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September 28, 2005


That is the reason no one connected with this blog will be blogging this item.

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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Hmmm. Rita was transgender...?

Hmmm... that fails to explain why I didn't blog it.

Now that someone has pointed that out... and FL is on that map... FL is going to start to remind me of a penis (though it never had before).

So sperm is red?

Maybe that's why I like Florida so much, MsVette; I've always thought of it that way.

and here we thought it was the government that was screwing us. i mean, up. i meant over, oh whatever.

So apparently the Russians or the Japanese Mafia (I can't remember who is responsible for the weather) has a sense of humor ?

wait. oh. yeah. mature.

At the risk of repeating myself -


And on a related (in that it's GROSS) note....

Can anyone relate to this?

Shouldn't it be pointed the OTHER way if it wanted to screw the Gulf?

Transg*ndered and confused about which end goes where. No wonder she was so mad.

Shouldn't it be called a "Himmicane" then ?

And wouldn't it have only lasted a few minutes ?

Actually, wouldn't Florida be more like the uterine wall or fallopian tube? Or, in the case of birthdays or major holidays, the uvula?

Eeew. Sorry.

elle *snork*

Some imaginations seem to be looking for things that accidently look like other things, if ya know what I mean, Sparky.

Sean - too funny! *snork*


Back when The Simpsons was still funny, a doctor prescribed a Florida vacation for Homer.
(quoting from memory)

Homer: Florida?! But that's America's wang!

Doctor: Actually, they prefer "The Sunshine State."

No wonder she petered out in the end.

I'm with Pogo,I think they're stretching it... I mean, um... Oh forget it.

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