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September 01, 2005


The folks hit by Katrina desperately need help. If you're lucky enough to be able to do something for them, please consider doing it right now. For information on how, take a look at the please help thread below, or do a search for the many other sites with relief information. Thanks for anything you can do.


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Dallas is taking in many refugees. I've contacted my kids' schools, offering them extra school supplies for the new students.

Many of us here at Vanderbilt have started office collections for the Red Cross. Nothing like professional peer pressure to fill the coffers. ;)

There is no such thing as a nag where that is concerned. That is a horrible situation and the whole world weeps and prays for those down there and wants to help.

The main thing is not to give once and forget it, but to keep on helping once the hype has gone away. This disaster is going to take years to repair. You're not nagging, Dave. You're reminding. And goodness knows we all need reminding.

Agreed, Aunt Nancy. Nagging is when Dave would call each and every one of us by our first, middle, and last names thru a bullhorn in a large crowd ...

AN - Goodness knows I do. My girlfriend called me this morning on my way to work and reminded me I forgot to wear pants again.

Remember the post-apocolyptic movie, Escape From New York with Kurt Russell? That's what New Orleans is sounding like.

Anyway. With all of the trained volunteers headed to that area, the Red Cross is in need of volunteers to help with phone lines, office staffing, etc. Something else to consider when figuring out how you can help.

I am a Tulane alumna. I posted on Craigs List that I could house a displaced Tulane student in Boston for a while, or provide a foster home for a dog. I can't imagine what all those people did with their pets?! Did they have to leave them to drown? I am in shock at the ruin of my adopted city.

And don't forget to send ammunition! Those poor looters might be running low about now.

*shakes head in disgust*

AN, you are absolutely correct about the continued giving. I do online banking and I've set it up for an automatic payment to the American Red Cross every payday. I can't make one huge donation, but it will add up.

I'm with slyeyes. Let's send Kurt Russell in.

And money.

September 1, 2005 -- NBC is staging a ce lebrity benefit telethon tomorrow night for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.
The hour-long show is set to air at 8.

The above from the NY Post.

People, people! Let's not get carried away with all this "giving" and "helping" when there is such an important event yet to take place!

Martha's anklet is coming off!!!!!!!

(y'all know I'm kidding - right?)

Got this in my email this morning, from Anne Fognano of Clevermoms.com (and for the record, "Tammy" below does NOT refer to ME!):

you CAN do something!

We are so sad about the widespread tragedy caused by Hurricane Katrina. We are keeping the victims and family members of victims are on our prayers.

In place of the regular coupon/deal newsletters, I am sending this resource letter to all CleverMoms, CleverDads, and CleverBabies members, and kindly request that you donate to help the victims of Katrina this weekend.

Many people are wondering what they can do to help or even if they can help. I think we call can do something. No matter how small the gesture, everyone can do something to help. I have spent some time the morning putting together a list of resources that will assist you in making a donation.

If you are not sure if you have the money, consider giving one thing up this weekend to make a difference for those in need. A movie, ice cream, a trip that would have used 3 gallons of gas, a sale item you weren't planning to buy, etc... Even $10 can make a difference. If you CAN'T give money, please consider at least one member of you family donating blood over the next week. That is free, and often comes with free cookies and soda :) You can call your local hospital or Red Cross for information on how to donate blood.

Thanks CleverMoms Georgia and Tammy for helping me pull this list together!

I have contacted the below resources to verify the following:
ALL resources below are 100% tax deductible
You CAN specifically specify you want all your donation to go to Hurricane Katrina ( be sure you specify this when you call , if this is what you want)


The Hurricane Katrina Displaced Residents Fund
will benefit those individuals evacuated to Baton Rouge from the hurricane impacted areas in Greater New Orleans, who are now unable to return for what maybe an extended period.

The Hurricane Katrina New Orleans Recovery Fund (same link as above)
will focus on the rebuilding of infrastructure to provide basic human services to residents of these devastated areas.

To volunteer for Red Cross
please call (225) 268-0323 (this was a voice mail when I called)

To house a family who has evacuated or lost their home please call the State of Louisiana Office of Emergency Preparedness. The Office of Emergency Preparedness (OEP) is coordinating FEMA, Red Cross, shelters and other resources.
(225) 389-2100 Baton Rouge OEP
(225) 925-7500 State of Louisiana OEP

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ *~*~*~

Sign up HERE!

more links to help with OR find out info in Alabama

Medical personnel: Doctors call: 601-987-3079
EMTs call: 601-576-8085
Nurses call: 601-497-8022


~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ *~*~*~
American Red Cross
The American Red Cross is so overwhelmed with calls they couldn't even take mine (this is a GOOD thing that people are responding!), so I would suggest using their online site:
This is also very busy, so I would suggest visiting it late at night or very early am to get your donation through.

If you CAN'T get through, PLEASE get your phone book or call information for your LOCAL Red Cross. This is by far the BEST place to donate if you can.

Also, if you would like to donate $250+, you can donate through Amazon, and they will send you a receipt for your tax records here
http://www.amazon.com/gp/philant hropy/red-cross.html

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ *~*~*~
~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ *~*~*~

America's Second Harvest
1-800-344- 8070
to make a financial donation, press 8 or visit

Adventist Community Services
1-800- 381-7171
or visit
mail donations directly to
NAD ACS Disaster Response
12501 Old Columbia Pike
Silver Spring, MD 20904

Catholic Charities, USA
1 800 9199338
cannot accept items, only monetary donations

Christian Reformed World Relief Committee
1-800-848- 5818
to mail donations:
Christian Reformed World Relief Committee
2850 Kalamazoo Avenue SE
Grand Rapids Michigan 49560
Send volunteers to assist with fund ( 100% of donation goes to Hurricane Katrina)

Hurricane Katrina Emergency "Round Up" Fundraiser
http://www.petco.com/Content/Do nations.aspx? PC=donations&Nav=158&=

Our local TV station here in NH is holding an impromptu telethon for donations, maybe others are doing the same. It's heartwarming to see the generosity of people in a crisis. Not as heartwarming as news of Britney Spears' momentous baby name decision, but we'll take what we can get.

nagging would be, uh, posting the BM picture surreptitiously.....

No Dave, what's nagging me is the frequent Britany Spears updates. Please stop.

where's britney's contribution except to the population? isn't she from 'round there? SHOW ME THE MONEY BRITNEY!!

that said, now let me preach!
slyeyes, i said the same thing ref escape from new york. i'm afraid though that these folk will likely torch the town. isn't that what the official thug handbook calls for next? but anyway please to those feeling discouraged and put off by the ill bred running amok in the city. the majority of people are deserving of help and you can't not help them for fear of helping the undeserving opportunists who will for sure be working the system. please, please keep helping!!!

You all inspired me to write this

Go hug your kids.

*snif* Punkin. Very true.
Our church piano player's son and family are from MS. Everything is gone. One mixed blessing is that he still has a job - he's a police officer. Told his mama that he's very busy putting bodies into bags and sending them to the coroner. Sending his 8-mo. pregnant wife and two small children home here to his mama while he's there working.

Bless him, MOTW.

I just want to rush down and physically help....but I'd just be in the way, I guess. I know cash is important, so that's what I do...but I still feel helpless and guilty...

Punkin - at times like this, don't you wish you were Superman or Wonder Woman or something, so that you could fly down to New Orleans with your superpowers and make everything better?

Me too.

Meanwhile, if you feel the need to "physically help" call your local Red Cross and see if they need volunteers there. An extra hand loading a southbound truck makes the delivery that much faster. :)

Mr. Duck - you forgot your pants again? Criminetly, son, what are we gonna do with you?


Since you're a duck, do you really need pants? I mean, Daffy and Donald get by just fine without them.

Go ahead and nag, Dave. You know the situation is serious when even I can't think of anything irreverant to say.

No, wait...

anyone feeling generous AND hungry?

*Note multiple links below*

Daffy knew when to wear pants, didn't he? And he sings and swingstoo!

Fed Duck--I found your pants. Do you really want them back now?

After you send in your contributions I suggest hitting amazon.com for a copy of "A Confederacy of Dunces" by John Kennedy Toole. A very funny read about how New Orleans used to be.

Channel 9 over in Nacogdoches, TX has some resources for people trying to find out where their loved ones are.

Why isn't your army down there in full force helping you all out?

Oh thats right they're all in Iraq!

I am sorry for everyone displaced by this, but hey, it's happend all over the world and continues to do so. Why do people only decide that it's a good idea help other people in a catastrophie?


slowlayne!!!! I just knew you were blurking in the shadows.

YES! to Confederacy of Dunces. Great book.


Now is not the time for political posturing. Since you used the phrase "your military", I assume you're not an American. You may not know that there are specific and detailed laws regarding the use of the US military on domestic soil as police. It is illegal. As for the national guard, governers of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama all say they have the manpower they need, just not the supplies or cash.

Save your hateful sarcasm for a time when, I don't know, people aren't dying. Better yet, stow it entirely.

Come on now, i never mentioned the army being police.
But surely they could move supplies quite well, arrange tent city's, coordinate rescue operations. All that manpower not to mention anphibious vehicles, airplanes, ships etc... you must be able to access that to help your own country.
Remember people are always dying and in many places it is far more horribly than in the Southern States.

Lincoln, please, hop on Qantas and come over here and show us how to do it since you have the answers.

wow. blog's got a bad case of the crankies today. but in good news, I sent an email around at work with the "please help katrina victims" URL from yesterday's blog. at least 2 other people donated that I know of based on that. wish I could do more to help. wish I could write like c-bol et al and post something to un-cranky the bloglettes too. anyone have a smile to post?


azred - just remember, that when all else fails...



Ah yes I'm sure that would go down very well.
Why would I fly quantas? Have they opened the airports!
Anyway I hope things start to dry out soon.

Here's my fund raiser.

For every link to this page of Independent Sources I will donate $5.
For every blog roll addition to Independent Sources I will donate $20.
For every comment to this posting I will donate $1.
For every comment that says something nice about Insider $2.

Help me give this money away.

Independent Sources Katrina Challenge

Those who know Independent Sources, know that this is no joke.

Lost animal and shelter information from the EARS (Emergency Animal Rescue Service) action report page:

We are maintaining a downloadable/printable list of all temporary animal shelters that we hear about in the affected areas. If you become aware of any shelters that are accepting animals, please forward the information to [email protected]. Download the current information [here].

We are collecting rescue requests from evacuees and others who are unsure of the whereabouts of their animals. Those requests are daily being compiled with requests reported to other organizations with whom we are coordinating to form a master database. Once teams are deployed, these requests will be forwarded to those in the area who can perform rescue efforts. If you need to report a lost animal, please send your name, number, e-mail, the # and species of animal, location of animal (address plus directions and landmarks), and permission to enter to [email protected].

We know that so many people are struggling to cope with the unknown status of their animals and ultimately mourning their deaths. If you or someone you know need to talk with someone, please call the Pet Loss Support Hotline run by the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.The toll-free number is (800) 565-1526 and there are people to answer the line between Monday through Friday, 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm PST. The school is hoping to get extra help over the next few weeks to staff the hotline, who will be instructed on dealing with victims of disasters.

EARS posts an disaster response action reports with the latest information at http://www.uan.org/ears/action_report.html.

*reads Insider's post, blushes*

Um, what's a blog roll addition? I'm just an old geezer and not up on all the terminology.


AN, a blogroll is the list of links to other blogs
usually found on a sidebar of the front page of a blog you are visiting. an addition is simply the adding of a new blog/link to the list, usually accompanied by an introduction by the blog author.
a political blog might add blogs that share their
own views. or allow similar blogs to place a link there.

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