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September 28, 2005


(Thanks to Dan Frye)


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Well, what did they expect, giving licenses to untrained body parts?

I wonder why he drinks so much?


He said he didn't smell alcohol on Nipple at the time, either.
This is a sad story, so many young adults injured and dying these days.

thank you for keeping us abreast of the news...

Don't you hate the way the media milks these stories?

Stupid nipple.

Mr. Winky drives an SUV!

Based on the endowments of workers at certain types of adult clubs...I absolutely believe this to be possible, and it probably happens all the time here in South Florida, especially with all those cosmetic surgery TV ads that you see while watching shows like Judge Judy, etc...

As you keep reading the article, the funnier the name becomes!

Maybe it's pronounced to rhyme with "Chappelle"! One can only hope....

Must have been driving with his headlights on high beam.

bwwaaaha. and OWWWW!

I perked right up when I read that story.

I hate when I crush a nipple against the steering wheel.

I've never seen that; but I have seen a number of d!cks behind the wheel.

Department of Homeland Insecurity at work my friends. Because a tickets is really going to stop the pervs from doing what they do.

sorry posted on the wrong item
I am all for nipple driving and what not.

What, no photos??

At first, I took the headline as another weird driving-while-wearing-an-odd-Halloween-costume story. The part about the lady encountering a bloodied Nipple at her door did freak me out, though. When that happens, it's time to see your doc (or stop nursing your 4-year-old).

I bet he drives it home, too.

Randy stopped milking cows when his wife told him there was an injured nipple at the door... BAWAHAHAHA

He should have gone in the army instead... he would have done so much more with his life. Nothing like keeping a straight face in boot camp while your Drill Sargent yells at Private Nipple... or better yet, the Coast Guard.."Seaman Recruit Nipple"

What a waste of perfectly good tree.


How on earth did he get through high school alive? He might just as well have been named, "throw the ball at my head."

tropichunt.comguy, You get cosmetic surgery ads during Judge Judy in Fla? Here in SoCal we just get ads for incontinece products during Judge Judy!

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