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September 16, 2005


Nuts about sports, or just plain nuts?

(Thanks to Larry Gainey and Octavia Sawyer)


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Silly Dave, it was his oosik, not his nuts. Sheesh.

Both scenarios sound like something out of a John Irving novel.

Poor guy. Now all the women who have read this story are asking, "Only SIX stitches?!"

Hmmm... "Glenelg" spelled backwards is "Glenelg". That means something, maybe something BIG!


Always and I mean Always wear a cup in fact weld that sucker on for the game.

Good Lord, how violent is this game anyway?

Chavdar Yankow scored with stitches

This was the caption under the photograph. Don't you just love double entendres?

Also - his name is Chavdar Yank-OW!!!

The finger amputation thing is nothing. Ronnie Lott once had part of his little finger amputated during a game after getting it caught in a player's face mask.

Key quote: ... team doctors managed to patch Yankow up.

I'd guess this means he'll never need a prescription for Viagra (TM), ... eh?

See, I was on a path to be quite an excellent soccer player...until the day my mother admonished me as I left for a match: "Careful you don't rip your dick!"

Kind of lost interest in the game.

In both instances, a doctor determined they were just sprains.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

OK, I thought there was no tackling in soccer - if tackling's allowed, I might actually watch - especially if blood will be drawn

also, Chavdar Yankow is one tough bastard if he can play with his dick stitched up

ooow. oowwwwiiiiwwwwwweeeeeeeeee.

what? no comments ref black cocks?
* did i say that out loud?*
i meant the team. the team, the black cocks. oh wait, wrong sport. nevermind.

crossgirl - that's OK, soccer is just like hockey - except without the sticks - oh yeah, and no ice - and no fights - and...

OK, it's really nothing like hockey


Oh black cocks - i thought you meant black hawks

nevermind again

OK, OK, you win the argument about who's tougher, American football players or soccer players. Soccer wins.



I love my footy

Yeah, well people love a lot of things but they don't cut their dick, I mean finger off for it.

TCK, thanks for clarifying the hockey comment. my mind was on badminton from yesterday's thread so i was kind of puzzled.

cap'n weaselly, hockey players are tougher than football OR soccer!

TCK - Point of clarification on "tackling" in soccer. It's not quite the same as tackling in American football. It's simply an attempt to get the ball away from an opposing player, though it can sometimes be violent.

And seriously, I want to know this (and no adolescent giggling from the blog crowd): If you get stitches in your, uh, footy, what happens when the footy, um, grows? That is to say, if the stitches are put in when the footy is, well, in perhaps a smaller state, will the stitches pop out when it expands to ready itself for, um, whatever it is that footies do when they're expanded? Ya know what I mean?

The last line in this article is the best:

(Monday Night Football-type sportscasters' voices)

Well, Jim, we've got a time out while a player is down ... Looks like he got the wind knocked out of him ...

Yes, Roy, I'd have to agree ... that was quite a hit he took, and we certainly hope he's all right ...

He scored with stitches?

Hey Hey, how about the Viagra-sponsered (check ESPN, it's there) Comeback Player of the Year!!!

For the record, the photograph is one more example of journalistic high precision. Chavdar Yankow (or rather Yankov) is the bulgarian player pictured on the right here, with quite a different complexion than the one featured in the article.
Incidentally, the linked photograph illustrates exactly what a tackle is in soccer.
And finally, well, I think at least one person might really appreciate the silver lining in those stiches in the long run - viz. Mrs. Yankow.

sorry, Yankov is on the LEFT on the abovementionedandlinked picture, of course.

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