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September 29, 2005


How Martha Stewart accessorizes a bathroom.

How a guy accessorizes a bathroom.


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That would work even better if he could network a bunch of Nitendos together... one in the kitchen, living room, laundry room, bed room, etc. He wouldn't have to stop playing! Then he'd have to have one at his office/work with a satilite feed so that he could play there too...


ok, can you tell I'm bored at work? This is like my 3rd or 4th first these last few days, haha. I need to go home! ARGGGGG


And that would explain why Martha doesn't have a guy... she has a bathroom that looks like a doctor's office.

Just be sure to keep that controller out of harm’s way.
Well said, DigitalFirefly.

I'm a girl, and I wouldn't mind having a TV in the bathroom. I also wouldn't mind having little rainbow colored fish soap. But the man I live with likes our bathroom to be drab and gray. I've been negotiating a change in the color scheme for a year and a half. I ALMOST have him agreeing to a jade green shower curtain...almost.

Almost goes without saying that there should be signage:
Take care to utilize correct joystick"

Well anyway, Martha certainly would approve the neat way in which the nintendo setup was smartly placed in its own little cubbyhole.

If you spend enough time on the "throne" to play a round or two of Mario Brothers, you got a colon problem and should probably go see a doctor.

Make it an internet-connected computer w/monitor and I could get behind that plan. I'm not about playing Nintendo though. I get waaay too involved in the game and let's just say that if Mario had to take a sharp turn to the right, I'd be on the floor with my pants around my ankles and a real mess to clean up.

Uh-Oh -

It looks like Dave's been trolling the Internet again...

Maybe it's time to think about writing a column again -
just sayin'....

oooh... toilets+nintendo+blog=sP@m

I know so many guys who would love this setup.

My problem with having ANYTHING other than a toilet in the toilet area is the toilet experiment that proved taht when you flush, microscopic particles of the things you left in the bowl get flung around the room for as much as 6 or so feet in any direction unless you shut the lid. Most guys don't even lower the seat. Not that I want to start that discussion here.

meldoy: change the bathroom while he's at work - he probably won't even notice

Lt. Woman: there are microsopic particles of disgusting things in every room of the house, and outside, and pretty much anywhere humans exist - my point is that if you're going to let a few microscopic particles that you can't even see keep you from some quality toilet nintendo time...well...then you're a girl

I meant "melody" (sorry melody)

melody - I'm with TCK here, put up the shower curtain and leave it pushed back, and see how long it takes him to notice...if he notices too quickly, there may be other issues...
just sayin'...

Hi Seks! Glad you like us! Stick around. We can be funnier! Really!

It really ought to be a computer with hi-speed access so he can blog on the can.

What's next? Pizza delivery?

That's really gross!!! Yuck! That is WAY too much information for me! I am definitely more on the girl side of decorating!

Was that NES Zelda?

Mike~ Where are you blogging from? Should we be spraying your comments with Lysol before reading?

I gotta tell you guys... I watched The Apprentice with Martha last night, and she is one tough hombre!! One girl said she was gonna cry and Martha told her "Women in business don't cry." Then in dressing down the two whiners who were trying to get rid of each other, she said business is bigger and that she went to prison for her business, so their petty arguing was less than silly. Martha is a tough broad and I have a new respect for her.

*checks down front of top*

Yep. Definitely a girl. Provided you wash your hands, there shouldn't be any germs that you leave in the toilet/bathroom area to be found in other parts of the house.

And just while we're picking on Ms Stewart.. which I presume we are doing...
Martha vs Maxine. I got this in an email once upon a time, but it's gone now. Otherwise, I'd have posted the email complete with pictures somewhere. It's still funny!

Is there any doubt in anyone's mind that this guy is single and lives alone?

does anyone else remember the game 'Harvest "Moon"'?

Don't I feel silly thinking my shower radio is just the coolest thing ever.

Harvest Moon? Can't place it.

That guy's whipped.

I installed a toilet right in the living room so I could play on the big screen.

I saw that Martha show last night too. My favorite part was at the end when one of the contestants was sucking up like a hoover and mentioned something about Martha's selfless commitment to community service.

Yeah, like it counts when it's COURT ORDERED. Ha!

Lt. Woman --

I got that e-mail on Maxine v. Martha from my daughter ... I could go try to find it, but I'm going to my (other) daughter's wedding this weekend ... if you really want it, lemme know and I'll fwd it to you ...

(Besides which already ... I don't approve of a convicted felon serving as a celebrity endorsement person, or a role model ... just sayin' ... so I guess that means I like Maxine better ... especially since I don't like Martha at all ...)

U.O~ Have fun! :-) *goes to pack up the scary strapless bridesmaid outfit and practice "Only One" one last time*

Martha's so damn helpful. I found a set of those jars when searching for other stuff, a few weeks ago. They run about $150 for the set. My cotton balls are fine where they are.

And MythBusters, in testing that 6' theory, found that 'fecal matter' is everywhere. Even on their toothbrushes, which they kept under a large glass dome in another room, during the test.

Fecal Toothpaste wbagnfarb ... or not ...

yeah, but Sondra, in that test, Mythbusters kept those toothbrushes in another room, under a glass dome, along with a fairly large turd.

Cristobal, how did they get George Bush to fit under the glass dome? (Drumroll...)

(snorting to himself, madly...catches breath...)

Okay, guys, you just KNOW the band "Fairly Large Turds" would draw a big crowd, right?

Not to rain on your parade, Lt. Woman (or maybe I am), but your hand towel is within those 6 feet we mentioned? I thought so. Besides that, you touched the faucet with your nasty, germ-infested hands both before and AFTER the wash, right? Are you sure the germs stay in the bathroom now? If those germs haven't killed you by now, they probably won't.

And, believe it or not, your body needs bacteria. You have to acquire it somehow. You are certainly not born with it. The bugs in your gut do some of the work of digestion for you. And, fun fact, about 60% of fecal matter is bacteria. No wonder that flush launches them everywhere...

Handwashing is effective in prevention of the spread of germs when you A) don't reinfest your hands, and B) you lather and rub your hands together briskly under the water (the friction dislodges the germs).

While I'm already on my soapbox, triclosan, the antibacterial ingredient in many soaps, kills off only wussy bacteria. This was not always the case, but now we practically bathe in the stuff, so the germs got wise. I personally would rather catch a wussy germ. *climbs off soapbox*

"Wussy Germs" WBAGNFARB.

And, fun fact, about 60% of fecal matter is bacteria. No wonder that flush launches them everywhere...

*wonders how the perctentage of fecal matter gets translated into amount being launched while flushing*

Does this mean that:
1. IF I don't flush the launched amount drops?
2. IF I have a lower percentage and flush at the same pressure the launched amount drops?
3. IF I have a larger percentage and the same pressure the launched amount increases?
4. There is no four.
5. What's the connection between the percentage and the flush pressure?
6. Is Dave's "low flow" toilet campagn specifically designed to keep launched volumes down?
7. Does kibby have WAY too much time on his hands?

... the questions are endless ....

8. What did they use to measure their toothbrushes?
9. Can I get one on eBay? MKJ?

Considering the word one usually uses "wussy" in place of, I'd have to say I completely agree with Nurse Tammy.

In any event, I'm closing the lid before flushing from now on.

"Fairly Large Turds"

Those are the old guys with the white and black makeup, right?

Martha Stewart can bite me.


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