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September 30, 2005


Frankly, we have long suspected this.


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Hairy crabs cause cholera? I thought they caused STDs.

"The hairy crab from China is an extremely popular food choice among Taiwanese consumers during the autumn season."

note to self: memorize this quote for wife's next Home and Garden party.

"Pout! That's it, really pout for the camera! Now sexy sexy! Love it, you are wonderful. Okay, now reach down and give me that hairy crab health risk pose. Unbelievable. That's a wrap, people. I need a cigarette."

How can anyone, eat something that looks like a spider. Well, maybe a lobster is OK...shrimp maybe..but only deep fried, maybe in butter.

Is she holding that crab by the eyeball?

I don't think that's an eyeball she's holding, In crab anatomy that the equivalent of genitals.

Contraband Crabs. Good name for a rock band? It's a bit of a tongue twister, but if I could play an instrument, I'd use it.

Well then of course she's catching hairy crabs hanging on to their g*nitals like that! Please people. Practice safe s*x.


SOMWHERE - *snork* No, I think she is holding it by the ball ball! And it doesn't look happy!

"Each day, about 50,000 hairy crabs are smuggled into Taiwan via Hong Kong," said Lai. "

body cavity searches anyone?

crossgirl -
bad visual mental image associated with your last post...:)

Crossgirl - uh...I think you are a very disturbed person.

There are many words that should never be used as an adjective for something you're supposed to eat; "hairy" must be near the top of the list.

Others: industrial, gynecological, warty, stankin', fecund, astringent, Jack Daniels, sweaty.

Long Tall:

"The Dingo dog is indigenous to Australia" is another excellent conversation starter, I'm told.

OK, after reading the above posts, I've become confused (not that that's unusual, but, anyway), I thought the story was about illegally imported seafood, but we seem to be discussing a woman holding a hairy crab by the genitals...or was that a hairy woman holding a crab by the eyeball...er...a crab holding a hairy woman by the genitals???

A brillian author (I believe his name was Dave Barry, or soomething like that) once said, "Crustatian is latin for 'looks exactly like a giant bug.'"

That is all.

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