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September 30, 2005


My daughter, Sophie, age 5, and her friend Rosie set up a lemonade stand outside our house today to raise money for victims of Katrina and Rita. They made signs decorated with many hearts and stood behind their table on the sidewalk for two hours, waving their little hands at passing cars. We figured they wouldn't get many customers -- Miami is not a famously neighborly place -- but a lot of people stopped. Sophie and Rosie sold all their lemonade at 25 cents a cup -- quite a few customers left a dollar and said keep the change -- and they ended up making $37 for the Red Cross. They're thrilled. I'm feeling pretty good myself, having been reminded that, even though it's not always obvious, there are plenty of good people out there.


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There is still good in people. I can sense it.

yayyyyyyyy for sophie :)

Hugs & kisses to Sophie & Rosie !!!!

That is absolutely awesome! That gives me an idea...

It's true. There are a lot of good people out there. Nice thought to end the work week.

This might rank as one of the best posts of all time.

Thanks, Dave.

And two of those good people are Sophie and Rosie. Not to take away from the purchasers of the lemonade, but someone had to put it out in the first place.


You must be keeping up your Daily Nag with the kids and not us. Get off the couch and keep nagging us to keep giving money, too!

Kudos to the kiddos! Great job!

One of my Rules In Life:

Don't Pass A Lemonade Stand.

I stop even if they aren't selling it for charity. I'll admit that, as soon as I turn the corner and am out of sight, I pour it out 'cause it usually tastes like cr@p, but I just love to see how excited they are that they made a sale.

And Dave, YAY for Sophie and Rosie. Apparently, they have good parents guiding them.

Excellent! My two nieces had a lemonade stand in a ritzy part of the Upper West Side and raised $456 last week to send. :) I guess people will buy anything if it's being sold by two cute 7-year-olds!

What a great story! Good job Sophie and Rosie! : )

At my son's school, they have been raising money for the hurricane victims too. The teachers ended up sending a message home to the parents because the kids were being too generous-in addition to the money and canned goods the parents sent in, the kiddies were giving all their lunch money too.

Good job on the lemonade stand!

Thanks for that important reminder, Dave. It's easy to forget about the good people. And artchick, that story comes darned close to giving one hope for the future. In fact, I feel almost too warm and fuzzing. Much more and I'd have to turn up the AC and vacuum myself.

thanks for making me smile, dave.

Awwwww. I'm not terribly fond of children, but those two sound all right! My salute to you as a parent. Good job.

*busily tries to patch crack in wall of cynicism*

This is a much nicer thread than the stupid people rant I've been on in the previous one. Of course, it doesn't have the side benefit of making me feel all smug and superior.

There are lots of good people out there. And it takes good people to raise good people.

Slyeyes, you are not only good-hearted, you are honest to a fault. That is the best comment I have read in months. Thanks.

my faith in the future of the world has been restored.

That's $37 after you took the $450 manager's fee, the $93 supplier's fee, and the $150 "protection".

Still, good on you.

Apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Way to go Sophie & Rosie!

*heads off to phone to tell 15-year-old daughter*

If any good can be said to have come from these two tragedies, it must be the way a lot of people have found their hearts.

My 93 y.o. mother baked brownies this week to sell at a Katrina bake sale in her retirement/nursing home community. These elderly ladies (and gents) baked up a storm, borrowing cups sugar and bags of chocolate chips up and down the halls; and raised $990 selling to each other, staff and visitors. She reports that much of the money came from "keep the change" purchases. Some treats were purchased by folks who couldn't eat them for medical reasons, but they were all passed along appropriately. The goodies all ended up making someone happy; the money is on its way to the Red Cross; and there are smiles and flour-smudged aprons throughout at least one little corner of Chicago.
Give Sophie a big hug and tell her she and Rosie have lots of good company -- of all longitudes, latitudes, and generations.

bless you sophie and rosie!! learning early to put others first. a valuable lesson.

I saw them, and I stopped, but I was just thirsty :P.

anyway, Sophie and Rosie 37 FEMA 0, kinda sad.

I applaud the efforts of these brave children. But I would like to point out that if they had donated the money to my campaign a year ago, we might not have had Hurricane Katrina.

Respectfully yours,

Senator John Kerry

Where can I buy some? Do they take internet orders?


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Re the above post:

hmm...what exactly was in that lemonade?

*double checked URL*

Yup, DB Blog. Thought I had gotten lost for a minute there.

Regarding stopping at every lemonade stand; I was inspired to do that by something I heard on the radio a number of years ago. I've been doing an internet search to see if I could find a reference to it, but unfortunately couldn't. A local radio guy was either reading something sent to him or something of his own; but basically, it was that one of the seemingly small pleasures of life is stopping at every lemonade stand. He related that the brief experience of that would last him all day. I believe he put it "it gladdened my heart all day long" because the kids would just be so tickled to have a customer. He went on to say that it would help us all if we'd slow our lives down enough to allow ourselves to enjoy that experience.

The piece ended with something like, "stop and smell the roses; enjoy every sandwich and stop at every lemonade stand."


Nice one Sly.

Warning: the following is an unabashed boast-post:

My nine year old made buckeye necklaces (from buckeyes in our backyard) and sold them to passers-by (around here, Buckeye football is the predominant religion)and raised $260 for the Red Cross.

*applause for mud's little Buck-eye*

Oh, sure, that sounds all sweet and darling but now there's all these blind bucks wandering around. But nobody thinks of them, do they??

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