

I'll be here all week! Support the troops!

deranged. or rearranged. or something.

They are expected to control the potential for cat-fights among legislators working on a new constitution.

Iraq has no air force to speak of, so dog fights are less of an issue.

The Pentagon figures that many Americans feel the US has just rolled over and played dead as insurgents walked all over them.

What's funny is that the dog in the top left really does appear to be wearing the insignia of a Navy Master Chief PETty officer.

I've spent the last while trying to find something I saw many years ago. I've tried finding it with Google, but apparently the site was taken down about 5 years ago. I must've been asleep for a loong time. It was a guy who took photos of his cats asleep on his flatbed scanner, then started a competition for other people to get similar photos. Damn, but it was funny!

I don't remember any uniforms though.

oh.. and to answer your question/s...

Yes, yes, and apparently not taking any or all of their medications.

My cat is uppity enough already-ain't no way I'm dressing him up as a general! But if I dress the dog as a sailor, do you think he'll swab his own poop deck?

By the way, I'm forty today! I'm a geezer, hoora...umm, I just forgot what I was going to say. Why did I come into this room anyway?

Oh, gee...only military uniforms??? I was hoping I could get my german shepherd as a hare krishna.

Happy Birthday Artchick!

lt. woman, i remember the cats on scanners site. i've got it bookmarked on a different computer. i don't know if the site is still there, but i'll try to remember to look it up and send it to you.

Happy B-day Artchick - but I gotta say: Hahaha - you're older n me!!!!

Is 40 really the cutoff for geezerhood? Then I got some serious partyin' to do, cuz I only got 9 good months left

I can completely understand the drive to actually dress the pet up. I have a cat who loathes his reindeer antlers, but every December I put them on him because it's so very, very funny.

Would I pay someone to just photoshop a picture like it? No way. The emotional anguish on the part of the cat is the whole point.

sallyacious has a point here - where's the fun in seein your cat dressed up if it doesn't actually piss the cat off? That being said, I think my cat would fight to the death if I tried to put him in a sailor suit

I'm not sure, but does this mean the terrorists have won?

Sally- How on earth do you get the cat to keep the antlers on? My cat would somehow manage to remove her flea collar no matter how tight it was; she never would have let us get away with antlers.

Teen, wooof!

Yes and yes...
I wonder who those unfortunate soldiers originally were...someday one will come across this site and be like "hey, something about that uniform looks familiar..."

They have an elastic chin strap.

But he doesn't try to fight his way out of them. He droops. He tries to melt the antlers off by sagging out of them. He looks so pathetic that we can't help but laugh at him.

And then we take pity on the poor guy (because he really is a very sweet cat) and put the antlers away for another year.

Sorry, Bumble, It's late(ish) and I forgot to address the last post to you.

well happy birthday artchick... you aint no geezer yet! and the thought of any of my cats in uniform, oy vey. some people do have more money than brains.

I also do art, but not with animals in uniform, because that's crazy, I think. I just draw lifelike drawings like what's posted on my blog now, but it's not finished.

Happy Birthday, Artchick! I wont be able to make it to your party, so eat a cake for me, but not to much, because I'm trying to lose weight since I'm fat, but I'm not as big as my mom, just have the same size feet as her, but moms is more hairy.

I hope you all are having a nice weekend!

Thanks everybody for the birthday wishes! Wish I could tell you what I did to celebrate, but at least I didn't wake up this morning with a new tattoo.

That pricing structure is rather interesting. $19.99? Do you suppose that is $5 is for the photoshop work, and the rest of the cost goes to the "catscan"?

Oh, God. Now my wife will accuse me of being catatonic.
(Try out the URL link to get that joke...)

That's some swarth!


I've seen this before -- I know it was one of those things that made my faith in humanity drop several percentage points.

...What it REALLY made me wonder is: does anybody actually give this guy MONEY? And if so -- WHY?

I've gotta believe that anyone who would be willing to buy a service such as this would probably have a grandchild who would do it for a pack of Pokemon cards...

I, for one, thought it was a great idea.

What? C'bol? I thought for sure that was going to be a picture of Dave.

He said he'd open up a full can of whoop-a$$ the next time I photoshopped him into a dog in uniform pic.

At the time, the comment seemed silly.

Honestly! Do you really think he can open up the whoop ass over the internet?

I know I need to be within six feet of someone for the whoop ass to hit them. (That would be the pepper spray. Really! It says whoop ass on the can!)

C'bol, keep on truckin. I love reading your comments. Dave wont really hurt you. Much.

20? I think somebody is still paying for photoshop. Those are some terrible manips that shouldn't even be given for free. What blows the mind is they actually bought a domain name and everything.

Oh, and the 'merry christmas' will give you nightmares. There are...appendages.

Also, it's scary quiet in here.

'I'm all alone, there's no one here beside me....'


*watches tumbleweed roll over foot*

I'm here marlodianne! Good morning! We're just all being very quiet because we have nothing to say. Isn't that just freaky?

I can't hear that song you were quoting anymore without hearing it in Eddie Murphy's "Donkey" voice. Now I'm going to have to watch Shrek tonight.

Yeah, both ... and the "pets in clothes" schtick is just TFC, IMHO ...

(Geezerhood starts whenever you want it to ... try using it selectively ... it'll getcha out of many a potentially embarrassing or complicated situation ... that's worked for me for years, with selective hearing due to high-frequency hearing loss, and lately, it's ... ... ... forgetting ... ... um ... whatever it was I was saying ...)

This is part of a PETA recruiting event.
They're militant,why not display the kind of training they been giving to the formerly put upon pets.Working behind the pounds for years,they have amassed several divisions of dogs and cats for the ultimate overthrow of our oppressive society.
There's probably a Parris Island for pets.This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Animal Pounds?

I thot we got rid of that nomenclature when we converted to the metric system ...???

My dogs & cats love towels, they know what a camera is, and they all think they are the cat's meow to their respective sexes and species. I think it would be better to let sleeping dogs lie and mug them au naturale.


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