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September 27, 2005


A humane government ends a barbaric tradition.

(Thanks to Dan McDonald)


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"We often get visitors wandering over to peer into cots but people sometimes touch or talk about the baby like they would if they were examining tins in a supermarket and that should not happen."

Put them behind a glass window like we do in the states you idiots.

I suppose that when these babies grow into teenagers and get in trouble with the law, their court-appointed psychologist can always point to the "cooed at birth" syndrome as a valid explanation for their anti-social behavior.

Prime Minister's wife - What did you do today?

P.M. - Ended something horrible.

P.M.W. - World Hunger?

P.M. - No

P.M.W. - Land Mines?

P.M. - No

P.M.W. - Female circumsiscion?

P.M. - no

P.M.W. - Well what then?

P.M. - Cooing at babies

P.M.W. - Well I am sure that is important to.

This is coo-coo.

try and look at it from the baby's point of view!! how would you like it if complete strangers insisted on....OK, I tried to present the opposing viewpoint, but I'm gonna have to go with Aunt Nancy on this one - it's just coo-coo

Debbie Lawson should go back on her meds, or resume smoking, or whatever...

It's been scientifically shown that too much cooing at infants is the primary cause of cooties later in life.

Maybe babies are born knowing how to speak perfect English but lose it because people insist on talking like widdle idiots to them.
Or maybe Debbie Lawson is a humourless battleax.

Hooray for England!

...I especially liked the part about them being "just little people..."

It would just be funny if I wasn't so aware of the fact that this sort of idiocy is starting to bleed into this country too..

Wow...when I was in the hospital w/my kids, they kept the newborns under literal lock and key. You had to present your ID bracelet to make sure it matched with the baby's before the nurses would let you through the door of the nursery. I can't imagine anyone just wandering in and "handling" the babies without security guards hauling them away.

On one wifard there is a doll featuring the message,"What makes you think I want to be looked at?"

A gift from Travis Bickle, no doubt.

"...young babies..."
As opposed to -- WTF?


I was just about to head over to the hospital tonight to flip-off Britany Spears' newborn. So, OK--maybe this idea is not without merit.

At last!

An explanation of the song lyric: Coo Coo Ca-choo ...

And that "weak immune systems" is a bunch of caca la baca, too ... newborns carry the immunology they have from their mothers for a fair amount of time after they're born ... until their own system starts to work ... if the Englanders are keeping the babies in hospital that long, they need to reconsider how it might scar the kid, to be cooped up for a month or more ...

*mind boggles*

What kind of sick place lets strange people wonder off the streets and fondle children anyway?

It's creepy enough over here, to have twits pressed up against glass like their vacantly watching some sort of performing fish, but they should never get the chance to touch people who don't have the abilty to punch them in the mouth directly.


tnx, sly ... my bad ...

All readers of this blog have my permission, nay, my request! to coo at our new baby boy.

But please wash your hands first. I don't like to think of where they've been or what they've been doing in front of a computer screen.

You know, if the babies truly don't like the cooing, why do they smile at it? You'd think if they were actually unhappy about it, they would cry or turn away, but they don't, which just proves that what this hospital claims is just bunk.

I can see stopping people from touching the babies but you can coo without touching them.

Sigh... apparently Debbie didn't get the memo. The latest studies show that the cooing noises, which are generally vowels and high pitched noises, actually increase a child's ability to learn the rudiments of the language.

Can you imagine what it must be like to work for Debbie? "Hey! No saying hello to your colleagues. What makes you think they want to be asked how they are doing?? Huh? Huh??"

When my sister had her baby, her and her husband had an arm band that not only matched the babies... but if someone tried to take the baby out of the hospital without the proper arm band the elevators wouldnt' work and a alarm would go off (in the guard shack I think). This was just a army hospital too, nothing that high dollar. I was impressed.

I'm just going to speculate here but Debbie is either going through a very nasty divorce, used to be an apprentice for the wicked witch of the west or hates children. Oh, one more possibility - that woman in the cottage in the woods in Hansel and Gretel.

I think Debbie Lawson picked a bad week to stop sniffing glue ...

(old Airplane! movie reference for the non-geezers)

MartiniShark & Pablo: *snork!*

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