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September 29, 2005


Spider Blood


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spiders have blood??

yes, tainted blood.

I'll have to pay attention next time I stomp one

Great Random, now you did it again... tainted blood... whooo hoo, tainted blood... I want you please I cannot stand the way I feeeeelll

Just as the earwhig was going away...

Boris The Spider lives!

How about 'Ancient Spider Blood'? And are we sure it's the spider's blood and not that of his last supper?

Yes sir Officer Obie sir I cannot tell a lie.

I put that spider in that 20 million year old amber.

Got no comment on the blood.

Ick. Yuck. Eew.

That is all.

Richard Attenborough keeps talking in my head.

Welcome to Jurassic Park!

all i'm getting is the headline. someone tell me, is the spider under a 20 million year old footprint?

crossgirl - me too at first, scroll down past all the space....

Funniest line: we know which leg the spider broke first *snork*

thanks eleanor, now can anyone explain why we need spider DNA?

To make dinosaurs.

Did they take twenty seven 8x10 color glossy pictures of it? With circles and arrows and a paragraph on the backs of them explaining what each on was?

Prehistoric spiders!


I care about this because.................

YES..at the end of the concert they could throw buckets of spiders out into the audience and tell them to "stomp!" While singing the hit "I want my Spider Blood" to the tune of "MTV". Every performer knows the value of including the audience in participation. I agree...good name.

Ok my question is, in light of this new evidence, just how old is Tobey McGuire?

They find a spider encased in amber and conclude that he died because he was engulfed in a flow of resin. Brilliant, that.

I gotta see the evidence, or else these people will hafta go sit on the Group "W" bench ...

20 million year old fossil? Rock band? Keith Richards?

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