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September 23, 2005


Key quote: "What's next in cornhole technology?"

(Thanks to Russell Mc)


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Other key quote: To be really good, you should average at least two cornholes (putting the bag into the hole) every time you toss. That's two bags out of four.

Either they can't count, or maybe things have changed since I took anatomy class.

heh heh. He said "cornhole."

his last name is Walter!

and I still don't know why they'd go and change a perfectly good name like "cornhole" to corn toss...sounds like something you'd do after drinkin' too much corn squeezins...

I also would NOT want my band to be the "Cornhole Kings"

"Ladies and gentlemen, the Cornhole King has left the silo."

hey buddy watch yer cornhole!

As a native Ohioan, let me state for the record that:

A. Cornhole is popular in Ohio.
B. I'm refering to the game.
C. Cornhole is incredibly dull.
D. Still talking about the game.
E. Drinking does not help.
F. That applies to both kinds of cornhole.

not being from o-hi-o,and having no visuals to go by, this sounds suspiciously like a bean bag toss. and yet, drunk adults play? i'm gonna go start up a pin the tail on the donkey production company.

Seems to me the key quote is: "I don't think anyone has a problem with the way it's spread."

He says we wouldn't believe the amount of trash-talking that goes on while they're cornholing at the factory.

Oh yes we would.

Are you threatening me?

Oh, I believe it's a real story alright. I just can't believe we are thanking Russell for it.

Oh. My. God.


Whoa...."...an illuminated set for hightime play."

It takes marketing genius to sell accessories for this stuff. Trump should sign this guy up just so he can fire him.

I'm from Ohio and I have never heard of cornhole (at least not that one) until this moment.

Q: Many people drink beer while playing cornhole. Do you think drinking can actually make them play better?

A: Some people, yes. I don't know if they're nervous or stressed, but once they get a couple of beers in them, they seem to play better.

I seem to recall reading much the same thing in an interview of Ron Jeremy.

Everyone involved with this story should be cornholed.

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