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September 01, 2005


Needless to say, Suicide Grasshoppers WBAGNFARB.

(Thanks to gretchencs)


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major ick.

especially since they occupy all the host but head and legs.

The team says their findings help explain how parasites are able to manipulate their hosts' behavior ...

Could this happen to humans? Because that could go a long way toward explaining golf.

How do evolutionists explain this one? How do creationists apologize?

Or rampant tomato throwing.

Creationist: "Sorry about the grasshoppers."

This may be how Brittney Spears will give birth.

Only fitting, since a parasite was involved in the conception as well.

Geez, can they breed a worm that will do this to lawyers??

one word:


Things like this tend to happen when cocktails are involved.

So the grasshoppers are the enablers in the relationship?

Also, Emerging Worms WBAGNFA(garage)RB....

That was SO GROSS! And these things are mating in swimming pools? (A dead grasshopper in a swimming pool would be enough to make me think twice about getting in *before* reading this article, actually - I hate drowned insects in pools. This just puts it over the top . . . )

Wouldn't the "Parasite Worms" BAGNFARB?

It may happen when the insects drink larvae-infested water.

French parasites living in the water? Catch me drinking a $3.00 bottle of Evian ever again. Good thing I had stopped drinking that stuff after I spelled the name backwords.

Hairworms WBAGNFARB. Really, it would.

this might explain lemmings.

evian - naive.
well i'll be ... thank you ... thank you very much for the "hello".

I think that "Parasitic Hairworms" would also be a good name for a rock band.

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