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September 28, 2005


We report. You agree.

(Thanks to a bunch of people)


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YUK! to the deer dead for some time - and to the deer photo!



OK in a life time of hearing weird stories about deer hunting (i am from Iowa, the land of trophy whitetails) i never heard of anything like this.

was he trying to avoid a hunting out of season charge by attempting to resusitate the buck?

or is he just (and by "just" i mean "mongo mega") crazy?


So, I click on and start reading the article, mindful of the warning about the possible disturbing nature of the final photo. And what was that final photo?? A picture of a deer's butt! I just had to snork!

C'mon Dave, admit it, it was you!

The headline was the best part of that story. The rest was just wierd and unsettling. What a nutjob.

To quote a famous cartoon family (after hitting a lawn ornament deer with the car):

H: "D'oh!"

M: "A deer!"

L: "A female deer!!!"

oh dear.

nutjob with dead deer
creeps the blog to stunned silence
that's no mean feat, dude

He used a defibrillator on a dead buck? I'm shocked (hahahhahah!). Did PETA weigh in on this? Is it considered animal abuse to try to resuscitate a dead buck?

but it was a very dead buck. smelly dead.

uh, wtf.

Dead deer?

Stolen ambulance?

Fake doctor?

And a really bad stench?

That ain't weird, that's a typical day here in West Virginia (state motto: Dentists? DENTISTS? We don't need no stinkin' dentisits!!")

But it looks like we need proof readers

*hangs head in shame*

A six point buck. &^%^$#$*^%!!!!! Even dead deer get more points than my fantasy football team.

*goes off to corner to mutter some more*

Dave, I have to agree. Florida residents are wierd. But this apparently took place in North Carolina...and was for some reason reported in Florida news.

And the picture of the deer's butt is just wrong on sooooo many levels.

But wait! What did this have to do with weird people in Florida? And why haven't we issued any FL driver's licenses lately.

i changed it from North Carolina because.... it was reported in Florida and the guy is from Florida? no? am i gonna get in TROUBLE?

It's ok judi, we'll blame Dave, since it says it was posted by him, not you.

And living in the Carolinas (the Southern one) I know full well the number of goobers around here...just an extended part of Florida, maybe.

judi -
Here's your defense (no charge):
It was weird that the Florida paper reported it because FL has enough weirdness of its own.

Your welcome.
(Call me anytime)! :)

but i CHANGED it.

i'm changing it back before his plane lands. DON"T TELL ANYONE.

The guy was from Jacksonville, that's why it was in the (Jacksonville) Florida Times-Union.

Below the fold of the front page as a matter of fact.

Just below a story about the opening of a new freeway interchange has caused major traffic tie-ups. Now THAT'S Florida!

"Bambi and the Intravenous Defibrillators" gnfarb?


It should be "North Carolina: Vacation Destination of Disturbed Floridians." Certainly not "Home of the Weird."

Kindly direct your attention to the relevant, telling portion of the article: "Leon Hollimon Jr., 37, last seen in August at a River Region Human Services facility in Jacksonville."

He's not a North Carolinian. He's a migrating lunatic from Florida.

Why do I get the feeling Carl Hiaasen is behind this, doing research for a book.

Did the guy look like Skink?

psssst, judi - exactly what is it that you're saying you changed? I won't tell you-know-who, I promise...

at least he went to the Carolinas - lunatics usually migrate to Montana

And Boo is right - they guy's from Florida; ergo (FCDA lingo) Florida is the HOME of the weird...

Are we all clear on this now???
Because I'm not sure I am....I might have been earlier and I might be later on, but at this point....I just don't know....

also, the guy driving the ambulance was weird - but what about the cop that kept smelling the dead deer "until 10 o'clock that night?

Why are you questioning whether Florida is weird? I mean, c'mon....is there ANY doubt????

also "migrating lunatics" WBAGNFARB

Do you suppose he was thinking as he loaded it into the back of the ambulance "The buck stops here!"...

And using the defib on it? That's just shocking!


Crossing the Florida highway
late last night
he shoulda looked left,
and he shoulda looked right
He didn't see the ambulance-type car
The buck got squashed, and there you are

Dead buck in the middle of the road
Dead buck in the middle of the road
Dead buck in the middle of the road
start the IV, and hold yer nose!

Sincere apoligies to Loudon Wainwright III
(buth then, it wasn't great art to begin with...)

I need a bambulance!

Leetie, that has been one of my all time favorites.

Did anyone see that new series, Invasion...?

I'm sure there's no correlation...

That's not just weird, that's got David Lynch movie written all over it.

slyeyes, you beat me to the Skink reference!

AlanBoss; my dad was a fan of John D. McDonald (I think that's the name). He says that in his books, he had a similar recurring characteras Skink, a governor who just walked away and ended up living off the land. I've done a real quick search on that and found out that McDonald was one of Hiaasen's influences.

/end useless trivia fact du jour

"Paper-like gadet"? wtf is "paper-like"?

What is "gadet"?

Slyeyes... not Hiaason but this is more on the lines of a Tim Dorsey plot line.

FLORIDA has crazy people, FL?????

How about every state, and the further North you go, the wierder it gets....

I should know, in this State (ND), if it's gets too weird, it comes to me!!! (NOT the deer)

Rick, we're putting "Mongo Mega Crazy" on our AXIS I differential Diagnosis, just in honor of the Harover Boy Cubs fan from Iowa!

EB. Even our staff are Mongo Mega, and retirement can't come a moment too soon....

I'm still wondering about the defibrillator. What's up with that?

Yeah, EB, but here we consider our brand of "wierd" to be "normal" ... so we don't notice it as much ... except where you work, of course ...

Christobol?! What say ye?

Those are some drugged up people.

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